bare bottom

  1. Jackedwyer

    Bare Bottom Red Sea Nano Max

    Hi! I’m in the middle of getting everything ready for my SPS Dominant tank and unsure what I should do... I’ve decided I want to run it bare bottom to help with the flow within such a small aquarium but I’m unsure if I should get 1 or 2 MP10’s. What do you think would be best? Would 1 be good...
  2. CrazyEyes

    My nano peninsula

    Hey everyone, I'm just driving back into the hobby, a friend of mine was selling his innovative marine 14g peninsula for a deal I couldn't say no to. So here we go, -Innovate marine 14g peninsula w/aps stand. -AI prime -Sicce Syncra 1.0 return -Icecap gyre 1k -Innovative marine wavelink...
  3. Justin Williams

    Substrate or bare bottom

    Hi to all I am new to the saltwater aquarium hobby I am going with a 40 gallon breeder and currently making decisions on what I whant as far as equipment. My question is should I start with a substrate or bare bottom. Is one easier to keep stable over time then the other or dose it just take...
  4. Michigan Reefer

    Questions and Ideas regarding bare bottom paint or plastic?

    I'm thinking of an alternative for painting the bottom of a new 75gallon rimless aquarium. I'm going to paint the back panel with a Krylon spray paint as i've seen people recommend it. Is that the best/easiest/cheap option? I thought of painting the bottom panel also since its going to be mostly...
  5. Hausser

    Bare bottom HDPE thickness

    I am slowly setting up my redsea reefer 650 peninsula bare bottom, how thick should I go with HPDE? I seen BRS has 1/8” and a couple other sites people are going with 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2”. How thick is everyone going with on their bare bottom reefs.
  6. JDtimk

    What color starboard on my BB tank build? Black or White?

    I am trying to decide between a white starboard bottom or a black starboard bottom on my tank build. This will be bare bottom build and I am trying to consider both the aesthetics of the two choices, as well as any considerations for light reflection vs. absorption or the effect on the...
  7. Whip

    Whip’s Red Sea Reefer XXL 750 Hybrid Bare Bottom Build

    I am wishing to document my journey with you all. Hopefully there will be more up’s than down’s, but willing to share (and learn) nonetheless. I’ve always seemed to acquire secondhand reef tanks, but this will be my first new one. I decided to start from scratch and get a brand new Red Sea...
  8. damselindistress

    Please Lord not again

    Afternoon reefers... I upgraded my Fluval Evo to a 60 gallon long AIO back in August when we moved to a new house. I battled nutrients and algae (every kind) over the year that the Evo was running, mostly due to the fact I was new to reefing and made ALL of the rookie mistakes, some over and...
  9. Reefahholic

    Bare Bottom- HDPE | Starboard | ABS

    HDPE (regular) HDPE “King Starboard” ABS Does anybody know the “True” differences of each?
  10. André Brasil

    Switching to bare bottom on a 11g..?

    So...I've been toying with the idea of going barebottom. One of the reasons for this consideration is that recently I got miself a spin stream noozle and it's blowing the sand on one end of my tank. It's not serious, but it's getting on my nerves hehe. Another issue is maintenance...i hate...
  11. E

    Fighting Conch in bare bottom

    So I have a bare bottom tank so one day I can have encrusting corals all over the bottom. But for now, it's just bare bottom. I am a big fan of the fighting conch, however, I don't know if it would do well without sand. Can someone confirm this?
  12. dcom

    Bare bottom tanks: good or bad for anemones?

    Hi guys I am re-purposing my tank to became an anemones only tank. I've been getting several anemones from different stores in the area for the past 3 months and although most time they attach to the glass or a rock and stay there, sometimes they dont attach at all, just move around and dye few...
  13. WhiskyTango

    WhiskyTango’s SCA 66

    A fresh start.

    Shark tank substrate--bare or fine sand?!?!?

    At school in Aquatic Science we are setting up 12 tanks for different projects. One of them is to study a cat shark egg from hatching in a 55 gallon........ I know, I know. My question is should we consider sand and rocks in there or just leave it bare bottom? When the study is over in a few...
  15. Salahunreal

    Sand wallpaper for aquarium bottom

    Hi, Planning to setup my aquarium and thought that I put a sand wallpaper below the tank. In case I wanted to remove the sand for whatever reason and go with bare bottom so at least I will have something below the tank looks nice a bit. Ayes and nays? Your thoughts are always apprecaited as...
  16. André Brasil

    Powerhead placement - tank specific question

    Hello fellow reefers! Have been consulting this great forum for a few months now, and have been saved from countless erros thanks to it. I've been strugling with my powerhead placement for some time now. Tried a few setups, but am not very sure about my decision in this regard. My doubts only...
  17. haanstang

    Haanstang's 210 peninsula

    So I've been Reefing for about 2 years now and have been planning this build for about 4 years it seems like. I have a 65g tank at the moment with a 30 gallon sump that is too wide for my stand so it's on the floor in the spare room ( soon to be fishroom ). Anyway my new build. The tank is a...
  18. Codym808

    Cody's 40 Breeder Peninsula Reef - 1 Year Update

    Hey Guys! Noob to R2R here and just wanted to share a video and photos of my first attempt at a reef tank that just turned 1 year old. It's a 40 breeder reef, peninsula style, and bare bottom. Here's a list of the equipment that run my tank! Tank Size: 40 Breeder Display (bare bottom)...
  19. ReeferMadness80G

    My Rimless 14G Biocube SPS Reef

    So In June my Biocube crashed and this is the recovery. I'll ask questions along the way and if anyone can help me, that'd be great :) I dose Calc, Alk, and Mag from reef grow. This was before the crash this pic was taken about 20 hours after the first one, I crashed hard. this is a post...
  20. ReeferMadness80G

    ReeferMadness80G’s Shallow SPS Reef

    We started with a pretty standard 2x6 frame for plenty of support for good sleep at night Cutting the floor out, thanks to a buddy who helped me it fit like a glove! See! Like a glove! So I decided to go with a 47" tall stand so if you add the 16" aquarium depth you're left with 63" to the...
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