1. Steve089

    Build Thread Steve’s IM 30L upgrade!

    going to be upgrading an IM20 to an IM30...since im currently documenting the IM20 progress in my waterbox20 build thread, I thought the new tank deserved it’s own thread!! IM20 is about 18 months old, I got it used off of CL as a full setup. goals of upgrade: more horizontal space for various...
  2. D

    Nuvo 20 from the dead

    Hey reef2reef, a lot has happened since I was last active 3 months, but imma take it back about 3 years. About three years ago I got into the idea of having a saltwater tank and after saving all my money for about 6 months and I purchased a tank, rock, sand, heater, and quarantine tank set up as...
  3. Jax15

    Drilling an AIO for external frag tank?

    Hi R2Reefers, I have an old Nuvo Fusion 20 AIO from a previous build, and want to add it to my current system as an external frag tank. Has anyone drilled one of these before for an overflow? Does the glass hold up? Will it be fine to keep the acrylic baffle in place that makes it an AIO? What...
  4. Brody’s Reef

    Build Thread My reefing journey from 0 to an 80 gallon shallow reef

    I moved to a new account to match my IG so I wanted to repost my build. So this thread is about a year late but I figured I should finally give it a shot. I’m almost a year into this hobby and my obsession hasn’t slowed a bit (just ask my fiancé). It all started with an Used Innovative Marine...
  5. cLoWDy

    AIO Build First Reef Tank - Fluval Flex 32.5 Gallon Build

    Hello All! I’ve decided to start my first ever reef tank after spotting the AIO Fluval Flex 32.5 Gallon Tank Kit (Aka Fluval Flex 123L). Figured the all in on (AIO) was the way to go since I’m a first timer and the setup seemed pretty simple to grasp. However, after reading about this tank from...
  6. GriffFamilyReef

    Arizona California WB 40 AIO W EVERYTHING and MORE!

    Forced sale. 3k. Local pick up in Gilbert AZ. Everything is 4 months old We have a 40 gallon WB AIO. What I believe to be a dream build list below. EVERYTHING YOU NEED AND MORE! Would like to try to sell as a package. Extra WB 20 gal stand turned into controller cabinet with adaptive reef...
  7. ikeasuperfan

    Build Thread [First Tank] 18-Gallon AIO Mixed Reef

    Hi everybody, just thought I'd share my tank. It's my first aquarium and it's been up for about 2 months. I'm hoping to make it more LPS dominant but I have a few SPS and softies as well. Tank: Cobalt C-Vue 18 All-In-One Light: AI Prime 16HD (UV:50,V:50,RY:60,B:60,G:15,DR:15,ML:0,CW:15)...
  8. Manonfire0815

    AIO Build Wish I had gotten a bigger AIO

    Hi every one. I'm new to the marine tank experience and I have found myself wishing I would have purchased a much larger AIO. I'm thinking of selling my Waterbox Cube 20 and stand to purchase a bigger Waterbox or some other brand of AIO. If you have had the same thoughts post the AIO you...
  9. Matteo

    Skimmers Filters Misc. Filtration FS Nuvo Midsize Protein Skimmer w/Box like new

    Simply been using on an off schedule lately and decided I just don't need it or wanna clean and tune it anymore. Ran on my 40nuvo for about a year. Like new besides the clip being used to hold the pump body broke so I replaced it with some wire to hold steady. Doesn't affect performance or...
  10. lagoon360

    New Jersey Aquariums Package Deal Unique Modernist AIO, Innovative Marine Nuvo Atoll

    Innovative Marine Nuvo Atoll Cylinder Aquarium 12g - $450 Located in Jersey City I am selling this well established turnkey setup, with room to add more livestock. The aquascape is something I've wanted to try for a long time. There are two levels, deep sand in the back for planting sea...
  11. S

    Build Thread Seaescape's Aquatic 24G Nano and 5G Pico

    I have been out of the hobby for 8 years and decided I missed my thank way too much. So I have done what every normal hobbyist does, go with two tanks HAHAHA! I used to have a Red Sea Max modified with a Sump, and loved it. There was also a 75 gallon that I had, but the nano tank for whatever...
  12. lagoon360

    Very Unique AIO Setup

    I am selling my very unique AIO setup soon and wonder what a fair price is for it. The aquascape is something I've wanted to try for a long time. There are two levels, deep sand in the back for planting sea grasses and potentially a mangrove, and shallow in the front to allow for interesting...
  13. smarthawk

    Bought a K1 Nano from IceCap. It overflows with water no mater what I try. HELP

    Hi All, I bought a K1 Nano skimmer for my IM Nuvo 25 lagoon and since day 1 the skimmer has just continuously filled with water no matter the adjustments I’ve made. I tried to lower the water level in my sump area and I’ve also tried to plug a couple of air intakes on my silencer. I can’t get it...
  14. D. Torres

    Need Help With Equipment

    Hello everyone. I have a 75g standard size aquarium that I've had running with fairly little issues. I thought I'd be able to jump into a 20g nano tank pretty easily but it hasn't been as easy of a transition. For reference I have have the Innovative Marine 20g Concept Panorama (pic included of...
  15. FamilyMan_4

    New to QT

    Hey, I'm going to drop a quick question and hope for some healthy, constructive conversation here. I know this is a topic that has a general consensus, but after that it is very opinionated. I am in the middle of my cycle now and looking to prepare for livestock. I have a 30g AIO display. I...
  16. Jim8o

    Let’s see your AIO mixed reefs

    As the title says... let’s see your All in one mixed reefs. I have just completed a DIY build (see build thread) and am now starting to look into some nice corals to fill the tank (over time, obviously).. I’m really interested in a mixed reef. G me some inspiration and ideas for corals. Jim
  17. Kycelium

    Build Thread We were just supposed to get a Betta at the LFS.... A story of our impulse buy.

    So here we are. As the title states, we went to our LFS to pick up a Betta for our little one, but as we were checking out I spotted my girlfriend eyeing a lonely tank in the corner. An Aquatop Recife 40 Gallon All-In-One, who was desperate for a home. This would be her first-ever tank, so we...
  18. Mfield16

    AIO Build Fielder's IM 20G Fusion

    Alright I've been loitering for quite some time now, snagging gear from the marketplace, researching, posting randomly here and there. I feel like it's time to post a build thread. The big reason is to help track the progress of the tank. So, here goes nothing. I got back into the hobby after 6...
  19. SilverCityReef

    Build Thread IM Nuvo Fusion Pro 50 Lagoon AIO

    What's up fellow Reefers!?!? My name's Andrew, aka Silver City Reef, and I've been in the hobby for just over a year and a half now. I'd like to start this thread by thanking everyone who takes the time to check it out and follow along, as well as everyone on R2R who has helped me get this far...
  20. Himmat

    Best aio nano frag tak?

    Hello Everyone! I am looking for an aio frag tank. Nothing to big. More than 20 gallons but less than 40 gallons. Any suggestions? Any for sale? Please let me know!
  21. A

    AIO Build Cobalt C-Vue 18G Build

    So i'm new to the reefing hobby and have only posted once about cycling the tank (typical right) But wanted to share my build with everyone. I purchased a a Cobalt C-Vue 18G AIO tank, was not the cheapest option but i'm happy as it came with everything I need out of the box and did not need to...
  22. Jordan Stone

    New Jersey New York JBJ AIO 65 Glossy White Stand

    Anyone in NJ/NY looking to upgrade to the JBJ 65g AIO aquarium/ in need of a tank stand? I recently upgraded, but received a stand, which was damaged in shipping. I am getting a replacement, and now have this extra stand which has some cosmetic issues. There's a scratch on its door, a slightly...
  23. josh515025

    40 Breeder with only overrated Tunze skimmer as filtration ?

    Hey guys, so currently I had to go fallow and am treating my fish in a 20 Long and I put my inverts and rock in a 20 High. I was running a 35 gallon rimless cube with a Seachem tidal 55 and a Fluval PS1 skimmer. While I wait I decided I'm going to sell the 35 cube and upgrade... Now I wanted to...
  24. Reefer37

    Do You Keep CUC in the Sump of Your AIO?

    Just curious if people ever have CUC in the sumps of their AIO? I have a JBJ45 I've noticed quite a bit of algae growth back there and a lot of it is really hard to get to to clean out. The only concern I could think of was them making their way to where a return pump or the skimmer was, but I...
  25. Tony R.

    (Innovative Marine 30gallon long) Vectra S2 vs. Neptune Cor-15 Return Pump: Will it fit!?

    Hello again friends, I have a IM 30 gallon long AIO tank and I'm trying to upgrade my return pump, I saw a video from Marine Depot shoving a Vectra S1 into the rear sump. Clearly that can be done! I can't get my hands on a (new) S1 since its discontinued and the S2 is being pushed really hard...