1. CrazyDuck959

    Best Rimless Tanks (55 Gallon - 75 Gallon)

    Hello, I plan to upgrade my nano tank. But I plan to do a DIY setup. I’m wondering what rimless tanks you all suggest (55 Gallon - 75 Gallon). I plan to build myself a custom stand. But I am in need of tank suggestions. If any of you have any ideas please let me know. I have never bought a...
  2. Joe81

    Florida Lighting LED Drygoods Brand new ReefBrite XHO 30” LED strips(2) 50/50

    I have two brand new 30” Reef Brite XHO 50/50 strips. I opened one box to check it out. Just decided to go a different route, unable to return due to merchants return policy. Prefer not to ship. Located in South Florida.
  3. RaymondNoodles

    Suppliments Dosing Drygoods AquaMaxx cTech T1 calcium reactor - BNIB

    Brand new in box AquaMaxx cTech T1 calcium reactor. I got it as part of a package deal from a local reefer and don’t need it. $175 shipped to US lower 48 states.
  4. techhnyne

    Florida Package Deal Drygoods Neptune Apex A3 Pro NIB

    Brand New Apex A3 brand new in box with seal never opened $800 OBO + shipping also comes with the receipt of purchase for $899 DM me if interested!
  5. Nicerreefs

    Hello Nicer Reefs

    Hey everyone! Nicer Reefs here. New veteran owned and operated retailer aiming for quality and conditioned corals. Too many of us out there has bought a piece and have it die or bleach just days after. Our aim is aquaculture and conditioning healthy corals. If you succeed, we succeed. Drop by...
  6. W

    Thoughts on my cycle. It’s about 3 weeks old and has had fritz turbo 900

    Hello all, just started my first reef tank (introduction into the hobby). I am rocking the fluval 13.5 and have used fritz 900 to help cycle. Just got my test kit today and tested my water for the first time. I am looking for a second opinion on my cycle as to me it seems pretty good but like I...
  7. RaymondNoodles

    Lighting LED Drygoods SOLD - Neptune Sky like new

    Selling a Neptune Sky, like new. Turned it on briefly and decided to go another route. Used less than 1 hour. Asking $600. Shipping within the continental US free of charge.
  8. A

    Best corals without the need for crazy light

    Hello right now I have a Zoa and Duncan coral. My light set up is not super advanced and am using a simple led strip that normally comes with a tank. What are the best corals to acquire without having to buy a light that breaks the bank? Thanks
  9. jcdeng

    New Jersey New York Dry Rock Drygoods FS: BNIB Aquaforest rock mix box 40lb/18kg

    Hi, got 3 boxes that came in the starter pack from purchasing a tank and I only needed to use 1 box of rock as I reused the liverock from old tank. SOLD.
  10. TopShelfAquatics

    What is something you wish someone would have told you before getting in to this hobby??

    We all know this hobby can be very exciting and rewarding, especially when things are going right with your tank! With that being said this hobby is not without its challenges. We have all undoubtedly gone through great moments of frustration and wondering "What am I doing wrong?". It isn't...
  11. Sailaway

    Salinity- is this accurate?

    Just added saltwater to my tank, from my LFS. I’m very new to this and bought this fluval hydrometer. Don’t know if it’s accurate or not, just figured I’d start with this and upgrade later. I’m not sure if this is accurate though. Is this hydrometer not worth a lick? I followed directions and...
  12. N

    Gray transparent slime?

    Do my snails leave this kind of slimey looking stuff behind? It's hard to spot at first but just below center of image where rock dips in. I've seen a couple singular long skinny white threads coming from the rocks too, is that from my snails or is it a a bacteria or algae or beginning of...
  13. Mity Sergio

    Cycle week 3 Question!:)

    Hello everyone! I’m currently going on my 3rd week of cycling my tank I just wanted to reach out and see if these are normal parameters for going on the 3rd week of cycling! Thanks for the help! Ammonia 4.0 ppm Nitrites 0.25 ppm
  14. Sailaway

    New tank- lots of questions

    Hi! I just purchased a 13.5 gallon. I am VERY NEW to this, although, and this will be my first salt tank! Super excited, but nervous. I have a bunch of questions. - is it better to buy salt or buy premixed water? (I don’t have a RODI system.) - is aragonite live sand good? I got a good deal on...
  15. N

    Hi all! New reefer from Tasmania Australia!

    Tank is a 4ft 60g (215l) Been running for 13 weeks of stress free minimal ugly stage, loving it
  16. L

    New tank plumbing help

    I’m in the process of upgrading from a 37 gallon tank with a canister filter to a 120g with 40g sump setup that I recently bought. This is my first sump setup and I want to make sure I do it right to lower the chances of any problems in the future. Pictured is everything that I bought and if...
  17. ReefMonster150

    Hello 18 mo into the hobby.

    Looking learn from and meet other reefers. Attended Reef a Poluza in Anaheim last weekend. Set up a quarantine tank. Hope I am doing everything right.
  18. D

    EMERGENCY Baby Blue Hippo Tang

    I am fairly new to reefing and have just bought a hippo tang. He is tank raised and was done perfectly fine when I bought him yesterday. He’s been in the tank for about 14 hours or so at night. He’s belly is white aswell as his face a tiny bit. He sits in one corner and just swims around and...
  19. fLajNuT

    California Skimmers SOLD Tunze comline 9012 | Brand New | Free shipping | HOB skimmer

    Tunze Comline DOC 9012 (Brand New) had to open box to show contents. $300 obo. Free Shipping available (continental US). I purchased this before I did a house remodel and never got it setup. In the process of the house remodel one of the workers unplugged the holding tank and long story short...
  20. nicowboy

    Got some Pro tips?

    Hi everyone, So I just received my Red sea Nano max Peninsula 26 gallons, and also started my cycle with no fish and no light ! Once the time is ready, how many fishes / livestock should I get ? And what kind for beginners ? Also for corals, which you would you recommend me ? My other...
  21. Seanano

    Florida Aquariums Drygoods Never seen water 90 Gallon Wide GlassCages 72x24x12 Central Florida(Apopka)

    Never got a chance to set it up, now moving too big for new place. Still has tape on corners from GC. 72x24x12(LWH) Low iron, Bottoms.braced. Left side corner overflow with bulkheads. Small crack on back right top corner, will have zero effect on seal. Paid 1300 gotta let it go 500$, 400$ if...
  22. T

    Week 3 of cycling

    Hello fellow reefers! I just past the 2 week mark of cycling my tank using dr tims one and only and dr tims ammonia. I used live sand and some rock from my existing tank as well. My current parameters are Nitrate 20, Nitrite 0.5, Ammonia 0. I got the same results from API and Red Sea test kits...
  23. T

    Overdosed Dr Tims Ammonia

    Hi All! I currently started cycling my new tank 9-10 days ago using dr tims one and only and dr tims ammonia. Since starting my ammonia has been off the charts! I think I just realised why.. it’s because I over doses the ammonia.. my bottle said treats 394 litres and my tank is 640 litres so I...
  24. D

    Sump and Overflow

    Hi! I’m just going to be straight forward. My son is 15 and has a 90 gallon tank. He is only running a canister filter for now but has been waiting for some stuff that came from his uncle to set up a sump. He is building his own sump right now and doesn’t even know where to start since his uncle...
  25. B

    coral placement and health

    So had a 15g jbj cubey for almost 4 months. Coral added after the first week Then second-week fish All levels were good Posting full tank shot. want to see if I'm in the right direction for placement and health A few questions are... Are my zoas too close together? 2 corals don't seem to look...