1. ShaunMc

    Nano Build Sp's IM Fusion 56.78L Build

    Intro: I've been away from reefing for a decade. With the fast pace of life, I have missed the patience and focus that this hobby required for success. I'm excited to get connected back into it. I have never done a build thread, but felt it would be a good practice to record the activity for...
  2. FjordReef

    Massachusetts Aquariums Drygoods ***NEW INNOVATIVE MARINE 50G LAGOON PRO 2 AIO W/ STAND - $750 OBO***

    This tank and stand are brand new, received the first week of October. Tank has not had any livestock in it, nor has it seen saltwater. I only filled with freshwater and put lights on to leak test. Perfect glass and seams. Comes with stand, filter caddy, filter sock, MightyJet return pump...
  3. G

    Build Thread Gavin's IM 25

    Hey all! Been meaning to start a thread on here but got busy with life. Anyway, I had an IM10 SPS tank in highschool and sold everything (idiot move) when I moved to Colorado for college, thinking that I wouldn't set up another tank until I had my own House. That lasted for about 3 years and...
  4. M

    Which used of these used Waterbox tanks feel like a better deal?

    Okay so I've seen two awesome systems up for sale and I'm not sure which one is the better deal I'm hoping you guys could help me decide. I will ask a staff to delete my previous post because it's related to this. I am picking between the Waterbox 20 vs the Waterbox 35.2. I'm fine picking either...
  5. JLReef

    Build Thread 16gallon aio on tap water + refugium camber

    happy to show of my blue marine reef 60, a poppulair beginner tank here in the netherlands. its a AIO kit that comes with al the basic needs. only thing i did was hook a light inside the second chamber to grow cheatoband microfauna like copepods. first chamber ive got a small skimmer witch...
  6. QuirkyReefer

    Florida Live Goods **UPDATED** 1 Year old 50gal IM Lagoon

    Selling my 50gal AIO IM Lagoon No time to properly care of it and moving soon. What’s included: IM 50 gal tank & Stand Radeon XR15 Gen 6 w/ diffuser purchased 8/12/22 (2) Nero 5’s one is a 2020 the other 2021 Profilux Mega Set purchased 2/5/22 IceCap skimmer InkBird titanium heater Livestock...
  7. nothing_fancy

    AIO Build IM Nuvo Fusion 40 Revived!

    Greetings R2R Community! I am very excited to make my first post here as this forum has been invaluable to me especially during this build process. I am very grateful for the information everyone here has contributed. Thank you all for being so generous with your knowledge and experience. I...
  8. V

    Illinois Aquariums Package Deal Drygoods Innovative Marine 25g lagoon AIO system $200

    IM 25 Lagoon AIO with Mighty jet 326gph DC pump, Finnex heater and media caddy. Good condition, no issues. Pick up IL 60123
  9. A

    Illinois Aquariums Drygoods SOLD Red Sea max nano

    Red Sea max nano comes with AI prime 16hd Heater Wavemaker Skimmer ATO 4 filter socks All you need is water and rock to get started. Located in Aurora il
  10. H

    Fluval Flex 32 - Refugium in media section

    Hi folks, I'm not sure if I came up with a great idea or if I'm crazy and this is going to cause issues: I took the floss and media out of the InTank media box in the left compartment and put chaeto algae in it, with floss above and below and slide in a Tunze Eco Chic Refugium light. Does...
  11. Jordan Stone

    New Jersey New York Drygoods Complete upgraded JBJ 65 Tank and stand setup

    -JBJ 65 and white stand -Custom made clear view lid -Upgraded return pump Sicce Syncra Silent 3.0 (714 GPH) -Aqua maxx fr-se Gfo/bio pellet reactor including Sicce Syncra Silent 0.5 pump (185gph) -In tank media basket -BRS Titanium heater and controller -ATO system This is a great deal...
  12. M

    Need help picking between Waterbox 50.3/Waterbox 60.2/Red Sea Max E-series 170

    Hi everyone! I'm very excited to be joining you all in this hobby for the first time ever. A few months ago, I decided on switching from freshwater to saltwater so I thought I would start small and buy a small AIO unit for my desk. Initially, I wanted to buy the NUVO Fusion 10 or 20 gal but...
  13. Stang351w

    Nano Build First SW Fluval Evo 13.5 Build

    First dive in to saltwater, going slow since I'm still wrapping up summer projects. I just want it up before Christmas! Here goes nothing! What I have or ordered so far: Tank - Fluval Evo 13g, dang Petco sales make it too easy. Sand - Carib Sea Special Grade - waiting Rock - Carib Sea South...
  14. sarinaruu

    Where to put skimmer

    i currently have a 31g AIO and got a new skimmer, the only way it can fit is sideways in the 2nd chamber of my sump. would it still work like this or should i return it and find a smaller version?
  15. OldRed1

    Build Thread Macro Algae & Corals 25 Gallon Peninsula

    Hey everyone! My name is Galen. Thanks for stopping by my build thread. First time Reefer here, so please feel free to offer your thoughts, comments, critiques, etc. **Current Tank & Critter Shots** This is my first reef tank, a 25g Waterbox Peninsula AIO. A complete build list can...
  16. reef_725

    California Aquariums Drygoods SOLD Kritter Tank 20G AIO Reef Tank - $140 - Yuba City - no shipping SOLD

    20 Gallon acrylic tank custom dimensions Dimensions 18" W 11 5/8" T 24" D 42 1/2" T with stand Filtration is 6 1/2" deep (coast to coast overflow) Acrylic is 3/8" thick steel frame is 3/4" square rods with 4 builtin adjustable feet Comes with: return pump (maxi jet mini) heater heater...
  17. stevenjay

    Nano Build New member here. Starting Red Sea E170 max

    Hi All, new member and new to the saltwater game. Currently getting started with a Red Sea E170 max. Learning a lot and slightly intimidated but excited to meet the challenges head on. Planning on doing a mixed nano reef and Currently getting ready to build my aqua scape using real reef rock and...
  18. polyppal

    Colorado Aquariums Drygoods Custom Advanced Acrylics 18g Premium AIO Aquarium - $275 SHIPPED

    Advanced Acrylics Custom 1/2" Acrylic AIO 20x16x14 (19g) Broke down my zoa garden tank, its only 6mo or so old, great condition. Custom built by Advanced Acrylics of CA Custom AIO 20x16x14 (19g) Thick 1/2" premium acrylic construction, 1/2" top eurobrace Rear chambers 1 (4x6) 2 (4x5.25) 3...
  19. Kittypowpow

    Build Thread My first!

    So I broke down one of my fresh water planted tanks to do a rescape, and after looking at it empty and sanitized for a few weeks I got the crazy idea to make it into my first saltwater tank. I can say I’ve never spent as much time on any site as I have here researching. So I’m excited to keep a...
  20. melbournedan

    AIO Build Waterbox 15gal Peninsula

    Tank: Waterbox 15gal Peninsula Start date: 18/7/2022 Planned Stock: pair of designer Ocellaris clownfish, CUC (snails, peppermint shrimp) , 2-3 different types of small BTA, hardy soft corals. Location : Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Aquascape: Caribsea life rock belize branch (4)...
  21. M

    InTank Media Basket for Fluval 32.5 Setup

    Hello, I am looking at purchasing a couple Intank Media Baskets for my Fluval Flex 32.5. I was wondering how everybody liked them? Do they work well with the stock pump as far a flow and everything. Also, what do your filter media set ups look like? Has anyone actually had luck with Macro Algae...
  22. GunnarH

    Build Thread A SW newbie's BioCube 32 gal

    I have an amazing wife. For Christmas 2021 she got me a Coralife LED BioCube 32 gallon AIO with the specially made stand. Assembly was fairly easy, using standard tools. After assembly of the stand, I wiped the tank on the inside with a wet cloth and performed a test installation. We'll...
  23. R

    Does the 9004 Skimmer fit in IM 40 AIO

    Hello - I am in the market for a new skimmer for my innovative marine 40 gallon AIO. Can you advise if the 9004 will fit in chambers 2 or 4 ( the chambers after filter sock/media tower)? Thanks in advance.
  24. polyppal

    Colorado Aquariums ATO Drygoods Advanced Acrylic ATO/Dosing Container/Custom Premium 18g Nano Tank (ALL EXC/VERY LIGHT USE)

    Advanced Acrylic ATO/Dosing Container/Custom Premium 18g Nano Tank (ALL EXC/VERY LIGHT USE) All items in excellent condition and very lightly used for a few months. No leaks/major scratches/etc. Sorry these items available for local pickup (DENVER CO) only - no shipping due to size. Advanced...
  25. apolsod

    Waterbox 15 mini peninsula build thread

    Hello I’m getting a Waterbox 15 mini peninsula tank and was messing around with a few aquascape ideas, this is what I have come up with so far, looking for suggestions and recommendations on how to improve. I was also wondering if adding only a small piece of live rock is enough to seed the tank...
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