ai prime

  1. 1Matthew

    Corals Not Doing So Well

    Hi All, I have a 90 gallon tank and have noticed some coral that aren’t doing so well. The first guy is a bowerbanki, which I have had for a while. It looked great at first, until I switched my lights and it looks very shrunken with skeleton exposed. Originally, I had 2 AI Prime HDs but switched...
  2. Big Chief Reef

    AI prime vs. Kessil vs. Eco-Tech?

    I can't really decide on what kind of lights to put over a 52 gallon bowfront. Its LPS dominant (torches, bubble corals, chalices, gonis) with roughly 8 smaller sized fish inhabitants. (Flow has also been a struggle, due to the bowfront shape.) What are the pros and cons of these 3 lights...
  3. silent1mezzo

    Lighting a 75 gallon with 2 existing AI 16

    Hey y'all, I recently picked up a 75 gallon and wondering what I should add to supplement 2 AI 16hd's?
  4. AstroCoral

    Should light spectrum change throughout the day?

    I was under the impression that spectral changes occur in the oceans’ reefs as the sun rises, peaks, and sets. I mainly thought this was the case due to the atmospheric shift in color during sunrise and set. After watching a few in-depth BRS videos and reading some older articles from Orphek...
  5. plc001

    Florida Miscellaneous Drygoods SOLD Tank Breakdown Sale

    Tank Breakdown Sale Prices plus actual shipping cost from 33777. $50.00 2 100W Titanium Heater Element $100.00 5 Stage Premium Plus 75 GPD RO/DI System $340.00 3 AI Prime 16 HD Reef LED Lights $80.00 HOB Overflow – Eshopps PF-800 $30.00 BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor - Single with...
  6. A

    Illinois Aquarium Controller Lighting SOLD Equipment for sale ai prime, apex el, Nuvo drop off, Nero 5

    Hello everyone I have the following for sale. I Can ship everything except the aquarium. Innovative marine abyss 20 drop off -$300 pick up in 60586 2- AI prime hd sold 1- AI Nero 5 $150 plus shipping 1 apex EL with temp probe and eb832, $325shipped Eshopps nano cube sump $100 pick up only...
  7. Muffin87

    What's the consensus on the AI prime lifespan?

    Whererever I read online, I seem to run into stories of AI primes lenses melting, fans breaking, overheating. I understand that it's a popular light, so there's gonna be plenty of happy customers, as well as plenty of "this broke on me" customers, but I'm trying to understand what the consensus...
  8. ReefKnight2

    Haddoni Carpet Anemone Advice

    I ordered a Green Haddoni Carpet Anemone (5-9”) that will arrive soon. It was a bit of an impulse buy once I saw they had them in stock and on sale. I’ve considered adding one for a while but never jumped on it. The system is a WB220.6, with established soft, LPS, and SPS corals. I have...
  9. payrawsa

    Texas Lighting Drygoods Ai prime with mounts

    Ai hydra prime 13 led with the ai prime mounts and arm. Works great. I have 2. Black. 220 shipped for both. Buyer pays paypal fees.
  10. R

    Lighting LED Drygoods Ai prime 16hd white body with arm mount used for 2 weeks

    Used for 2 weeks. Not a scratch on it. Upgraded to hydra 32.
  11. R

    Lighting LED Drygoods Used for 2 weeks Ai prime 16hd white body with mount

    Used for 2 weeks ai prime 16hd white body with mount. Hung over glass lid so nothing touched it. Lenses are perfect. Only getting rid of it because I got a hydra 32. Comes in original box with everything it came with. $200 plus $10 shipping
  12. YaboiNathan

    Texas Lighting Drygoods SOLD 2 Ai prime hd, pristine condition

    2 Ai prime hd in pristine condition come with box, flex mount . 155 each or 300 for both shipping included
  13. senorsancho

    Virginia Lighting Drygoods 2x AI Prime 16HD with HMS Mounts & 3D Reefing Diffusers

    2 Prime 16hd's available with the HMS Mounts and 3D Reefing Diffusers $380 for both shipped! Local pickup in Stafford VA!
  14. misturrtinnie

    Texas LED Drygoods Closet Clean Out. (AI prime, rms, etc)

    (2) AI Prime non HD w/ flex mount - Sold to Typhon. (2) AI Prime hanging kit unused - $20 each (1) RMS mount w/ XR15 & XR30 adapter - Sold locally. (1) Aquamaxx HOB skimmer - Sold to Typhon. (2) Kamoer doser X1 - Sold to Typhon. (1) Hanna calcium checker, exp 3/23- Sold to Nemosis. (1)...
  15. G’s Reef

    Lighting LED Drygoods SOLD 2x AI Prime HD with Mounts

    Have 2 mint condition AI primes with mounts- 150$ Each can ship at buyers expense will add extra lens if bundled. Located in Houston tx
  16. K

    Reef tank progress (looking amazing)

    My wife and I have had our reef tank for 1 year and all our hard work has paid off. Tank is looking great, we still have a long ways to go but it’s starting to look amazing. We have a Biocube 32 LED and of coarse we have upgraded it quite a bit. Went with an AI Prime 16 HD after observing the...
  17. A

    Lighting LED Drygoods SOLD Ai prime 16hd

    Hello, I have 2 ai prime 16 hd for sale. Both in good condition mounts included with lights. Asking $160 each or $300 for both plus shipping. Located in Naperville IL
  18. R

    Lighting LED Drygoods Ai prime Sol

    Ai prime Sol purchased brand new 4 months ago. Original box. Perfect working condition.
  19. M

    Are 3 AI primes adequate for a mixed reef?

    Im running a red sea 350 (L120xH53xW50cm) with an NSA that im going to have lit with 3 AI primes... Well actually 1x original AI prime HD in the centre and then 2x AI prime 16HDs on either side. Each light is mounted 10 inches from the water surface. My question is, would this setup be adequate...
  20. C

    3x RS90 vs. 2x NooPsych K7 V3 Wifi

    Hello, everyone. I am currently faced with the choice between 3x RS90 or 2x Noopsych K7 V3 Wifi. There are many opinions that both lamps work very well. Unfortunately I can't decide. Maybe someone here has experience with the lamps and could tell me something about it. Which would you choose...
  21. trevorhiller

    Pennsylvania Lighting LED SOLD Multiple Lights: Kessil a360x, Reef Brite, AI Prime

    Multiple Lights for Sale, I want to get an XR30 so I am cleaning these out. All with <6 months use, I upgraded my tanks and want more PAR. Kessil a360x w/ Wi-Fi module $400 (no mount) SOLD Reef Brite XHO-x360 $165 SOLD AI Prime 16HD w/ 3D Reefing Diffuser and 18" gooseneck mount $170 SOLD I...
  22. Ufjd144

    Lighting LED Drygoods AI Prime 64HD Black (like new)

    I have read all the selling forum requirements… selling a “Like New” AI Prime 64HD Black reef tank light.
  23. V

    Illinois Aquariums Lighting Return Pumps Ai prime 13 $95, Waterbox 10g $100, Tunze pump $55

    Ai prime 13 Led and fixed mount $95 shipped Light is fully functional but shows heavy signs of use. Lens need to be replaced but all LEDs work. Was opened up to clean fan. One of the mount screws torx is stripped but can just be hand tightened. Waterbox 10g AIO $100 Local Good...
  24. J

    California Lighting Drygoods 2x Ai prime HD 16

    Selling Ai prime HD16 with mount and power supply. less than a year old and lens in excellent condition . 1 left with the older mount $163 shipped
  25. I

    Please help!! Need advice on lighting.

    Hello everyone! I have a 40 gallon cube, and I’m struggling with successfully keeping corals. Im currently running an AI Prime HD and was wondering if anyone has a good preset recommendation. I made my lighting schedule by myself (Ill attach an image, I know it’s probably pretty bad don’t make...