1. ReefStache

    Mixed Reef Tank with ALL captive bred fish…

    My mixed reef is made up of ALL captive bred fish from Biota! Current Fish list: Yellow Hawaiian Tang x4 Lyretail Damselfish x3 (aggressive) Blue Regal Tang Golden Cuban Basslet Purple Picasso Percula Clownfish Black Helmet Picasso Clownfish Coral Beauty Angelfish Radial filefish Starry Goby...
  2. Biota_Marine

    Crocea and Maxima clams are back!

    Hey y'all we finally have some small crocea and maxima clams available again! Our WYSIWYG section has a great selection of them and we plan to update more over the weekend! If you're looking for specific patterns or coloration that isn't listed please let us know. We're also pairing Easy Reefs...
  3. Salty_Taste

    Hello Gen Z Reefer!

    Hey Everyone! New to the page, looking to bring over my tank build to this forum as well :)! Here are some highlights of my livestock: - Wild blue/green Mandarin Dragonet Pair - Orange Molly - Biota Neon Goby
  4. Trinh Fish & Corals

    Biota Captive-Bred Australian Harlequin Tusk $300 FREE SHIPPING

    Biota Captive-Bred Australian Harlequin Tusk $300 FREE SHIPPING I have (1) Australian Harlequin Tusk available from Biota. He is captive bred and eating great. Not picky at all & will eat anything from pellets to meaty foods. Free UPS Next Day Air Shipping. I can send video for those...
  5. Trinh Fish & Corals

    Biota Captive-Bred Regal Angel $300 FREE SHIPPING

    Biota Captive-Bred Regal Angel $300 FREE SHIPPING I have (1) Biota Captive-Bred Regal Angel for sale. Eats like a champ & very active. I can send video upon request. Free UPS Next Day Air Shipping. $300 obo.
  6. Biota_Marine

    Livestock Captive-bred Cleaner Wrasse available!

    I have only 10 left from this first batch of blue streak cleaner wrasse. These guys have been eating everything and so fun to watch in the tank. Check them out on the site
  7. Biota_Marine

    Livestock First Time Ever Palau Torch Corals!

    Hey y'all, for the first time ever we're increadibly excited to announce we have our first Torch corals out of Palau. They are completely new strains of Torches to the hobby, I personally love the purple one. Check them out on the site...
  8. Trinh Fish & Corals

    Small Biota Yellow Tang (10 Available) $175 Free Shipping

    Small Biota Yellow Tang (10 Available) $175 Free Shipping. I have (10) Small Yellow Tangs available. They are $175 free shipping with UPS Next Day Air.
  9. ManWithAClam

    New Jersey New York Closed

  10. Trinh Fish & Corals

    Captive Bred Biota Yellow Tang $175 Free Shipping

    I have (1) Captive Bred Yellow Tang from Biota for sale. Super healthy & eats everything. About 2-2.25”. Price is $175 with free UPS Next Day Air shipping.
  11. ReefStache

    Reef tank get REEF ART +more Biota fish and corals

    Hanging reef art over the tank and adding more Biota captive bred fish along with some awesome corals from Biota.
  12. gregorfd

    Massachusetts Live Goods $575 Biota Group gift card for $475

    Selling $575 biota group gift card for $100 bucks off! Your cost $475 Go here to buy and redeem: Credit was issued on 23 Mar 2022 Cash only, once received will forward the email to you with the gift code.
  13. ReefStache

    Yellow tang school live on YouTube

    Come peep my yellow tang school live on YouTube:
  14. ScubaFish802

    Build Thread Christian's Red Sea Reefer 250 G2

    Red Sea Reefer 250 G2 Aquarium 55 gallons - 36"L x 20"W x 21"H with 1/2" glass Sump 10 gallons - 19.2"L x 17.5"W x 13.5"H 3 gallon Stock ATO Reservoir Return Pump Sicce Synca Silent 4.0 Powerheads Red Sea Reef Wave 25 Gyre Icecap 2k Gyre (from old tank) Lighting Kessil AP9X & Mounting...
  15. Biota_Marine

    Nano Build Show us your Micro Reefs!

    At the recent MACNA Aquatic Expo we met up with Pacific North West Custom Acrylics and fell in love with their 0.3G Micro Reefs so we bought a few for our office. Our dwarf gobies are thriving in these tanks. We'll be setting up a few more but show us some of our micro and pico reefs for...
  16. Biota_Marine

    New Ocean Oddities Drop 4/23

    Hey Y'all I just finished photographing and uploading some awesome photos for our Ocean Oddities (WYSIWYG) section. There's some insanely unique clams in there that I'm sure will get picked up instantly but below are some teasers: Maddie has also been hard at work growing out some awesome...
  17. damsels are not mean

    Any experience with Biota's CAPTIVE coral beauties?

    Wanting to gauge the reef-safeness of captive coral beauties. Since they are tank born and raised, they will never have seen a coral before nor known it as food. Biota says they won't pick at corals unless they are poorly fed. I love what they are doing over there but I don't buy it :D. If...
  18. adittam

    Build Thread 80 gallon shallow lagoon mixed reef - upgrade time!

    So anyone who's seen my first build thread or read any of my several posts about planning this upgrade may already know this, but while this is my second reef tank, it's my first one with a sump, so the learning curve has been steep this time around as well. I've been planning this upgrade...
  19. Biota_Marine

    Livestock Captive Bred Labyrinth Angelfish, GoldFlake Angelfish, Colin's Angelfish, Australian Flathead Perch, Marine Bettas

    We Have a MASSIVE update on the website for y'all this week. I've added all of the following species captive-bred as always: Colin's Angelfish (Centropyge colini) Goldflake Angelfish (Apoloemichthys xanthopunctatus) Labyrinth Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus cephalareticulatus x Chaetodontoplus sp.)...
  20. TheDuude

    Yellow tang Poo or Parasites?

    I have just over a year old CB Biota tang I purchased from Live Aquaria. He has always had slight HLLE. I feed frozen food soaked in selcon and plenty of Nori. HLLE has not healed but is not getting worse as he ages. Trying to do everything I can to make sure he is healthy as possible. Noticing...
  21. T

    Yellow Tang From Biota

    I received my yellow tang from The Biota Group about a week ago and couldn’t be happier. I got back into the hobby right around the time Hawaii announced the ban/restrictions on exports so obviously yellow tangs aren’t readily available as they used to be. Thankfully for groups like Biota, there...
  22. Biota_Marine

    Livestock Captive-Bred Yellow Tangs Available

    Hey Y'all, After months of hard work we finally have some yellows to put up on the site! These guys are all around 1.25"-1.5" in sizing and taking on tons of pellets, frozen food, nori, and fresh ulva. I had a limited amount to put up on the site...
  23. Biota_Marine

    Livestock Brand New captive-bred Hybrid Angelfish and Captive-bred Comets

    Alright y'all, We have some crazy angelfish in stock right now. The newest addition to our availability is the Nebula Angelfish or the Xanthotis X Griffis Angelfish Hybrid. These came in looking amazing and no two look the same. These are some of the rarest angelfish in the world since their...
  24. Biota_Marine

    Livestock New Species Alert! 3 new additions

    I just added two brand new species to our site and an old favorite! First we have the lyretail damselfish, these are actually very cool damsels that like to school in the mid level of the reef tank. The black and yellow pattern really stands out in a reef tank so much so that I put a school of...
  25. Biota_Marine

    Livestock New Hybrid Angelfish and Captive-bred Colin's Angelfish

    Hey y'all, I just updated the site with 2 new offerings: The captive-bred Colin's Angelfish is rarely found in the hobby but is a nice bright yellow and blue angel. I only have 2 of these available so they'll go fast! I also have a...
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