1. brick-brothers

    Bio-Pellet Brand

    Whats a good brand to use? Trying to control my nitrates and water changes is not helping me. My system is 450g total water volume. Sps dominant with medium fish load. Phos at 0.02 with just skimming
  2. M

    Biopellets reduce N and P in a 16:1 ratio, can I dose N (not NO3) to reduce PO4 further and achieve a 10:1 ratio?

    This quote summarises my current understanding of nutrient reduction with biopellets: If biopellets reduce N and P in a 16:1 ratio, then it follows that by providing excessive nitrogen (not NO3), phosphate should be reduced further, while nitrate should still be at an undetectable level. Can I...
  3. C

    Radion settings for partially sunlit tank

    Hi guys , couple of weeks ago i brought Radion xr15 blue for my 30*18*18 pennisula style tank. i use to run it around 80% intensity . week later i have noticed green algae growth on bottom glass as well as side glass. my tank placed in indoor courtyard area and im getting lots of diffused...
  4. DaddyFish

    DIY Biopellet Reactor using water filter housing

    Probably nothing new to most, but here's my latest iteration of my homemade biopellet reactor. Total cost was $25. Constructed with a transparent water filter housing, there's a plastic tube glued into the housing base at the bottom with holes drilled around the bottom end for flow velocity. A...
  5. Joshua Mummery

    Arizona Avant- Spyglass Medium Biopellet Reactor

    Brand new, mediums size, only ran hot water through and realized it’s too large for my sump. Price is $125 shipped
  6. Danh Ngo

    GFO and BioPellet

    For a Low nutrient system, should we use media reactor like GFO, Biopellet? I just want to collect everyone opinion.
  7. Reefer805

    ISO Reactors; Biopellet, GFO, carbon

    in search of a few reactors for GFO carbon and one to convert to a algae reactor. Let me know. Have paypal!