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  1. g.knight

    Coral noob- aquacultured??

    Hey, R2R! Back with another noob question. I’ll start off by saying I apologize if this has been asked and answered before, but I couldn’t find the answer if it has been. Just getting my first beginner corals and selecting them from Livesquaria.com. I see that many of their corals are listed as...
  2. G

    Aquacultured rocks

    I have a 55gal tank that sprung a leak. I was able to save the fish but in a emergency rush my coral stones were put in 5 gal buckets & set outside. Before I put in new tank should I boil the rocks & scrub them w/ a clean brush. They were set outside because of odor & have been exposed to...
  3. SkiCatTX

    Build Thread SkiCat's Dream Build: [Saving The] Planet 180 - The Making Of An Epic Aquacultured Mixed Reef

    Introduction It has long been a dream of mine to build a larger tank (like no doubt many of us) since I started keeping marine fish a century ago (approximately). After putting it off for far too long, I have finally decided to go all in on a new dream build! As with many things I set my mind...
  4. DirtDiggler2823

    Wild nem va Aquacultured nem

    I just picked up a BTA from my LFS, and I was planning on finding a Black Widow BTA to go into the same tank eventually. When I showed a picture of the nem to a buddy of mine who is super heavy into the hobby, he told me that the nem I picked up was a wild nem, and it would nuke any aquacultured...
  5. ReefInskeep

    Aquacultured Inverts, Sponges & Gorgonians?

    Who’s currently aquaculturing a variety of: • Photosynthetic sponges • Photosynthetic gorgonians • Rarer inverts • Cleaner shrimp, etc.? I’d love to support them and give them kudos. It’s hard to find a reliable source of these that are 100% aquacultured.
  6. AquaNerd

    Aquacultured Juvenile Koran Angelfish (Pomacanthus semicirculatus)

    Another aquacultured species: Aquacultured Juvenile Koran Angelfish (Pomacanthus semicirculatus) Read about it here: http://aquanerd.com/2018/01/aquacultured-juvenile-koran-angelfish-pomacanthus-semicirculatus.html
  7. Reef Nutrition

    Tigger-Pods giveaway!!! Must see!!! Don't miss out!!!

    Team Reef Nutrition would like to announce that we are giving away 8 bottles of Tigger-Pods® to 40 lucky winners!!! Copepod farming has never been better! To stay ahead of the Thanksgiving demand, we made more Tigger-Pods than we needed. In the spirit of the holidays, we are very happy to...
  8. Reef Nutrition

    Clownfish + TDO = Amazing Wild-Type Coloration!

    We want to thank Ira Benton Snapp for providing these stunning before and after photos of his clownfish. He purchased this A. percula from Brian Williams with Clownfish Depot back in February of this year. Ira started feeding it the newly formulated TDO Chroma BOOST. The before photo shows the...
  9. Reef Nutrition

    Rotifers - Discussion and Education

    Thanks to @Bryn for motivating us to get a thread going about rotifers. If anyone wants to chime in about how they culture these animals, please do so. I am going to talk about how Reed Mariculture does it and why our products and protocols were developed. We are also going to talk about how...
  10. Tony Thompson

    Availability of Captive Bred Marine Fish and Cultured Corals in the UK.

    Some time ago I made the decision to try and source all my livestock from Captive Bred Fish Stock and Cultured Corals. My choice in no way condemns or condones any other sustainable and ethical choices. It is simply my own choice. Due to my experiences and sometimes, seemingly uphill struggle...
  11. AquaNerd

    Another aquacultured species for the aquarium hobby.