1. L

    New all in one filter problem

    Hello, My name is Austin and I’ve just recently decided to take the dive into the saltwater hobby after many years of interest! I recently purchased a 30 gallon, used, all in one tank. After setup, looking at the water flow I can just tell something is wrong. The tank has a small overflow in...
  2. LouSawat

    Protein skimmer help!

    So we recently bought the Aqua Excel HOB hp. I followed the very spotty directions the best I could and have attached a video showing it after I turned it on. I could not find any helpful how-to videos for this specific skimmer so I’m hoping someone can help me out. I apologize for the video...
  3. sahilchaddha

    New here and into this lovely hobby.

    Hey Guys, I started into this hobby few months back. I have 25G (96L) nano Salt Water Tank and its a Fish Only Tank. Since i am on strict budget i had few questions. Hope you guys can help me out. Tank Inhabitants : 2 Clown Fish 2 Green Chromis 1 Yellow Tang 1 Blue Regal Tang 1 Turbo Snail 1...
  4. N

    Looking to start up a new reef

    So I wanted to start up a new tank. Was looking at a 200 gallon 48x36x27. Just wanted to get ideas for what equipment I should buy for a mixed reef tank. Thank you
  5. Jack Mammon Bifrons

    New to Reef2Reef

    Hello everyone!... this might drag abit New to aquatic forums actually, so im not sure what to put lol. Im from the UK, iv had salt water since 12 (i think) as well as tropicals n koi/pond fish beforehand. I naturally progressed, through obsession, to reefs! Im currently working with a rsr250...
  6. Perpetual Novice

    My 13.5 Gallon Mantis Shrimp Tank

    I began working on this tank June 9th 2019. It's an all-in-one Fluval Evo 13.5 XII that sits on my nightstand and is a species tank for mantis shrimp. This thread is to document my journey building this nano system and learning how to care for the fascinating animals inside. Here is some...
  7. B

    Unknown coral or hitchhiker on new live rock

    I purchased a live rock from a saltwater store that had a few Kenya trees on since they would not sell just the corals since they were attached to it . After rescaping the tank about a month later I felt a warm burn feeling , like if I was stung on my finger . After looking over the rock I...
  8. Hadders95

    Help with coral!!

    Hello all I am new to the hobby and had the tank from May with fish and coral which went in July into the tank, I am having issue with my Zoa and green star, the last few weeks they have started to look like the image below any help or suggests would be greatly helpful thanks josh
  9. fishMAYOnnaise04

    New Member Q: Editing/changing Username

    Hey, ummm...first question on R2R. My username "mayonnaise" is missing an "n" is there anyway I can edit that or do I have start a new account? Thanks!
  10. rapid

    My 40 gallon cube reef tank

    Im about 4 months into this tank, This is my first saltwater tank ! I am aware that i am a little behind on this post but better late then never ! After visiting my LFS to acquire some sword tails for my 40 gallon freshwater I ended up walking out of there with a 40 gallon cube all in one setup...
  11. Ascape

    If you had to choose, which one would it be? Fluval or Api?

    Hello all, Just a quick question to all my fellow reefers, if you had to choose between one of these two products of nitrifying bacteria like if you had no other choice (gun to head type situation...bit extreme but you get my just)..what would it be: Fluval biological enhancer...
  12. M

    NEW to R2R!

    Hello everyone, No stranger to the hobby but have been fish free for last several years. Just purchased a 185 corner and now looking for some tips as I have been out of the game for a bit. I have kept Salt, Reef, Africans, SA Cichlids, Designer Goldies. Pretty much everything. Now getting back...
  13. R

    The Fluval Evo 13.5: The Full Journey

    Hello! I am new to saltwater and to this forum, however I have done extensive research on the hobby and have decided to setup a fluval evo 13.5. This will be a thread following the progress of the tank, which I recently bought for only $60. For stocking, I was thinking a few easy corals and a...
  14. crabcore

    red sea reef led 90

    so far I have great growth from my corals. I have it on a 40 gallon breeder tank. the corals look great. A few things I noticed compared to bulk reef supply video. first off I am new to reef tanks and lighting so this might not mean much to anyone but 100 percent white and blue makes corals look...
  15. crabcore

    New Coral!

    Just got today! the Chalice and Ricordea are from WWC. The Acropora is from Top Shelf Aquatics. Wife acclimated them form me wail I was at work and did a great job. so far so good.
  16. levi_larimore

    new 29 gal reef tank HELP!!!!!

    New to reef tanks just got a 29 gal tank setup of course I put corals in before cycle completed and now I have diatom algae everywhere water parameters were way off everything is in line now and things seem to be looking up but if anyone has any suggestions or ideas to make corals grow faster or...
  17. M

    Need Help. I was given an old 150 gallon tank that needs a panel replaced. I got the glass but need some help.

    So I have this nice 150 gallon tank but the glass has a big chip in the corner. I was able to get a new piece of glass the exact size and I am planning to switch the panels out (the big side panel). ive never changed aquarium glass before let alone a massive one like this. Is there anything I...
  18. ruegaroo

    Push Me Over the Edge

    Hello to all that read this! I have been dreaming about starting up my first reef tank for the past year or so and in the process I have learned quite a bit. On the knowledge side of things, I feel like I'm ready to get my hands wet and to start learning through first-hand experience. I find...
  19. AshwinRavi

    newish tank setup

    Hello all, a buddy of mine is looking to get rid of his 125G tank, its not a reef tank, but has 1, 1.5" inch hole on one side predrilled. I have a 75G at the moment and this 125G would be a nice upgrade if I know exactly how to set this new tank for reef. since there is a predrilled hole, I am...
  20. C

    Starting New Tank, Red Sea Coral Pro Salt

    Hi All, I'm getting a bit nervous reading a lot of things about Red Sea Coral Pro Salt being incredibly cloudy for folks starting their tanks. I plan to fill my Nuvo 40 this weekend using Red Sea Coral Pro Salt. I plan to follow directions, mix salt in at 68 degrees in RO/DI water for about 1...
  21. Luke iskra

    Is this new or used?! Chempure elite

    got myself chempure elite and it’s got fingerprints all over the bottle and some brown crap all over the inside is this normal? Is it used?
  22. Injoynit

    How to "Heal" a new Frag?

    I see this often, "Newly cut frag, will need to heal for two+ weeks". How do you "Heal" a frag? Don't, after acclamation, just place it into your tank and then let the lights run through an acclamation period? Thanks for any new information, Injoynit
  23. Manny'sReef

    Florida Apex ORP Probe - New

    Brand new Apex ORP Double Junction Probe - never used. I bought an Apex 2016 and don't need ORP. $75 shipped.
  24. Luke iskra

    Help setting up a new tank!

    hey guys i have a dumb question need advice with so today i got myself a bio cube 32 and currently have a 9 month old 10 gallon what would be the best steps to take on setting up my bio cube ASAP My idea - buy live sand / fill with water / put it live rock i got from a private seller / put in...
  25. Zeal

    Am I doing this right?

    Hi everyone new to the hobby been in it almost 2 months now. SUper excited and im obsessedddddd. Recently got a bunch of coral over the span of 2 weeks and everything is doing AWESOME. But I have a couple questions... Salt hovers around... 1.025-1.026 Water temperature hovers around... 78/79...
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