1. GHL Profilux 4e Starter Sets (2) and Level Sensor (1)

    For sale GHL Profilux 4e Starter Sets (2) and Level Sensor (1)

    Moved, combined and re-imagining my system. I had GHL equipment on one system already and bought a Profilux for the other one, but never set it up. Now I've combined the tanks together and taking the whole thing in a different direction, I don't need either controller. Item Usage...
    $60.00 to $500.00

    New to Saltwater

    I just wanted to know which of the following fish can live together, I have done plenty of research but wanted the insight of experienced hobbyists. My fish wishlist: Rainfordi Goby (pair) Purple dottyback Ruby Red Dragonet Cardinal (3) Exquisite & Red Firefish Starry Blenny Royal Gramma...
  3. Cap’n Bork

    Hello New and Overwhelmed

    Hello all! Newly joined here on R2R and to aquariums in general. Having said that, I’m really excited to learn all about setting up and maintaining my first FOWLR tank and I was directed here for advice from seasoned pros. I’ll be honest, I know next to nothing about being an aquarist and...
  4. A

    Newbie Help

    Hi everyone I hope I can get some help, I am completely new to reef keeping after keeping fresh water for quite a while. I now have had my nano reef set up for around 6 months and started 1 month ago adding my 1st soft corals (some mushrooms, Xenia and GSP). My mushrooms where doing really well...
  5. JamieTotten1996

    Filtration options for 300L without Sump.

    I will be setting up a new 300L tank soon but I don’t have a sump with it, what good options do I have for filtration preferably that wont crowd the tank with equipment?
  6. J

    What can I add to a tank with an established Clownfish and Orchid Dottyback?

    I have a Red Sea Max E-170 (34G Display) with a pretty well-established ORA Black Ocellaris Clownfish and an equally well-established ORA Orchid Dottyback. My clownfish is the boss of the tank and makes sure the Dotty knows it whenever she swims over to his side. I successfully kept a Yellow...
  7. R

    My new reef tank

    In December i got my 1st reef tank a fluval 13.5 gallon i set it up with 5 fish and 4 small corals i lost 1 fish my fish dealer told me after 8 months that I should be ok well the new tank is a 125 gallon topfin I still have some Aqua Scaping to do
  8. Circa

    Build Thread Circa's Waterbox 4820 Peninsula Build - Return to Reefing. Lets goo!!!

    Hey hey folks names Josh - Most call me Circa.I live in Connecticut, self employed - I run a gaming network for GTA5, Ark, Conan and various other survival games. Some other fun facts. I have 3 Australian Shepherds, Kyrie 7, Jasper 6, Maisie 11months . . I used to be big in the reef world fell...
  9. D

    Noisy sump

    Hi guys, I bought a secondhand reefer 250. The previous owner rebuild the sump. Now there is extra space for more water on te right side, very lovely. However, on the spot where the water goes down into the pre-existing sump section there's a lot of noise. Does anyone have any suggestions on...
  10. ReeferHendrix

    Hello New to reef2reef check out my reef

    What’s up reefers this is my tank I’ve been working on its kinda of a mix of everything coral wise, 65gal with 2 ai primes Looking for some ideas to spice things up or whatever you have to say
  11. Bigrig67

    New to it all

    Hello all! I am needing some prospective on some fish suggestions.. 40 gallon tank: 2 established clowns A new royal gramma basslet what can I get away with? I’d love as my as possible with what I am working with any and all suggestions will help! (just added new rocks reason why it’s murky)
  12. S

    New Reefer here very concerned

    Hello everyone, So i made a huge mistake as this is my first saltwater tank. I got my tank running about a week ago with some live rock and live sand. After about 4 days i decided to add coral as the store totally gave me misinformation. This is the light I have Lighting: 30W LED 12K White &...
  13. V

    Newbie is this a coral or just putty?

    Hi sorry for a totally newbie question but I purchased a full setup used that was meant to include live rock that had various corals attached. Sadly they broke the tank down a few days before delivering it to me so I am assuming all the corals died despite them saying they will “be fine in the...
  14. E

    Hello I’m new to marine tanks

    Hi everyone! I’m Nicki! I’m relatively new to marine tanks and am brand new to here. I’m hoping to get some tips and tricks and support for maintaining the tank and meet some like minded people. I have some questions about some bubbles and some algae and plan to look through the old discussion...
  15. krakensoup

    Red Sea Max S-400 (White) (NEW, not used)

    Well, here I am. The prototypical cautionary tale: I bought this tank with big dreams and genuine interest, but because multiple life reasons and changes, it has been sitting in the garage since I picked it up in late 2018. Finally, I'm now relocating so I can't put this off any longer. I have...
  16. JamieTotten1996

    Air Pump in a reef tank.

    good or bad? is there anything to be mindful of? any species that could be effected? so on and so forth.
  17. JamieTotten1996

    What is the easiest coral to keep in a relatively new reef tank (post cycle of course)

    What it says in the title, what is the NUMBER ONE easiest coral to keep? In accordance to hardiness and maybe beauty!
  18. HygienicMermaid

    DIY Sump for 150L

    Hi all, I am planning on upgrading my saltwater aquarium to a 150L here in August. I am looking at creating a undertank sump system, as I have a spare 20L that is just sitting around. What all would I need to start the system? Links to everything, please? I have about $400 available for use...
  19. N

    New Tomini tang with weird white "thing" on the side of his face.

    Hello! A few days ago I bought a Tomini tang that has been doing quite fine. (Eat quite well/seen him grazing from the algae and Nori that is in the tank and starts to swim around more and more now) However He/she started to have a white "thing" on the side of its head that looks nothing like...
  20. S

    Cycling tank with "Red Sea Pro Reef Mature Kit"

    Hello. I am currently in the process of cycling my Red Sea Max Nano reef tank. I've added 20lbs of Carib-sea special grade live sand and about 15-20lbs of Carib-sea Life rock shapes (spored with bacteria). I've also added a mesh bag worth of Fluval bio tubes (for surface area for bacteria)...
  21. D

    Researching Tank/Advice

    Hello all, new to the forum here! :) i have been doing research into reef tanks for about a month or so now and while i cant setup a SW tank just yet i am planning for the future. i have multple FW tanks now ( i know they are a separate beast lol) but i am looking at fish/corals i would be...
  22. S

    Bleached corals , are they dead ?

    So the story goes like this, I have been on a vacation for 10 days . My tank is 4 month old and the parameters have been stable .my brother took care of baby sitting while I'm away and tank is doing fine all this long except for ugly phase with different algae ( dino,red cyano). While I come...
  23. W

    White string floating around

    Hello everyone! I am 3 weeks into my 55 gallon tank cycle and I just moved my over the tank filter to move it the right a little bit and out flew all this white fluffy/stringy stuff and it’s all over my tank! Is this good bacteria or is this bad? I just added two Clownfish in today. Salinity -...
  24. J

    New Bamboo shark !!! Just moving in against glass in place

    I don’t know what he is doing just got him 1 hour ago just moving tail while against glass also shake head fastly from side to side creating sand dust everywhere
  25. E

    New apex and a lot of confusion

    So I just got my new Neptune Alex today and got it all set up, but there is this “notification” that won’t go away and I have no idea what it means, I don’t know anything about the apex at all hardly