1. R

    Algae reactor

    Good evening everyone, So I had installed a reef octopus algae reactor and it completely stripped my phosphates away (0 is what hanna phosphate URL says) Would it be okay if I didn't turn the light on, on the reactor every other day but keep the pump running so water flows through it.
  2. R

    Noobie reefer looking for advise with persistent algae & poor coral health

    About a year ago I made the mistake of buying a problem tank off Craigslist because it was a good deal (no extra charge for the algae). I’ve been fighting it on and off since. I’ve had bubble, hair, dino(I think) and most recently a red/purple one (red slime?) Also, my coral is clearly not...
  3. Selyk

    Need help dinoflagellates or Cyano

    Hey all just need help first big event in my tank I’m not sure if it’s dinoflagellates or Cyano need help
  4. Nagra92

    EMERGENCY New tank, brown alage , green hair algae

    I have started reef tank 3 and half months back used Live rock to start a Nitrate cycle Now my results are all ok And many people told me that my cycle is completed I have 2 fish and they are all doing great i introduced 2 corals 4 days back so far they are doing great but i have one...
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