1. H

    EMERGENCY Help on salinity

    Hi i'm new to reef2reef so i dont really know how tags work, but I do have a few questions, the biggest being how ro/di water works. Today I recieved an aquaticlife ro/di, and when I tested the hardness (my tap water is beyond unsafe due to it) in which it came out to 0 for the first time ever...
  2. Gonj

    Help Identify these Mites?

    I was topping off my tank and noticed these little white specs crawling all over the glass. Not sure if they are good or bad, please help identify and share treatment plans if needed. Would be much appreciated thank you!
  3. G

    Too Much Flow in 120?

    I’m currently planning to set up a 120g mixed reef tank. I’m looking at setting up 2 opposing Reef Breeder RP-Ms rated at 2600 rpm. They will be running one of the programmed settings, so my thought is I should credit them with about 50% at any given moment. Because of this, I’m thinking I may...
  4. R

    Drilling for Overflow and Size Recommendations

    I recently purchased a 36-gallon Bowfront tank with the intent of establishing a reef. It has been a dream of mine for years now! After watching some videos I think that I will be able to drill it! Just have to call and confirm that the back is not tempered first. My question is... what size...
  5. Y

    Is a saltwater aquarium right for me?

    Hey all, so I need a bit of advice. I’ve been on the fence for ages about setting up my own 30g clownfish and nem aquarium. I’m a huge lover of the ocean, and especially clownfish and this has always been a dream of mine to do!! however, I am quite scared. it sounds silly, but after reading...
  6. E

    Hello Hi Everyone! I'm a newbie!

    Hi Guys, I'm a beginner reefer (love that word!) located in Los Angeles. I've always had a love of the ocean and marine life but never took it home with me until NOW. It's been three months of success so far... I've started super slow but am finally at the point where I'm adding corals (YAY!)...
  7. R

    FLOW Requirements

    Hey! I'm in the process of converting a 36 gallon Bowfront into a reef tank! I need help understanding the flow requirements that I need! I plan on drilling the back and using this kit: I plan on doing a DIY...
  8. G

    Yellow Tang Companion in a 120g

    I'm looking for Stocking advice for a 120 gallon tank. I'm interested in having 2 herbivorous fish to pick at my rocks and help manage algae preventatively. My wife loves the look of yellow tangs and wants one for the tank. I've been looking at adding a blue eyed kole tang, but I want them to...
  9. R

    Starting 36 Gallon Bowfront Reef Tank

    Hey everyone! Just want to quickly introduce myself! My name is Ryan and I have been wanting to start a reef tank since I was a senior in HS. Unfortunately, due to budget issues, it has always been a dream and not a reality! Well, I recently graduated from the University of Alabama and now have...
  10. B

    Help find New fish?

    I am fairly new to the hobby and currently have a 16g bio cube that is running great. I have a pair of clowns, some mushrooms and acan. I would love to add maybe another fish. Does anyone have any suggestions that would work well with what I already have. I would love a watchman goby but unsure...
  11. parkerb20

    New Waterbox X60.2

    I am setting up a new tank in the next few months and I have decided on the Waterbox X60.2. For ones who don't know this is a 40 Gallon Reef Cube with a 20 Gallon sump in the bottom of the stand. I am in college so I am on as much as a "budget" as is can be. At the same time I don't want to...
  12. E

    Coral won’t open after feeding

    So last week I fed my palys reef roids mixed with phytoplankton and ever since then they have not opened back up it’s coming up on the 8th day of this and I’m starting to get concerned, is there anything I can do? Or is there anything I should do?
  13. Pierce168


    After a month of preparation, my girlfriend and I finally got our very first fish! I got a Frostbite Clownfish and my girlfriend got a Black Snowflake Clownfish. They're very happy and finally eating. I just wonder if I'm supposed to turn the lights off in the aquarium during the night or if I...
  14. P

    Hello Hello everyone

    ust wanted to say hello to everyone. Its been about 15 years since I was in the hobby. Life, space, and work got in the way. I have been in the wings observing and following the trends and scientific evolution in reef keeping. So many great influences on Reef2Reef. I have built many fantasy...
  15. R

    Please help!! New to R2R acrylic seam process.

    Hello there, I am in desperate need of help. After months of research I have finally purchased enough acrylic to build two tanks. One will be about 20 gallons (as a practice tank) and one will be 150 gallons. Before I touched any of that material I bought a 1 square foot x 1/2” thick cast...
  16. AtticusPutt

    Second thoughts on my lights.

    I am setting up a reef tank for the first time, and I was just wanting a second opinion on my lighting and what I can keep with it. I have an Innovative Marine 30l(Length 35.43" Width: 11.22" Height: 12.99") and am using two LED light panels. One is a Orbit Marine LED, and the second is a Orbit...
  17. E

    Reef supplements

    So I am pretty new to keeping corals and I have been using the fluval sea additives in my tank, I don’t know if they are any good, what supplements should I be using? From what brand? Witch ones are cheap/cost effective? Right now I’m using fluval sea 3-ions , fluval sea trace elements, fluval...
  18. M

    New to lighting

    I just got my new 92g corner tank almost ready to go. All thats next is adding water. I am wanting to have a softie and lps filled tank. One major dilemma, the lighting. Its 18 inches deep, the straight side are about 34 inches and its bow front. I cant figure out what kind of light I need. I...
  19. Rip Ramjack

    Hello Hi from Oklahoma!

    Hey everyone! Looking forward to getting to know everyone and brush back up on my knowledge before I take the plunge back into the hobby... I had a poor attempt at a reef tank back (no sump, hang off protein skimmer, aiptasia infestation) in 2012 when I was stationed in Anchorage AK in the Air...
  20. ridgeburyreefer

    New 90 gallon

    Set up my first saltwater tank, a 90 cornerflo! A little cloudy bc I only had one clarifier packet, but I’ve dosed it w dr tims ammonium chloride and microbacter7 started w 8.2-8.3ish pH and zero nutrient, what should I be looking for in this cycle to indicate it’s completed? Loving my rockwork...
  21. Pierce168

    New Reefer!

    Hello everyone! My girlfriend and I have decided to get into the hobby and we are setting up the new tank for clownfish. We have done about a month of research and we just now set up the tank and RO/DI system. I have yet to mix the salt and water. I have plenty of questions but I think for now I...
  22. Eyezik

    New Clowns getting pushed around.

    I just bought my first 2 clowns today and I have a 480gph wavemaker in the tank. After letting them sit for a bit when I first put them in I realized they were being really pushed around by the current my wavemaker is making. I ended up turning it off and it's been about 12hours. I just turned...
  23. zatch

    Experienced Reefkeepers - Help with article on 'Common mistakes new hobbyists make'

    I'm writing an article for my LRC on common mistakes that we often see people make in this hobby, and how they can be avoided. I thought id pick the minds of fellow experienced reefers here (since we see and respond to such posts daily here) Not interested in debates or crackpot theories on...
  24. Unnatural

    Hello It's me!

    Hi! My name is Rosie, I'm a paramedic student. I have a golden retriever named peanut. I've had freshwater tanks/fish in the past, but ever since I lived in Okinawa, Japan I've wanted a saltwater tank. Until now it has been out of my price range. I just started a 'nano' reef tank. It currently...
  25. MrBubble47

    Build Thread 62 gallon tank started 01/07/2021

    Hello everyone, i want to show you my new tank and equipment. - Aquatlantis 250 liters - Skimmer Deltec: 600i - Return pump: Blau Aquaristik Reef Motion 2.3KDC - Heater: NEWA VTX 400 W - Sand: 18kg ATI Fiji White Sand - Rocks: 20kg D-D Aquascape Natural Aquarium Rock - Salt: Instant Ocean...