1. Schraufabagel

    Best way to do GFO in a AIO?

    I've been struggling with high phosphates and currently have a refugium to help reduce my nutrients in general. I recently added BRS GFO to combat the phosphates. Is using it in the media bag fine? Or would it be better to use it in a reactor? If for a reactor, what would be a good reactor for a...
  2. unchaotic

    Build Thread Office 40 Gallon AIO

    I got permission from my manager to setup a tank in my office. (This was easier than it would be for most considering I bought my 200 Gallon aquarium from him.) The build progressed very nicely from a 5 gallon to a 10 gallon to a 40 gallon NUVO AIO. The tank will be starting with dry rock...
  3. attiland

    Hello Never too late to say hello (UK Leicester)

    Hi All, I have never said hello however I am here for a while and in my own little ways contributed in the forum. I like to do things in a reversed order sometimes ;) Aren’t all IT like that? So Hello to you all and a special hello to those I never had the opportunity to interact here yet. I...
  4. Drew P. Wiener

    Nano Build Innovative Marine 30L

    Welp… it’s been just about a year since I’ve set up my first reef tank, and like many others, I found myself looking to upsize the tank. Through this past year, I’ve definitely made plenty of mistakes and certainly felt at times that this maybe wasn’t the hobby for me, but I seriously can’t...
  5. danieyella

    Nano Build danieyella's MCT (because I don't believe in joy)

    Alright, I did it. Yesterday I ordered a mini complete tank from tankmods. I clearly hate myself. I guess it'll be shipping around the 7th, I plan to join the "unofficial" challenge going on here at r2r with it so no getting it wet until Oct 1st - which suits me just fine as I'll be out of...
  6. rondon

    AIO Build Rondon’s IM 20 Peninsula Reef Build

    Hey Everybody, I just created my account. This is my first time posting on R2R, but I have been reading and lurking for quite a while now. I recently had to move from Utah to Wisconsin for my last year of college. I sold my fish and brought along my live rock/CUC in a decently-sized...
  7. C

    Filter media recommendations

    Hi all, looking for recommendations on what other media to put in my AIO back filter chamber(s). Right now its just filter floss in chamber one, and seachem matrix in chamber 2. I have extra amounts of matrix (bio media) to compensate the “small” amount of rock i have in display. i have lots of...
  8. C

    Live rock in AIO chamber

    Hi all, I have read that running live rock or “rubble” in an all in one back filter chamber isnt a good idea as its a cause of detritus build up and therefore influences nitrate rises. Im curious does this count for larger bits of live rock? Or just the rubble? And im assuming rubble is...
  9. T

    Build Thread Tatic's Fluval Flex 32.5 minimizing tank build

    Hey everyone, pretty new here but I am a long time lurker. I had a 60 gallon FOWLR tank running since 2010-2011 and decided to shut it down for a smaller tank. I wanted an AIO and went with the Fluval Flex 32.5 Saltwater kit. I am really liking it so far but, at times I wish I had my bigger...
  10. Y

    Storing an Aquarium

    Hey all!! So I currently have an empty Red Sea Max Nano sitting in my room with some dry rock already scaped in it. It’s currently sitting there empty only because I’m moving in with my partner in 6 months, so I figured better to wait until then to set it up! So my question is, is the tank...
  11. Z

    Looking to setup/buy a silent tank. Is this possible and what equipment would I need?

    I'm looking to setup a silent reef tank since it will be in the same room as I work and can't focus which noise. I'm looking to put together a reef tank that's 40-50 gallons. I would prefer something affordable (Maybe up to $500ish or less?) that's complete if possible. I've been told to get...
  12. Brody’s Reef

    AIO Build Starting over with a Tideline 47.5 gallon AIO

    Hey everyone! It’s finally time to get the new build thread going. If you want to check out my previous build thread it can be found here: Long story short I spent about a year and a half building...
  13. Y

    20G stocking help/suggestions!

    Hey all! Looking for some advice on stocking for my 20G AIO cube. I’ve settled on a few fish, some must haves, and some I’m unsure about. Must haves: - 2x Ocellaris Clowns - A skunk cleaner shrimp (open to recommendation for different shrimp) - Snails (Nassarius and/or trochus) - Blenny of...
  14. Y

    What salt to use

    Hey all, Ive been slowly piecing together my tank, and I’ve spent the past few weeks deciding on what salt to use. I’m currently hung up between Red Sea Salt, or their Coral Pro salt. I live in Australia so some other salts are unavailable, but for my tank needs the coral pro seems best I’ll...
  15. Drew P. Wiener

    Calling All AIO Dudes

    Hello everyone, It's been a hot minute since I've really been active on here but I come back today with a question, or rather, I'm seeking some advice. I've been in the hobby for a little while now and by no means consider myself anything but a beginner. I've had my Current setup since last...
  16. Essert07

    Hello Taking the Dive

    After a lifetime of chasing the thrill of the oceans through everything from working as a professional diver to selecting a college based purely on their marine biology program, I finally decided to bring a piece of the ocean into my own home. I have always wanted a tank but knew it would be...
  17. Schraufabagel

    Frosting Rear Wall of AIO Tank

    Would applying a frosted film or spray paint to the rear wall of my new AIO tank look good? It’s glass with a black film, so I’d be doing a white frosted surface if I did it. Also, does anyone know of a safe paint to use for aquariums?
  18. P

    Skimmer Help - Inconsistent water level in sump

    Happy Friday all, In need of some help with my Cadlights pls-50 Elite Skimmer. I have it running in the second chamber of my Waterbox AIO Cube 20. Back sump chamber consists of: 1st Chamber - Intank media basket with floss, biomax, then Purigen 2nd chamber - GFO Reactor, Skimmer 3rd Chamber -...
  19. Schraufabagel

    Looking for Input - Coralvue Hydros Setup

    I travel a decent amount and am probably away a minimum of 10% each year on vacations or visiting family for extended weekends. I am very interested in a controller for peace of mind while I’m away. I am currently setting up a 25 gallon AIO. Heres what I’m thinking: - Temperature sensor...
  20. J

    AI light on 20 Gallon Long

    Hi! I have a lighting question. I have a 20 gallon AIO mixed reef with one AI Prime 16HD on it in the middle. A worker at my lfs told me I probably needed two lights on it if I plan to have any SPS/high-light corals. My tanks is about 24x14x14. Should I buy a second light?
  21. Y

    Cleanup crew suggestions

    Hey everyone, so I’ve just started my reef tank up, it’s a 75L, 20 Gallon AIO reef sea max nano! I’m super proud of it, but I’ve got a couple questions regarding the addition of a CUC/livestock. im planning on getting 2 clowns and a nem down the track, and eventually adding some SPS corals. I’m...
  22. JL15219

    AIO Build Aquatop 40g Recife ECO AIO(1st Saltwater Tank)

    Hello everyone! I already have a 29 gallon build thread in the "Members Tanks" section, but last Thursday after trying to find a place to buy live rock I found a lfs that was around 45 minutes to an hour away that sold some. I was planning on just going to buy a couple of pounds of live rock...
  23. Zhill731

    Stocking Advice: 24g Cube AIO

    Hi All, I have a 24 cal cube, looking to keep LPS ands softies along with fish. I currently have 2 Ocellaris clownfish and would like to add in the future (in order of preference) helfrichi firefish Diamond Goby Pistol Shirmp Bangii Cardinal (2?) Would this be okay in regards to compatibly...
  24. Y

    AIO or sump for clowns and nem?

    Hey all, need a bit of advice, I’m going to get a 120L/30Gallon tank for two clownfish and a nem/some corals eventually, and was wondering whether it’d be best to get an AIO system, or a sump? This will be my first ever marine tank, although I do have some experience from keeping bettas and...
  25. Y

    AIO or sump?

    Hey all, need a bit of advice, I’m going to get a 120L tank for two clownfish and a nem/some corals eventually, and was wondering whether it’d be best to get an AIO system, or a sump? This will be my first ever marine tank, although I do have some experience from keeping bettas and various...