1. AlgaeBarn

    Black Friday HOT DEALS AlgaeBarn's Black Friday DEALS! Check out our AMAZING Black Friday Deals! Click link for more details. Runs all weekend long!
  2. A

    AIO Build My New Cade PR 600

    Recently, I was "incredibly" lucky enough to get a new Cade Pro Reef aquarium from my favorite Pod store, AlgaeBarn!! I am not a Pro Reefer as the title would indicate; however, knew that this was going to be the head start I needed to become one. After getting back into the hobby last year with...
  3. BeaverLakeAndy

    Phytoplankton & Copepod Questions

    A couple weeks ago I introduced four jars of AlgaeBarn 5280 Pods to my 125 gallon, and have been dosing 25ml of OceanMagik phytoplankton daily since. I honeslty don't even know if there are any copepods in the tank at this point. I keep looking and looking, and I just can't find a single one. I...
  4. mario4933

    Algaebarn is awesome!

    Hello everyone! I wanted to express how happy I am with @AlgaeBarn and their costumer service. I ordered pods and phyto for the first time ever, not just from them but ever in general. The package was held by USPS at their sorting facility for almost 3 full days before being shipped out to me...
  5. AnemoneBay

    Sump starter pack giveaway - $900 - AlgaeBarn!

    You can have a chance to win everything in the photo! Enter here: You can win: An AI prime Refugium light, a sump, and an algae barn sump kit! All valued at $900!
  6. AlgaeBarn

    Sizzling Deals Buy 2 Get 1 free Kits and Combos!

    ;WootThe following combos have been reduced in price for 3 packs! ;Woot If you choose 3 of any of the following combos, you will only pay for two of them! 5,280 Pods and OceanMagik Combo Packs Hair Algae Killer Kits Mandarin Feeder Kits No Coupon Code Required!
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    25% OFF R2R Exclusive! Get 4th of July Deals First!

    Just for our friends here at R2R save 25% and get our 4th of July Deal early, plus get a free gift! ;Greedy USE CODE: JULY4R2R ;Greedy Save on Pods, Phyto, Macroalgae, Rock, Inverts, Fish and More* PLUS: Get a free Gift automatically :D Visit AlgaeBarn Now!! (*No Lighting or Sumps)
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    Help Wanted: Product Line Manager Copepods & Zooplankton

    Hello R2R, We have a new position open! For more information please visit: Thank you all for the continued support! Lan
  9. Brian Goldstein

    My new Captive Bred Green Mandarin Dragonet from AlgaeBarn (Pod Hotel)

    Hello Reefers! I want to start documenting my captive bred Green Mandarin Dragonet from Algae Barn. Her name is Moose :) I was shocked by her size when she was delivered (0.75 inches). So far she is extremely active (always looking for pods) and is eating frozen brine shrimp. I will be...
  10. AlgaeBarn

    April Contest Thread: April Discounts Bring May Copepods

    Greetings Reef2Reefers, Spring has sprung here at AlgaeBarn, and we have new products in bloom to help you maintain a clean and happy tank. In honor of Earth Day (April 22nd), go ahead and treat your tank with Premium Live Copepods and Phytoplankton from Our pods and phyto...
  11. AlgaeBarn

    AlgaeBarn Black Friday Cyber Monday Cyber Week Blowout Sale BOGO Everything!

    Sale starts at 12:01am Friday the 25th! All products, all sizes, all BOGO! There are no quanitiy limits, so you can get as many FREE items as you want! Since we have a limited quantity of live product, we may end this sale at any time when we sell out, so don't wait or you might miss our...
  12. AlgaeBarn

    November Discount Thread: Your tank will be thankful

    CLICK THIS LINK TO APPLY THE COUPON CODE: Can you smell the Turkey Reef2Reefers? It's hard to believe that November is already here! The leaves are changing and fall is the perfect time for getting Premium Live Copepods & Phytoplankton delivered...