IM Fusion 15 AIO - First Reef Tank Build


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Aug 31, 2023
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Hi everyone!

Here’s to my first reef tank and build thread. I’m using an Innovarive Marine Nuvo Fusion 15 Cube. I recently graduated from USC (Fight On!) and started working, so I finally have the money to afford this hobby after waiting for many years. At this point the tank has been running for about 3 weeks.

Tank Specs:
- IM Nuvo Fusion 15
- AI Prime 16 HD
- aqueon 100 W heater
- replaced filter sock with InTank media basket and filter floss
- added hygger mini wavemaker 530 GPH
- WONICE ato off amazon

- CaribSea special grade arag-alive
- CaribSea Live rock
- instant ocean reef crystals

- 2 ocellaris clownfish

Currently, I’m hoping to try for a softy dominant tank and maybe a couple LPS. I’ve spent the past couple weeks pretending that I wasn’t a beginner and trying to keep different coral alive and having them die. (there’s that one coral in the middle of the sand bed that still looks like it might have some life in it so it’s just sitting there in the off chance) So i’m finally humbling myself and admitting that I have no patience and didn’t check any tank parameters beforehand. My poor clownfish had to suffer through the end of a cycle that wasn’t fully completed yet. I went out to the store to buy a KH and Calcium test kit, and found that the KH was around 12 and the Calcium around 600. I’m not too sure what went wrong since I used rodi with the reef crystals. I’m throwing out the rest of the salt and going to get water from the LFS tomorrow to do a water change.

Other Issues:
One clownfish barely eats and has white stringy poop, so Im waiting on some Prazi Pro to dose the tank.

I didn’t want to spend extra on a par meter so I just set the AI prime based off a scaled down version of a WWC preset. Here are the numbers below.

Future Plans:
I want to add a tail spot blenny and a goby pistol shrimp pair.

I’m not sure about CUC but i’ll add them in when the time comes.

I’m planning on starting with a toadstool leather and hoping that the clownfish will claim it as their territory although I know chances are low.

Thanks for reading!

Peace River

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Apr 29, 2014
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It looks like you are off to a good start! Your aquascape has a lot of great places to mount corals. Clownfish fixate on a lot of weird stuff so who knows! Good luck with your adventure!!!

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