1. Ej Chavex

    Texas Kessil AP700

    Have a Kessil AP700 that I don't need anymore since downgrading. Asking 450.00 shipped and including pp fees. I'll do 400 if picked up locally located in Arlington, TX
  2. Martyd

    South Carolina WTB WTB: Two Kessil AP 700 Diffusers

    I need a pair of Kessil AP 700 diffusers. Will purchase outright or I have some equipment to offer in trade. Thanks. Marty
  3. D

    California WTB Kessil AP700 diffusers

    Looking for either major or minors. Optimally I would like 4, to cover two lights. Thanks
  4. K

    California Lighting Kessil AP700

    Used for 4 months at 35%, comes with everything except the bracket to mount onto the tank. $550 LOCAL PICK UP @95212 Will ship at your cost.
  5. BroadBno615

    Lighting LED Ap700 for sale

    I have a AP700 I would like to sell.. perfect condition..ive used it for almost a year around 65% perfect... $625 shipped
  6. thereefingguy

    California Lighting LED FS: Kessil AP700 w/ diffusers

    Purchased used. Previous owner said he used it for a little over a year under 50%. $575 shipped. $500 cash meet up in 562 area.
  7. mymarinedream

    Is my lighting good enough

    See attached photo where I have a Kessil AP700. Is this good enough or do I need two or a change altogether? Thanks all.
  8. WhiskyTango

    Alabama Kessil AP700 with A-Series Mounting Arms $500 Shipped

    Kessil AP700 A-Series Mounting Arms Slight Diffusion Kit Extension Slide Bars The light is excellent, my experience with the app was challenging. Powered it on 12/17 minus a month due to Hurricane Michael.
  9. B

    Selling my new gear

    Everything was new told that I couldn’t have a tank in my new dorm so send offers I have a maxspect duo protein skimmer new Two ap 700 brand new Two mp40 2020 new Contact me at DO NOT SEND MONEY TO THIS USER.
  10. coastal_kid

    Kessil AP 700 "Cookbook"

    Hi. Long time lurker, first time poster. :) I am a new owner of two Kessil AP 700s. I want to optimize the lighting schedule, but I'm overwhelmed by the variables. Hunting for advice in threads on the many forums is tedious and has not been productive. I am looking for something like a cookbook...
  11. deaniscool

    Michigan Red Sea Reefer 250 W/ TOP OF THE LINE ACCESSORIES

    I am selling my Red Sea Reefer 250 with all accessories in an attempt to do a bulk sale. This setup is absolutely perfect for somebody looking to get back into the reefing game or for somebody looking to start a new tank but doesn't want to pay full price for all accessories. Some of the items...
  12. Irishman

    180 Lighting Options, I have 3

    Long story short is that I have roughly three options to illuminate my 180. I’m kinda leaning towards a mixed Reef, but if the equipment doesn’t allow it then at least be able to put a few of my favorite pieces and an anemones or two in it. First Option - 1 Kessil AP700. I would love to get a...
  13. TaylorJames

    California 2 Kessil AP700 w/ Mounts

    Two brand new Kessil AP700 lights, open box but never used. - $675/ea Each light will come with mounts. The mounts are used but still work great. Also open to trade for Radion XR30/XR15 G4 Pro or a nice DSLR Camera Willing to ship but I would like to deal locally if possible. Let me know if...
  14. Irishman

    Large Build Irishman 180 Build

    This would be my third tank overall. I started with a 60 cube, upgraded to a 120 and got a 180 on a killer deal. I just recently moved out of state and brought the 120 and 180 with dual overflow. Going to sell my 120 and get a different tank, hopefully the red sea peninsula tank. But for...
  15. N

    New York 2 Kessil A-series Mounting Arms

    I have a pair of used Kessil A-Series mounting arms for sale. Boxed up and ready to go out to buyer. Sold my AP-700 and no longer need. $95 shipped/PP'd
  16. N

    New York F/S: Kessil AP700

    I am selling my Kessil AP700 due to downgrading to a smaller tank. Never had it above 50% and still have original packaging. Light is in great shape and is by far best light I ever bought! $615 shipped
  17. BoSalman

    Kessil AP700 have their own mind?

    Hello, I've been running a single AP700 for several months now (since July) and i was amazed how this unit is lighting my 4ft tank! However, I've noticed it for some time now suddently turning on/off during midnight or early morning! Did anyone experience this before? Any solutions to this...
  18. izzyishh

    Kessil AP700 & SPS

    Hello all my "new" tank has been up and running for about 8-9 months now. All my LPS and Shrooms are fine except for a stubborn Interstellar Shroom. I have never really cared for SPS until now. I picked up a green acro two weeks ago and it is alive and actually encrusting. So my question is...
  19. TatorTaco

    Arkansas Kessil AP700

    Used for approximately 6 months and intensity never exceeded 40% (was used over a shallow tank). Still have original packaging. $675 with shipping included. Terrific condition. Non-smoker home.
  20. Ignitros

    Lighting selection help

    I'm wanting to pick your brain on lighting selection. Mixed reef tank... SPS higher, LPS and some softies lower down along with an anemone for my clowns. The tank is a Fluval M90 AIO 27 Gallon tank measuring 36" width x 16" height x 12" depth. I'm looking at Kessil AP700, Radion XR30 G4 Pro...
  21. J

    [FS] Kessil AP700

    Looking to sell my Kessil AP700. It's been used 1 month, and no issues. I am selling because I do not like the coverage. No pictures because I am at work, but it looks exactly like its new and will be shipped in it's original box. I also have 2 mounting arms, which are required if you aren't...
  22. sil40sx

    Finally, found a canopy for my AP700 :)

    I've been wanting to add T5 to supplement my AP700, first option was the Aquaticlife Hybrid, but I got impatient waiting for them to be released from customs, so I just picked this 6 x 36" ATI for a very reasonable price. With just a little DIY, its gonna be a perfect hybrid. It's going to be a...
  23. Crabs McJones

    Kessil Show Off Thread (Warning, may be picture heavy!)

    I am hoping to create a megathread for all users who drink the delicious koolaid that is Kessil. I would like this to become a discussion, question, and show off thread. Remember, there are no dumb questions and you cannot show me enough pictures :) So please, don't hold back and show us what...
  24. lonewonderer

    Kessil AP700 factory sealed never opened

    Hello guys! I have a Kessil AP700 brand new never used, never opened and still with factory seal. Selling it and need to clear some equipments because someone nags at me... and you know who. Selling it for $730 or best offer. Ill cover pp fee and shipping. PM me if interested.
  25. Ignitros

    Kessil AP700 vs AI Hydra Fifty Two.... maybe something else? HELP!!!

    I have a 36 x 16 x 16 tank that I'm wanting to use as a mixed reef tank. SPS up higher on the rocks, LPS and softies lower down and on the sand. I can't decide if a single Hydra Fifty Two will do the job. @Ryanbrs did a great video that showed 3 prime HD would possibly be enough par but I'm just...
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