1. Nanolifeuk

    AI prime White->Blue schedules?

    Hi all I’m wanting to change my AI prime settings to one that incorporates white light / full spectrum/ blue light respectively. At the moment I’m running Saxby @ 70% with the times & whites tailored lower, but it’s all just the same hugh of colours at different strengths. Has anyone any...
  2. Nanolifeuk

    14 hours lighting AI prime too much ?

    I run David saxby setting at 70%. I have tweaked whites down even more. ramp up @ 8am. Doesn’t max till 12pm. Ramps down at 9pm off 10:20 pm. The reason for this is for room air circulation I leave blinds and windows open. The room is naturally light from 6am - 10pm anyways. is this too much...
  3. Nanolifeuk

    Ai prime HD David Saxby schedule lower whites

    Any problem with this (see clear whites)? I have tailored them off so that blue is stronger in the evening- but this is taking a big % of whites out of the day. Peak-day settings below too (bit of a noob with lighting, although I’m sure the wrong spectrums can stress out corals) Thanks in advance
  4. O

    Upgrading AI Prime 16HD to G5 XR15?

    Just wanted to hear what people thought on the upgrade from a 16HD to a G5 XR15 over a Waterbox 20 gal with upgrading in the nearish future. Currently running a mixed reef with some SPS toward the top. I heard the G5 has better mixing but debating if on upgrading the lights after 2 years would...
  5. S

    AI prime Radion combo reefer 170

    Hello Everyone, I hope you’re having a lovely week thus far! I was wanting to pick at your brain because I was curious about doing a Radion Prime combo. As of right now on my reefer 170 I am running two AI prime 16HD’s and two Nero5’s (40ish%) and an unopened reef wave 25 for (diversity of...
  6. Lights for sale

    For sale Illinois Lights for sale

    Hello everyone, i have a reef breeders photon 16 v2 and AI prime 16hd. Asking 150 for each plus shipping Both come with mounts.
  7. B

    AiPrime x Fluval Evo 13.5 Lighting schedule?

    Hi All, I have just upgraded to the Ai Prime 16HD with my fluval evo 13.5. I am using the David Saxby Lighting schedule and have set the acclimation to start at 35% and ramp up for 60 days. Is this suitable or should i make some changes. Light is 8" from surface and corals are with mainly...
  8. Ai prime reef 16 hd

    For sale Texas Ai prime reef 16 hd

    Ai prime 16 hd reef come with flex mount in like new condition. 165 shipped.
  9. C

    AI Prime 16HD for BioCube32

    Hi All! I recently bought a new AI Prime 16HD as an upgrade over the stock lights/hood for my Biocube32. Need some help on a proper program to run.. Currently I'm running the AB+ @ 70% acclimation. My Clove Polyps went from eight nice heads, down to three. My GSP is seemingly bleaching, even...
  10. HWEP

    AI Prime possibly dead?

    Hi all, Firstly, I'm new here. I joined yesterday after lurking in the shadows un-registered for some time. I really love it! I've got a 30gal Red sea. I'm having some trouble with my AI Prime 16HD light. I think I know the answer, but you never know... I'd taken the light off the tank...
  11. H

    60G Cube Ai Prime 16HD settings?

    I have a 60 gallon cube with one ai prime 16hd about 10-12 inches away from the water, does anyone have or recommend which settings to use? A preset would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  12. D

    Waterbox Peninsula 25 Help

    Hello everyone I have a waterbox 25 with a single ai prime. Right now I’m running the Saxby lighting schedule. I’m not sure what intensity I should run it at since I can’t get my hands on a par reader. If anyone has any experience with this light on smaller reef tanks any help is appreciated...
  13. Micah Guadagno

    Need light advice

    Hi! I need some advice on lights, I can’t decide between a Ai Prime and a Red Sea Reef led 50, I have a 60 gallon Aqueon corner tank, I’m probably going for a mixed with a few sticks. cycling right now and running my old Nicrew light atm. No coral. I understand for sticks I’m going to need more...
  14. HBoojie

    My First Tank Build Discussion!

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to share my build thread, I’m very excited for this and couldn’t contain it any longer so I felt the need to share! Tank is a 24g aqua top AIO! Relatively cheap, but if done right can be as good as any! Equipment will be as follows: AI prime 16hd Aqua too Recife 24 AIO...
  15. A

    AI Prime 16HD Settings Question (Can someone help explaining settings)

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if the community could help me out by explaining more in depth these settings. I've set my 2 AI Prime 16HD's up using the BRS settings. Although I've never learned much about my lights I was wondering if someone can explain this first photo more in depth and let me...
  16. kooroc

    Is Micmol Aqua Mini G3 good enough for nano tank?

    Hey everyone! So I'm using the Micmol Aqua Mini G3 on a 14 inch cube, 10g tank. Anyone else use this light? Would love to get an idea on the par readings if anyone has them or the settings they use / the hours they keep them on. Also, do you guys think it will be good for growing LPS and maybe...
  17. Jaime909

    Nano Build UNS 45S shallow 5 gallon

    What do you guys think? Thinking of upgrading to a hob aqua clear 50 for more flow, currently running a 20 with a surface skimmer attachment.
  18. Razorp

    Purchased an AI Prime 16 HD... Corals are bleaching please help

    So I purchased the AI prime 16 HD and installed it to my 16 gallon Biocube. I downloaded saxbys presets, and the only thing i did was up the uv and violet to match the blues (basically making it more of an AB+ , but with the up and down ramping throughout the day). I let that run on acclimation...
  19. Reefscape20g

    Build Thread Waterbox cube 20 - Chapter 1 (ReefScape20g)

    Hello there! I'm Daan, and this is going to be my first reef build journal here. I've been in the freshwater hobby for over 15 years and recently decided to make the jump to saltwater. Freshwater and aquascaping has always my main hobby and passion. Countless planted tanks have been setup and...
  20. Reefing Reefer

    Build Thread Nano Reef Build - 1 Year Update

    Decided to do a tank update - my nano reef has been running roughly a year, a little bit longer since I had to tear it down when I moved. Overall, it’s been fun still have a long ways to go before getting something bigger. I’ll update fish/coral stocking on a later post. In the meantime see...
  21. Kenamen

    Build Thread New to reefing - 60 gal cube

    60 gal cube with AI Prime 16 HD. I’m taking this tank over from my partner; it’s been a FOWLR tank for 6 months now but just getting fully stocked with CUC and focusing on balancing trace elements. Haven’t had proper reef lighting so I have just now encountering a small hair algae problem...
  22. Lololo

    Upgrading Biocube 32 LED Stock light!!

    Any suggestions what I can upgrade my stock Biocube lights for only have few corals at the moment mainly lps but after wwc event I need some better light for my corals. I was looking into one of these. Radion Xr 15 Radion XR15 G5 Pro Or Blue?? Kessil 160 Hydra Twenty SiX AI Prime 16
  23. N11morales

    32G biocube light upgrade

    I just got myself AI Prime 16HD lighting for my biocube What are some good starter settings for my biocube. I have mainly Euphyllia corals and an anemone, some other LPS.
  24. AshwinRavi

    AI Prime mount for Aqueon 75

    Just bought an AI prime 16HD with the 18" flexible mount, been having a hard time to get this mount to work on standard Aqueon 75G (4ft tank)? Thanks in advance for the help.