1. Mochlate

    New Hobbyist: ich diagnosis confirmation

    This little guy has had some lighter patches of funk on his skin for a few days which you can still see, but today I am noticing this much more pronounced white spot. I'm guessing this is Ich based on what I have seen online but I am fairly new so I'm not sure. Any diagnostic input from more...
  2. M

    Florida NEW Ecotech Marine MP10 (Quiet Drive) Power Head/ Wavemaker $320

    In a reef aquarium, having the perfect amount of flow and water movement is crucial to the health of your animals and coral, as well as the overall success of the tank. With the addition of Ecotech Marine's Mobius app compatibility, Vortech QuietDrive pumps have never been more versatile or...
  3. X

    California Apex Pro [sold]

    For sale: Apex Pro, unopened. This system, originally bought from LFS for a new build, is now available as I’ve opted for a hydros setup instead. Retail price is $1,000; offered at $800 for local pickup. Shipping available at buyer’s expense. 93727
  4. L

    Aquascape for 150g

    Can you guys give me some tips and recommendations based on what I have come up with so far
  5. L

    Beginner to sps need help

    Hey, so I am planning on getting a few sps frags for my pro clear 150 v2. I already have two tanks with only soft corals. What is needed to be done different in perimeters and feeding terms. I already feed my coral redsea AB+, zooplankton, seachem reef fusion 1&2. All help is appreciated, thank you
  6. A

    New to Saltwater is this a good set up?

    Hi I'm new to saltwater and looking into getting into the hobby I found this deal on marketplace looking to get some feedback. - 40 gallon sump - 150 pounds live rock complete with pump and stand - 150 gallon with Euro Bracing - circulating pump, pump itself - heater - lights Thank you
  7. BradTate

    New to reefing and very confused!

    Hi everyone, My name is Brad and I have just bought a 125 litre tank (80x40x40) from Facebook market place, along with a AI Hydra 52 (non HD) light. I got both for £100 which I didn't think was too bad! I have had freshwater tanks previously, fully planted setups with CO2 etc, but this will be...
  8. A

    Hello New to this site, and just starting my saltwater tank journey.

    If you have any helpful tips I would love them. I intend to try something that may be considered controversial? I don't know. Well see this is a long post. I keep a lot of freshwater tanks, they are all planted, they have drift wood, and I use sponge filters. My 2 oldest 10 gallon tanks are so...
  9. M

    Pennsylvania ALL MUST GO 60 Gallon reef part-part out!

    Been trying to sell my 60gal setup as a whole, but I don't have time waiting for the right buyer anymore! Everything here is BRAND NEW (unless mentioned as otherwise) and never used other than to make sure it works. YES SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE, but you get to pay for it. Obviously some of these...
  10. Monika

    Hello Hi!

    Hi, I am just at the beginning here trying to figure out the best set up that will allow me to be gone for at least 10 days and maybe save my reef and fish from dying as a result of my future mistakes. I read that the bigger the tank the easier to keep it stable so I decided to get CADE...
  11. N

    Advice for changing sand on established tank with sand sifter

    So my uncle passed away back August and left behind several of his tanks, only one saltwater tank with life in it. It’s a biocube, but he was pretty weak towards the end and admittedly it got a little out of hand. I somehow managed to drive the tank and fish from Colorado to Washington and keep...
  12. M

    Maryland Current Lighting Fixtures

    Hello, I am selling an Orbit Marine 36"- 48" IC LOOP PRO Dual LED System w/HUB by Current USA. This is a 2 light set. Item has never been used only removed from its packaging.
  13. reefedandconfused

    Bought used tank with live rock and snails

    I bought a used 29 gallon biocube tank and the seller wanted to me keep his live rock, sand and equipment. I am still missing a light and I will need to get a wave maker but I pretty much have everything else I need to start. Light and wave maker have been ordered. So my question is… 1...
  14. Justin Thibodeaux

    Louisiana Brand New/Unopened MASTERTRONIC

    Brand new/Unopened Mastertronic for sale. Haven't set tank up yet and have decided that I could use the money on other things. Located in Louisiana, but am willing to ship. $1100 OBO.
  15. P

    bio cube 29 stocked vs Red Sea G170

    Hi there, I am new to the hobby, and I narrowed my choice down to these 2 tanks for the size of my area. A used Red Sea G170 comes with a lid and pump for 400 cash or a 29gallon bio cube comes stocked with fish and has an aftermarket light and hanging skimmer for 300 turn key. Any...
  16. SlasherZ

    Hello Newbie to saltwater here, howdy!

    Just wanted to introduce myself to the community! Posting from Tallahassee, FL. I've been in freshwater for a decade or so now, off and on and I'm finally stepping into the beautiful realm of saltwater. All through my cycling and setting up, most of my answers came from R2R so I figured I'd...
  17. OnlyGenusCaps

    Minnesota 270gal acrylic aquarium - Minnesota - local pick up only

    I have a ~270 gallon acrylic, reef-ready (2 trapezoidal overflows, pre-drilled for Herbie style overflows), tank and stand make by Midwest Custom Acrylic a couple years ago (measures 72"x30"x30" outside dimensions). I've never used it! The protective paper is still on it and it's not seen a...
  18. N

    Hammer head splitting?

    Hi all. I'm new to salt water kept fresh water tanks for a while now. Needed some advice. I've been doing a lot of research on the corals I have. The tank I got was passed down from a. Friend of mine who's an impulse buyer and I don't think he knew a lot about it. Luckily he did get it cycled...
  19. CalmingTank

    Hello Hey !

    Hey everyone first time posting, just trying to grow my youtube channel if anyone has time to like or subscribe I would appreciate it also leave your channel for a follow back. Thanks CTank
  20. ThaBeast

    Kentucky New in box Reef Synergy Shadow V3 16" overflow

    New in box Reef Synergy Shadow V3 16" overflow with external and external pipe options. Lists for $284, $200 shipped in continental US
  21. TheBirdsNest

    Hello Hello!

    Hello! New to the forum and just got my first ‘big’ tank! Ive been running a Fluval Evo Marine (50L) for a few years and just manage to upgrade to a RedSea Reefer 250! Just began my cycle using Red Sea Mature Pro, although not convinced I’m doing it right since my Amonia (0.50ppm), Nitrite...
  22. Mattt

    Oregon NEW- RedSea Reefer Skimmer 300 (RSK300)- $300 + Shipping

    I purchased this skimmer a few years ago and then I ended up not using it. It's brand new in box and factory sealed.
  23. ScubaFish802

    New/Smaller ReefMat 250 Announced Today - October Release

    RedSea announced a new version of the ReefMat today. This seems like it would free up some space in the sump.. the RedSea rollers are pretty chunky, wondering if anyone will downsize. Their Announcement: "Say hello to the ReefMat 250 - providing you with the ReefMat advantage in a compact...
  24. T

    Georgia Sicce Syncra Silent 3.0 Return Pump

    I purchased this pump new and realized it is WAY too big for my tank. Never opened and never used!!! Shipping is available at the cost of the buyer. Just trying to get what I spent back.
  25. C

    My aquarium has been unsuccessful

    Hello, I’ve been losing fish consistently for the past nine months. It’s been a constant struggle to get fish to live past 6 months after acclimating. My fish have died with what seems like swim bladder disease, or being above or below the tank gasping for air and heavy gill movement. I...