1. Y

    Cleanup crew suggestions

    Hey everyone, so I’ve just started my reef tank up, it’s a 75L, 20 Gallon AIO reef sea max nano! I’m super proud of it, but I’ve got a couple questions regarding the addition of a CUC/livestock. im planning on getting 2 clowns and a nem down the track, and eventually adding some SPS corals. I’m...
  2. JL15219

    AIO Build Aquatop 40g Recife ECO AIO(1st Saltwater Tank)

    Hello everyone! I already have a 29 gallon build thread in the "Members Tanks" section, but last Thursday after trying to find a place to buy live rock I found a lfs that was around 45 minutes to an hour away that sold some. I was planning on just going to buy a couple of pounds of live rock...
  3. Zhill731

    Stocking Advice: 24g Cube AIO

    Hi All, I have a 24 cal cube, looking to keep LPS ands softies along with fish. I currently have 2 Ocellaris clownfish and would like to add in the future (in order of preference) helfrichi firefish Diamond Goby Pistol Shirmp Bangii Cardinal (2?) Would this be okay in regards to compatibly...
  4. Y

    AIO or sump for clowns and nem?

    Hey all, need a bit of advice, I’m going to get a 120L/30Gallon tank for two clownfish and a nem/some corals eventually, and was wondering whether it’d be best to get an AIO system, or a sump? This will be my first ever marine tank, although I do have some experience from keeping bettas and...
  5. Y

    AIO or sump?

    Hey all, need a bit of advice, I’m going to get a 120L tank for two clownfish and a nem/some corals eventually, and was wondering whether it’d be best to get an AIO system, or a sump? This will be my first ever marine tank, although I do have some experience from keeping bettas and various...
  6. REEF OF THE MONTH - March 2021: Florida_Reef_Keeper Brandon McHenry's Amazing AIO SPS Reef!

    Reef Spotlight REEF OF THE MONTH - March 2021: Florida_Reef_Keeper Brandon McHenry's Amazing AIO SPS Reef!

    R2R Username: @Brandon McHenry Build Thread: Brandon's IM Nuvo 40 SPS Reef Introduction: Hi everyone! I am honored to have my tank featured on Reef2Reef’s “Reef of the Month” series! This means a lot to me and I am excited to share the details of my system with you all. First, I want to...
  7. sotsreef

    Nano Build Natural 25 Gallon Lagoon

    Hey all, If you don’t know me my name is John and this is going to be my build thread for my Innovative Marine 25 Gallon Lagoon Tank. I am going for a more natural reef under white lights, and am going to be adding macroalgae and some other soft corals overtime. Anyways here is the specs on the...
  8. M

    Fiji Cube Aquariums? Sump vs AIO?

    Looking to buy a saltwater tank. Not finding much information on them. I love the dimensions of the 48 Gallon Shallow Ext. (30" x 24" x 15.75") I had a small biocube 14 AIO a few years back but, this would be my first Sump. The fiji cube's don't come with completed plumbing. What is the...
  9. Felipe

    How much better are the known brands of LED compared to the generic ones?

    Anyone looking for a good LED light for a nano tank? I wanted to share this one that I got 3 months ago. I am happy with the results on my LPS and softies, but I wanted opinions. How much better let's say a Kessil or an AI Prime would perform? Is it worth the extra money? Here is the link to...
  10. Reefingwithreefer

    Build Thread 40B - AIO - FluvalM90 Re build

    Hello friends and happy reefing, recently retrieved all of my old live rock from a breakdown and starting up again in a rimless 40 breeder aio. Currently a month into the new tank holding 0 on nitrites and ammonia with 8 ppm nitrates. Dosing - reef fusion part 1 and 2 , purigen , live rock and...
  11. M

    50 Gallon Reef Tank on Carpet - Waterbox AIO 50.3

    Hello, I am looking into setting up a Waterbox AIO 50.3. The only spot it works in my house is in my home office which has a brand new low pile carpet. Of course I want to make sure this tank is stable. Any recommendations? I was thinking putting some plywood or foam between the stand and the...
  12. Stones-Reef

    AIO Build My Five-Year AIO Journey (Biocube 28g, IM Nuvo 40, JBJ 65)

    Just wanted to share my AIO tanks from over the years! I first started the hobby with a Biocube in 2016, moved to the 40g IM Nuvo in 2018, and now I have a JBJ 65! It's been an amazing experience learning about reefing and watching this tank grow! Please feel free to share your tanks below!
  13. Meowtentacles

    Build Thread IM 40 gal Fusion build

    Hey guys, Long time lurker here- R2R has awesome info and perspectives! I've been reefing for about 15 years mostly pretty low budget and DIY heavy.. I finally made an account and I'm excited to be participating more fully! I am very open to suggestions, comments and constructive criticism this...
  14. TateLitts

    Nano Build Tate's IM NUVO 10

    Reading build/tank threads were/still are incredibly helpful and inspirational for me. I'm a little late to the game, but I figured better late than never! Currently 5 months in. My IM Nuvo 10 Build: Tank: Innovative Marine Nuvo 10 Stand: Whatever the old owner had laying around Light: AI...
  15. russell.dexter

    AIO Build My 'Get back in the hobby' Fluval EVO 5... Feedback always requested :)

    Hey guys, Here is the little pico that has plunged me back into the hobby. I will post my pics and journey here and am constantly looking for advice- the hobby has changed a lot in my long absence lol. AIO is a fluval evo 5- I have already upgraded the pump to a Mini MJ 606 with an inTank...
  16. GlfFxtrtYnky

    Nano Build GFY's Cobalt C-Vue 18G Nano Build... I'm back fishes!

    Hi everybody, Behold my "Box o' Rocks", but be warned its got crabs. Don't worry they're the good kind. Fish: 1. Clownfish RIP: 1/6/21 COD: Suicide Clean Up Crew: 1. 3 Margarita snails 2. 6 Cerith snails 3. 1 Nassarius snails 4. 5 hermit crabs 5. 1 Peppermint shrimp Coral: 1. Gatorade zoas...
  17. R

    JBJ 65 for sale

    Iv decided to sell my JBJ 65 and all fish and coral. Iv had it up for about a year now and have just lost interest in the hobby. Below is a list of the equipment and fish that is included. JBJ 65 gallon AIO Aquarium - 2 clownfish - 1 tiger shrimp - 2 scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp - 1 twin...
  18. A

    Tank Upgrade, 20 gallon long transferring to a 30 gallon long

    Hi, I am upgrading from a 20gallon long AIO to a 30gallon long AIO. I was wondering what the protocol on this was, mainly focusing on if I should keep the old sand or not. I have vacuumed the sand for a deep clean the last 2 days, but is it wiser to just use completely new fiji pink in the new...
  19. saltybees

    AIO Build Canadian Evo 13.5

    Fluval Evo 13.5 build stock lights Stock return AI Nero 3 Hydor 425 Tunze 3152 ato Bleach cured rock 10lbs Fiji pink+2ish lbs of crushed aragonite DIY media basket with filter floss, carbon and purigen. the Nero is a newer addition (excellent power head for nano tank ime so far.)I’ll post a...
  20. Petrichor

    DIY Sump on an AIO tank having flow issues

    I'm having issues with a DIY sump build on my AIO tank and I'm not sure if it's a non-fixable issue or just something that needs more time and patience. As my tank is in a corner pictures of the back are hard to get, so I hope this MS Paint masterpiece is clear enough. (not to scale, and...
  21. Boostable

    Florida Aquariums Skimmers Nuvo 40 Setup

    Nuvo 40 Setup - Tank, Stand, Pump, Two Filter Baskets, Sock Filter and Skimmer. Cleaned up and ready to go. Even have a bag of sand you can have with the setup. Located in Lake Mary / Sanford area.
  22. attiland

    Build Thread The heater failure build

    I have had aquarium since I can remember. Ok the very first one hardly can be called an aquarium as it was just a 3l jar with a 2-3 inch catfish in it my dad caught while we were fishing. And that fish didn’t last long with me as he had to go back to the river Danube. It was growing faster and...
  23. CommanderInReef

    New Dunkin Head Facing Away from Light

    I bought this dunking frag recently but about 4 days after buying it i noticed there was a new head growing from it. I didn't see it when dipping or placing but maybe it sprouted before i put it in or it just did within the couple days. The problem is, the head is facing directly toward the...
  24. G

    Refugium in return chamber?

    Hey, I recently bought a fiji cube aio 22.4 gal and was wondering if I could run a refugium in my return pump chamber? I’d like to run filter media in the first chamber. I would also like to run bio media, a skimmer and a heater in the middle chamber so that doesn’t leave me with much room left...
  25. Steve089

    Build Thread Steve’s IM 30L upgrade!

    going to be upgrading an IM20 to an IM30...since im currently documenting the IM20 progress in my waterbox20 build thread, I thought the new tank deserved it’s own thread!! IM20 is about 18 months old, I got it used off of CL as a full setup. goals of upgrade: more horizontal space for various...