1. Joshua Sassaman

    Pz Godspawn Bounce Shroom

    Pz Godspawn bounce, $390 shipped. Almost three inches in diameter. Top pic is frag, bottom pic is mother colony. (Not for SALE)
  2. S

    Washington WTB Bounce Mushrooms

    Hi everyone, looking to buy some bounces! My wish list: Neptune Frankenstein Hobbit Powerball Uranium Hulk Ragnarok Flamethrower Will pay for shipping, PM or feel free to post pictures with prices here. Open to other bounces as well. Thanks!
  3. ba6982

    Georgia WWC OG bounce mushroom

    Up for sale is one WWC OG bounce mushroom. (See pictures with red arrow) Measures 2.5+ inches. Mother shown for reference. Local pick up only please. No shipping at this time. $450
  4. Evan28395950

    Wisconsin Sunkist Bounce- $60

    Hello everyone! I have another Sunkist mushroom available. Around 1” size. $60. Local pickup near Johnson creek, WI only.
  5. Joshua Sassaman

    New Jersey Acros, polyps, uncommon shrooms, godspawn shroom frags

    Nirvana Frag 40$ JF Mohican sun Frags 45$ each Green Hairy shroom 30$ Superman Shroom 45$ Green dot Stripe shroom 45$ Blueberry Feild shroom 45$ 1. JF Blue summit Monti 25$ 2. Miyagi Tort 45$ 2. Pink Pocillopora 20$ 4. Miyagi Tort 35$ 5. Green Acro 35$ 6. Green Acro 15$ 7. Pink Pocillopora 2$...
  6. lynn.reef.nerd

    Maryland Mellow Yellow & No name Bounces

    Shipping $30 in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area. $50 other states (sorry but I am not shipping to HI or AK). Free shipping over $500. 2.5+ inches Mellow Yellow $400. No name 2+" (home grown) bounces. $250 each or $400 for both. DOA policy: * Live arrival guaranteed if shipment...
  7. B

    California FS OG bounce pack and Hell Spell - Local pick up

    Hi, I have the following for sell and I’m currently only doing local pick up around the Torrance, CA area. Let me know if there’s any questions. OG bounce, Baby Neptune, and Gonzo Golden Dragon(almost completely split) - $360 OBO Individual Price: OG bounce - $300 baby Neptune bounce - $30...
  8. Spare time

    Indiana Kentucky Ohio WWC OG Bounce Mushroom

    I am posting this for someone since they do not have an account. They are asking $400 which is low considering online at WWC is it $999. They can ship it. Reply here or message me and I can give you their phone number.
  9. B

    Is it worth the price for electus bounce?

    Hi, Lately, I have seen some electus bounce for sell at a premium price 1K+ but is it really worth it? I have heard stories about them randomly deflating. If that is the case, then it is just a over priced electus mushroom, right? I’m just curious to hear about other people thoughts or...
  10. L

    New York WTB Small og bounce

    Hello, I'm looking for a cheaper, which i know equals smaller and im ok with that, OG bounce shroom. I'd know I can spend like $900 on a big one but thats nuts and my wife might just kill me also, lol. Id like to spend no more than $200 on it, and I realize it will be a small one but growing...
  11. UnderseaOddities

    Mushrooms,does anyone have a mushroom only tank

    Hello R2R... im new to the community and was looking into see if there are any dedicated mushroom farmers out there .id love to see your collection, mother tanks or mushy only racks or prop tanks) what i wanna do is collect cultures of mushrooms from lfs,forums,insta,frag swaps and dark web...
  12. atlfishes

    Georgia Electus mushroom for sale

    450 shipped. Electus / Eclectus - 2 shrooms on a 2" disk. Mother purchased from BSA Corals in 2017, been acclimated to aquarium life. Red only gets more pronounced with age. OG bounce add on for $250
  13. jlines

    Arizona California Mythical Corals Bouncing Eclectus mushroom

    Hello fellow reefers! Up for grabs I have one Mythical Corals bouncing Eclectus mushroom. These guys are really a site to see and would be the the main attraction to any reef tank! The mom is not for sale, and only have ONE baby I would be willing to part with. The baby is partially attached...
  14. Joe Knows Reefs

    15% OFF Labor Day Sale at

    Hard work pays off ALL the time! We hope you enjoy this long weekend and the unofficial end of summer. I'm not sure about you guys but we are READY FOR SOME COOL AIR!!! The heat and humidity in Charleston has been unbearable lately. We have a TON of nice and beautiful corals loaded on the...
  15. KBW13

    Connecticut New Jersey New York Zoas, mushrooms, montis and birds nest for sale

    Located in Rockland County NY, near NJ border. Several different zoas, montis and more available for sale. currently only for pickup/meetup/dropoff, not shipping yet. Lemon lime montipora digitata $30 Small birds nest frags $20 Tyree Rainbow Stylophora $30 Campfire Zoa $30pp God of War Zoa...
  16. f.christian

    Kentucky Blue/Green Bounce Lava Lamp Discosomas

    Colors and bumps Vary between each Mushrooms. Pictures were taken without a lens. Only difference made between pictures is the Light intensity and angle. Based on the able the mushrooms will appear green or Blue. WYSIWYG Shipping will be at buyers expense. Prices will vary and I can verify the...
  17. tjclapp


    I want to buy a Godzilla Yuma... I live in Florida but will cover shipping please message me or respond in thread!
  18. TrillBill

    WTB high end shrooms

    Hello everyone! I’m looking to expand my mushroom collection! I currently have OG bounce, neptune bounce, reef koi bounce, jawbreaker, and a variety of more inexpensive shrooms. Thanks in advance and happy reefing!
  19. TrillBill

    Wtb high end mushrooms

    Hello everyone! I’m looking to expand my mushroom collection! I currently have OG bounce, neptune bounce, reef koi bounce, jawbreaker, and a variety of more inexpensive shrooms. I’m looking for more high end but am always looking for crazy colors. Thanks in advance and happy feefing!
  20. I

    New York USA wwc og mushroom 3 inch SOLD

    $850 ship over night $800 local pick up , Brooklyn sunsetpark, or can meet at between
  21. B

    California Selling OG Bounce, Gonzo Golden Dragon, Rainbow Infusion Zoa

    Hi, Hope everyone is doing well! I have the following for sell, if anyone is interested for local pick up in the LA area...Let me know if there’s any questions. Thanks for stopping by! 1p Rainbow infusion Zoa(18 available): $10 each Gonzo Golden Dragon(9 available): $70 each Baby OG Bounce...
  22. reefhomie

    Michigan Bounce pack!

    Juggernaut (bigger now) Frankenstein Uranium Pack price =$750 shipped Standard R2R DOA
  23. K

    Michigan Giant 2 headed Sunkiss Bounce!!

    5-6 inches across, 2 mouths!! $350 shipped or trade for torches.
  24. jimmert33

    Florida Jason Fox Raunchy Red Bounce and TSA Toxic Bounce

    Hey there folks I currently only want to sell local, if you're interested Ill be happy to make a deal! 250 for the Raunchy Red Bounce 1-2 inches 150 For the Toxic Bounce 1 - 1.5 inches Willing to make deals on package Located in Kissimmee Raunchy mom:
  25. TrillBill

    Possible Forrest fire bounce mushroom?

    Hey guys I have been silently reading through the threads for the past year and about 7 months ago I decided to jump into the hobby with a nano tank. I have a couple lps but I’m mostly into acro (I know it’s not usually for newbies but I have been having success) and i noticed what looks like 2...