1. trist79

    Build Thread A new reefer's deep dive into the hobby

    Hi everyone! I'm a new reef tank owner living in Southeastern Pennsylvania. After years of daydreaming and months of planning, I've recently purchased a Waterbox Marine X 90.3 tank (~60g display with 26g sump) along with what seemed like a truckload of equipment for an essentially first-time...
  2. trist79

    Hello Hello from a new reefer in Southeast PA!

    Hi everyone! I'm a new reef tank owner living in Southeastern Pennsylvania. After years of daydreaming and months of planning, I've recently purchased a Waterbox Marine X 90.3 tank (~60g display with 26g sump) along with what seemed like a truckload of equipment for an essentially first-time...
  3. taymarie


    Hi! so I am currently deployed for the next week and my boyfriend is taking care of my fish. He did a water change this morning and then said the lights I had on were flickering then heard them spark. I’m not sure if I believe him but he’s saying to buy a new light. So I was wondering what...
  4. lio984

    Red Sea Reefer 200XL Set-up help.

    Hello everyone, So I'm new to the whole reef aquarium business but I'm looking forward to getting into it and adding some liveliness to my living room! I purchased a new 200XL and just had some set-up questions. To start, are these levels fine? My floor is very uneven and this was as good as I...
  5. cronerw2007

    Red Sea Max 250 All In One- chiller questions

    So, I’m new to saltwater. I just purchased a Red Sea Max 250 all in one (used) for a really good price. I’ve read there may be issues with the lights/hood causing the tank temp to run hot. Anyone have issues with this? If so, did the chiller correct the issue? And what type of chiller will work...
  6. livie508

    Hello New Refer from the UK!

    Hey there! I'm Tom but everyone calls me Liv. I'm not new to fishkeeping however I am new to marine keeping and I am in the process of cycling my first tank :) From what I can see so far I'm in good hands around here if I need any advice! As I said in the title I live in the UK - England. I'm 21...
  7. michaelabellz

    Mollies with stringy poop.

    So I currently have 2 black mollies cycling my tank and they’ve been doing really well for awhile but I’ve been noticing stringy poop that stays on the fish even as they’re swimming. I know that that means my fish are constipated so I tried giving them some carrots for a few days but I didn’t...
  8. D

    Nano Build First SW Tank - 7.2g Nano Build

    Hi everyone! So a quick “about me”. I love aquariums and I have specifically grown to love reef aquariums. I have never had one, as is evident by the title of this thread :p; however, my dad kept a saltwater FOWLR for many years during childhood. I’ve kept several FW planted tanks over the past...
  9. Perthegallon

    Massachusetts New Hampshire Vermont AP Kessil 700 Brand New

    Brand new in box for sale 500 located in NH Ill post pictures of the box and light in a second.
  10. UnderseaOddities

    A Moderm Marvel

    Watch here EdgeGBR ROV Dive 401 Schmidt Ocean Streamed live on Oct 25, 2020 Join RV Falkor as it conducts ROV SuBastian’s 401st dive on a newly discovered 500 m tall reef. This is the ninth dive of the ‘Northern Depths of the Great Barrier Reef’ expedition. Today we are exploring this 500...
  11. die.kriegerin

    Mixed findings on filtration; don’t want to ruin anything with the wrong method. Advice on timing?

    Hi all, This is my first post here. I searched some of the key words in my question but haven’t found much, and I read mixed reviews on this subject: I’ve had a 5gal pico reef running for about a month now. It has the stock filter in it. There’s also a cherry shrimp in there. Seems happy...
  12. michaelabellz

    Serpent starfish in feef tank?

    So I’ve seen a lot of mixed comments about this on whether it’s safe or not to have a serpent/ brittle starfish in your reef tank. What would your opinion be? And if not, what starfish would you recommend?
  13. J

    Tank fallow, new tank, keep fallow?

    Hi, I have a fallow 55 gallon tank with inverts and corals in it. I have 2 clowns in copper. While all this is going on, I decided to upgrade to a waterbox 110.4. I am wondering if I should move my rock over right away and forgo the fallow period, since I won't be QT inverts or corals, just...
  14. tjsweldind94

    Cube Build My New Bio Cube 32

    This is my new biocube 32 I started a couple weeks ago, 25lb of live sand and 1 6lb live rock along wit some dry rock and two clowns, waiting on it to mature more before I do anything eles to it, fish are eating great and seem very happy, if you have one of these tanks what do you run your...
  15. Legonch

    Livestock New hot batch of corals up on the web page! Wow!! Gotta check these out!

    Just uploaded a bunch of new coral to the web page. These are really worth checking out. Beautiful corals we have had in our system for a month, and ready for new homes. Any questions, please ask. Thanks for checking us out!
  16. yanksfan11

    Adding fish

    Starting up with my first saltwater tank (30 gallon) and I had a couple of questions for you pros out there. Been cycling my tank now for about 3 1/2 weeks and looking to finally introduce a couple of clownfish maybe this weekend and then introduce a couple other fish in a few weeks. I've...
  17. Snaizel

    Hello From Fresh Planted to Salty Corals

    hey there my name is Hazel! I'm from Philly and I'm coming over to reef tanks and general saltwater tanks from the high end planted freshwater tank world! Im excited to get my hands wet and see what this hobby has to offer!
  18. C

    First Reef Tank

    Hello I am wanting feed back on the tank layout of my new 10 gallon nano reef tank build. So first off I have had a lot of experience in the freshwater hobby and I have a current planted tank. I have been wanting to get into the reef tank hobby for awhile now and have been planning this tank. So...
  19. Umiami24

    Coral Disease?

    Hey Everyone, I'm new to reefing (and Reef2Reef!) and am currently at the stage of introducing corals to my tank (no fish yet, just some snails and conch). I added a Paly colony, a purple ribbon gorgonia, ricordia, montipora, and gsp back on September 12. Before introducing them I drip...
  20. Herides

    Need a lighting recommendation for a weird setup.

    Hey guys, New to the hobby, had my tank active for a little over a month now, and I'm ready to add a light to get it ready for corals. However my setup/location makes choosing a light difficult. To start I want to stress that because I'm new, I will likely not be interested in any difficult to...
  21. michaelabellz

    EMERGENCY Changes in salinity.

    So it’s my first time cycling a tank and the first few days my salinity was at .025ppm but then on the fourth day it went down to .022ppm I read about salinity going up but not going down. I checked again today and it’s back up to .026ppm. So my question is if it’s normal for salinity to change...
  22. Spenc_

    Setting up my tank

    So I just bought a used Innovative 10G tank, it came with a skimmer, heater, light (Maxspect R420R) and I bought a Fluval Sea CP1 circulation pump and a water testing kit. SO, I started off with live rock, and dry sand and put salt water that I bought from my reef shop that has a salinity of...
  23. KimberlyMary

    Water Temp Issue

    Hey Over the summer my water temp has risen a bit but overall I still found it high. My temp in March - 80 My temp now - 82 I have a 60 gallon tank with a Hydor 300w heater set to 72. Current stock incl. 2 Clowns, 1 Cleaner Shrimp, a few Nerite snails and approx. 40 Nassarius snails (they...
  24. Herides

    Rate my quarantine setup?

    Hello, Long story short, i've had a 40 gallon breeder tank thats brand new, I got two clowns from my lfs, 4 weeks later one of the 2 clowns died of Hole in the Head Disease/Hexamita that was present in it from the lfs and my inexperience missed. I just got a replacement clown today and i'm...
  25. T

    Cycling nano tank, 1 week in.

    Hello everybody! I’ve been lurking here for a lot of my information, But obviously not enough if I have to ask, Ok so last week I got my fluval evo 13.5 started, Put in my live sand (pink Fiji)(I know it’s not “live”) I got a hold of some purple dry rock from a Tyler Johnson. I am running a...