1. Bentonb

    California BNIB Ecotech Vectra M2

    Hi All, I've got a brand new in box vectra M2, $350. I'd prefer to sell locally (within southern California) but will ship at an added expense if there are no local buyers. Also willing to trade pump+cash for a new or used XR30 G4 Pro.
  2. Rijodan

    Hello R2R!

    Hello everyone! I am New to the hobby, after years of my father and brother dabbling with the salt i was given a tank to start! i run a JBJ 28g NanoCube AIO currently i have 2 Misbar clowns An Emerald Crab Kenya Trees Orange Eye Chalice GSP 5 Ghost shrimp 3 blue legged dwarf hermits Various...
  3. TDNano

    Center Piece coral

    I have a nano tank build, Lifeguard 7g, which is primarily a softy tank. I have a piece of rock sitting from and center that I’d like to put something eye catching on. Being such a small system I’m weary about doing any SPS or LPS but I’d like something fast growing, hardy, eye catcher, and not...
  4. N

    New to Saltwater Tanks - Starting 29g Biocube Reef Tank

    Hi All! I am new to saltwater tanks and have purchased a used 29g Coralife Biocube. My plan is to start a reef tank with some suitable fish and softy/LPS corals. After a month or so of research on forums like R2R (thanks for the help already!), I decided to start a thread on the setup and...
  5. J

    Help with external skimmer (recirculating)!

    I am running a sump-less set up with Canister filter and I want to get a reef octopus 110ext. My question is if the skimmer can be set up underneath the tank? I am wondering if the return line/ gate can be routed upwards to return into the tank about 28” up into the tank. Does anyone have any...
  6. MontanaReefer406

    New to R2R. Asking for tips?

    Hi! My name is Sam and I have been in the hobby for a year now. I have a low tech nano tank, that started out a little rough but now i would say has been a success. Its a 20 gal hex and custom stand and light mount done myself. Ive successfully kept some easy SPS and am trying out montipora now...
  7. J

    First time building a tank, could use some opinions and knowledge.

    Hello reefers! This is my very first time building my own reef tank and I could really use some help! Current set up: 40 gallon imagitarium modular aquarium (30W x 17H x 19D) 307 Fluval Canister filter Hydor 565 wave maker 200W Titanium no name heater (Amazon) Glass top Stock light (garbage)...
  8. J

    New to Reefing! Please help!

    Hey! So I went a lil coral shop based out of a storage unit, and I found a great buy. A 25 gallon cube rimless, on a stand, with a sump. Only problem was the leftover dirt and grime. Anyways! I cleaned it up, and I’m wondering what oveflow box should I do? I’m wanting an internal overflow, and...
  9. J

    First reef forum, first reef tank set up, Los Angeles here!

    Hello, Just new to the site and very interested and excited to start the reefing hobby! I am hoping to be able to eventually be able to help someone new like myself but for now I am here to ask questions and seek help, should I need it (I probably will). Thanks and I look forward to "meeting"...
  10. Tans Reef

    The bar tank!

    It’s finally going down.. my.. sorta dream build. I acquired a 120 gallon tank back in 2011. Complete with stand, canopy, sump and some radion gen 1’s. Got it home and decided.. I didn’t wanna use the stand.. or the lights.. or the sump lol.. I just for some odd reason absolutely love the...
  11. S

    Saltywaterbox (29g Biocube)

    Hello everyone! Welcome to the fourth installment of my nano tank! I'm new to reef2reef as a member but have been lurking in the shadows since 2009 when I setup my first reef tank. A badly planned 10 gallon mixed reef with lots of lessons to learn and still more to come. I bought a used 29...
  12. lrp693

    Custom Rustic Nano Reef Build

    Howdy there! I’m a little late to the game on getting my tank build posted in this thread considering that it has been up and running for almost 6 months (only two weeks away from the half-year checkpoint!) Anyway, I still wanted to get it posted and show the progress and maybe inspire some...
  13. SeaSaltsss

    SeaSaltsss 3.7g pico.

    Just finally decided to become a member on here after plenty of time snooping around, my tank setup is a 3.7 gal aio from petco, 4 pounds of live rock, 6 pounds of live sand, running imaginarium boxed sea water, and running a bag of chemi pure elite. Stock currently is 1 1” yellow watchman goby...
  14. Perpetual Novice

    Just got an Apex for Christmas. What add-ons should I look into?

    I am unbelievably excited about my new aquarium controller. I want to use it to take my 75 gallon mixed reef to a whole new level of growth and stability. But I may have bitten off more than I can chew (or rather my extremely caring and generous relatives may have overestimated my expertise)...
  15. Andrews_Reef

    Back into the hobby! *60 cube build*

    Hey Guys, My names Andrew and I'm from Western Australia and am brand new to these forums. Thought I'd start a build thread for my new 60cm x 60cm x 52cm mixed reef tank. Mostly for myself so I can look back at the progress being made, but hopefully some people will enjoy following along too...
  16. J

    New the The Saltwater Community!

    Ive had freshwater fish for a while now, i have a handful of tanks, and even a few Axolotl. I have maintained CO2 Aquascapes, and now i want to move into a little but of saltwater. So right now i have a 12x12x12 inch tank, roughly 8 gallons, rimless, it was a planted tank. I have some live...
  17. jRatanak

    Transferring livestock to a new tank

    So I ordered a new nano tank during these weekend sales which I plan on using as a spot to separate out my softies and some LPS from my main system. I've had media sitting in the current system (a Nuvo 40 Fusion) that I plan to use in the new nano, and I'll be transferring the softies I have...
  18. Colenew1

    Lighting Upgrade Questions

    Hi all! I am fairly new to reefing and have a 12.5 gallon Fluval Evo Tank stocked with mostly softies and LPS plus 2 Montis and a BTA! I just upgraded from the stock light to an AI prime and am very curious as to how I should set up my light settings! I was advised to run 35% for blues and...
  19. D

    Protein Skimmer is producing many micro bubbles and a 'frothy' sound in my tank

    Is this normal? I just set up my first skimmer yesterday and i'm new to saltwater tanks so don't have any prior experience of using a protein skimmer. I'll attach a video of the issue to see if that will help. The skimmer I have is a Tunze Comline 9004. I've heard that this skimmer is supposed...
  20. L

    New all in one filter problem

    Hello, My name is Austin and I’ve just recently decided to take the dive into the saltwater hobby after many years of interest! I recently purchased a 30 gallon, used, all in one tank. After setup, looking at the water flow I can just tell something is wrong. The tank has a small overflow in...
  21. LouSawat

    Protein skimmer help!

    So we recently bought the Aqua Excel HOB hp. I followed the very spotty directions the best I could and have attached a video showing it after I turned it on. I could not find any helpful how-to videos for this specific skimmer so I’m hoping someone can help me out. I apologize for the video...
  22. sahilchaddha

    New here and into this lovely hobby.

    Hey Guys, I started into this hobby few months back. I have 25G (96L) nano Salt Water Tank and its a Fish Only Tank. Since i am on strict budget i had few questions. Hope you guys can help me out. Tank Inhabitants : 2 Clown Fish 2 Green Chromis 1 Yellow Tang 1 Blue Regal Tang 1 Turbo Snail 1...
  23. N

    Looking to start up a new reef

    So I wanted to start up a new tank. Was looking at a 200 gallon 48x36x27. Just wanted to get ideas for what equipment I should buy for a mixed reef tank. Thank you
  24. Jack Mammon Bifrons

    New to Reef2Reef

    Hello everyone!... this might drag abit New to aquatic forums actually, so im not sure what to put lol. Im from the UK, iv had salt water since 12 (i think) as well as tropicals n koi/pond fish beforehand. I naturally progressed, through obsession, to reefs! Im currently working with a rsr250...
  25. Perpetual Novice

    My 13.5 Gallon Mantis Shrimp Tank

    I began working on this tank June 9th 2019. It's an all-in-one Fluval Evo 13.5 XII that sits on my nightstand and is a species tank for mantis shrimp. This thread is to document my journey building this nano system and learning how to care for the fascinating animals inside. Here is some... - All-In-One Aquarium Filtration