1. Jeff Shaw

    Must Have Aquarium Apps

    Does anyone have any aquarium apps they would recommend? What do you use it for? Just starting to dive into this and finding A LOT of apps. My primary interest is to use an app to help manage my tank and give me information on fish species.
  2. DirtDiggler2823

    R2R android app

    Anyone else having a tough time with the R2R app on android?
  3. Sk8erSpanky

    Aquarium phone apps

    Ive spent some time looking at apps for saltwater aquariums. I havnt found anything that really fit my needs so I decided I am going to try and develop one. Besides your general water chemistry, water changes what would you love to see included in an app? For me, it would be a way to track and...
  4. ReeferDave01

    App Issues Android

    Since upgrading to new app release on Android, I haven't been able to log in. Giving me "Network Error, try again later". I verified my credentials on the web, reinstalled app & still same issue. Anyone else getting this?