ai 16hd

  1. jackalexander

    Upgrading 32g Biocube

    Didn’t want to do it because i’ll probably upgrade in the near future but I can’t stand the stock LED’s on the biocube so I’m going to purchase an AI Prime 16HD Reef LED and the flex arm. That’ll come with an added cost of an ATO and a screen top (don’t want the wrasse to carpet surf). I don’t...
  2. PeterB113

    Need Help with AI prime 16HD scedule

    Hey everyone, I really need help creating a lighting schedule for the AI prime 16hd I just got. The app seems simple but I don't know why I can't figure out how to create the schedule. My tank is a 20g long LPS and soft reef with a clown and some inverts. I'm looking for a schedule that starts...
  3. Jay00498

    Massachusetts LED SOLD AI Prime 16HD W/ gooseneck

    One available used AI Prime 16Hd with 12” gooseneck . Used for 6 months and have have upgraded. $175 plus ship PayPal only Sold
  4. MichaelP121579

    lighting my jbj 45

    Hello all! I have a JBJ45 I currently have 2 Prime 16s. I am looking to do a different light setup. Any suggestions
  5. Rstanphill

    Build Thread 90 gal glasscage build

    HEY, everybody. So i ordered my glasscage tank about a month ago. While waiting i built my stand and return set-up. Here is a picture of my stand and the triger system 36 sump. I am going with two varios 2 return pumps I plumbed them both to the manifold with two gate valves so i can run the...
  6. S

    California Lighting AI Prime 16HD

    Recently purchased an AI Prime 16HD (less than 2 months ago) and replaced it with something else. I am selling the AI Prime 16HD + Flex mount for $175. I would prefer to do local pick up only if possible. I am located in Los Angeles 90047 Ping me if youre interested
  7. Wicksy

    Build Thread Wicksy's Evo 13.5 Journal

    Hey guys this is going to be a journal of my Fluval Evo 13.5 Heads up I've never had a journal before so I might be all over the place and this is my first salt water tank. I've had this tank running for over a year now it hasn't been doing much until recently so let's get started. 13.5 Gallon...
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