bubble magus

  1. I

    California Skimmers Drygoods Budget friendly protein skimmer

    Bubble magus c9 protein skimmer. Very efficient and work great for me. I down grade to much smaller tank and won’t be needing this. Citric acid deep clean has been done and also brand new impeller was replaced. It hasn’t seen salt water since. Asking $145. Local pick up in 91770
  2. Carley

    Bubble magus mini q skimmer nano

    Bubble magus protein skimmer Mini Q nano Used, but in great condition and Works perfect! Fits in back refugium of Biocube 32 $50 shipped or pick up in dfw
  3. 787will

    Bubble Magus Curve 5 Skimmer

    Works great, will clean up a bit more before shipping. $100.00 plus shipping.
  4. M

    Like new Bubble Magus C3+ with extra brand new pump $80

    Got a bubble magus c3+ skimmer, only used for about a month and half then decided to switch to another skimmer as I wanted something quieter and also the same manufacturer as my sump. Personally I felt the skimmer was loud, BM send me a new pump to try but never switched to it. So you get a like...
  5. J

    I cant tell if my skimmer is breaking in again or Ive broken it after cleaning

    I've got a bubble magus curve 5 and I gave it a deep clean today (first time I've done it in about 2 years...so you can imagine it was filthy) I let it bathe in 50/50 tap water and distilled vinegar and then ran it for about 10 minutes to cycle it all through. I took it completely apart to...
  6. Sbk89

    Bubble Magus Curve 7 + Nyos Torq 2.0 Reactor

    Bubble Magus Curve 7 - $75 Just pulled it out of my tank, took it apart, and scrubbed it down so it’s clean. Does a great job and is pretty quiet. Rated for 90-180 gallons. Nyos Torq G2 Reactor 2.0 + Base - $150 This is the large 68oz size and the new body. The old ones used to pop open...
  7. Sbk89

    Bubble Magus Curve 7 + Nyos Torq 2.0 Reactor

    Bubble Magus Curve 7 - $75 Just pulled it out of my tank, took it apart, and scrubbed it down so it’s clean. Does a great job and is pretty quiet. Rated for 90-180 gallons. Nyos Torq G2 Reactor 2.0 + Base - $150 This is the large 68oz size and the new body. The old ones used to pop open...
  8. X

    Overflow in Wedge pipe

    Hi, I have a question regarding a HOB skimmer I own. It’s the bubble magus E3 HOB, I finally got it tuned recently but when my gf fed the fish one morning it went crazy out of no where and overflowed out the collection cup after I fed many times and it was not overflowing. Tried to re-tune it...
  9. M

    Selling equipment: Kessil, AI, Vortech, and more

    Markdown of prices: Hob skimmer aquamedic turbofloater new in box $50 2 AI Hydra 26 fixtures. 1 with Violet led out but otherwise perfect working order. $400 obo Kessil A360X $300 with hard mount arm 2 mp40’s QD Mobius ready like new in box. $300 obo Markdown of prices: 2 7” filter...
  10. C

    IM 50 EXTwith stand and RS 170 sump. AI 64, eshopps, bubble magus

    For sale Buyer pays shipping. IM 50 EXT with low iron glass, APS stand, and RS170 sump. Tank has light scratch from rockfall on left panel. Stand is in great shape, includes plumbing ( no shipping) SOLD AI Hydra 64 with mount, new lenses installed (Shipping available). SOLD Jebao DCT 4000...
  11. R

    Red Sea g2

    Anyone here with a Red Sea G2 tank running a Bubble Magus skimmer?
  12. A

    California Skimmers Drygoods SOLD Bubble magus MiniQ Nano Internal Protein Skimmer

    new never used. $45 free shipping
  13. G

    Florida Misc. Pumps Skimmers Drygoods Bubble Magus Curve 7 Elite Skimmer. Practically New.

    Bubble-Magus curve elite 7 protein skimmer used for literally just a couple of weeks until my Red Sea 525G1 tank leaked. Hated my old skimmer and upgraded to this one which worked great and then my tank leaked just a couple of weeks after . Now just taking a break. New sells for $369.99 plus...
  14. E

    California Lighting Powerheads Drygoods 120 break down tank and equipment

    Took down my tank about 1 month ago need it gone taking up space in garage everything worked fine before I took tank down … I’ll be getting out of the hobby for awhile best way to reach me is txt 7143923one5four Will not be shipping located in riverside by Tyler mall 120 leemar starphire tank...
  15. C

    AF OceanGuard 790 Protein Skimmer Selection

    I recently picked up an Aquaforest OceanGuard 790 from another reefer. (5’x2’x2’) As I’m planning this build, I can’t decide what protein skimmer to purchase. I had planned on buying a Reef Octopus Classic 202-S. However, the skimmer section of the AF sump is not large enough for it. I am now...
  16. Scaggs1117

    Too many bubbles in protein skimmer

    I have a bubble magus qq1 that’s brand new. I’m aware it needs to break in but when I run it, there’s way too many bubbles. They go to the top of the cup and fill it up and also leak out a ton of micro bubbles. Am I doing something wrong with the priming? I thought when it breaks in there is...
  17. Russell G

    California Filters Drygoods SOLD Bubble Magus ARF-L Filter Roller

    Selling a used Bubble Magus ARF-L rollermat (largewith two additional rolls of meterial. This is an affordable option for a larger rollermat. The rolls were lasting me 3-4 weeks and are only $24 each so it’s cheaper than a lot of the alternatives. I never had any issues getting the...
  18. L

    Skimmer advice

    Hey everyone! Back here with another question ... sorry. I've come across a skimmer called the Bubble Magus - Curve 3 Extreme Skimmer on saltwateraquarium.com. The only problem is, I cannot find ANY piece of advice on that skimmer? It does not seem like ANYONE has ANYTHING to say about it. I...
  19. Tom nhia

    California Lighting Drygoods Equipment for sale (AI Prime 16hd, and more)

    Hi Ive got a few stuff for sale Light: AI Prime 16HD - $130 shipped -Used 8 months at 30% max comes with either flex mount or solid mount, your choice. 2 blue led had started to burn out, still emitting light. Ready to go. Test kits (most if not all expired, shipping not included): Salifer...
  20. Erik the Red

    Advices and ideas for new build

    Hi everyone, I’m planning to get a new tank instead of my Waterbox 35.1 AIO. The reason is that it’s never really taken off and I need some more stability as due to my job it can be hard to follow the tank. So basically I’d like a bigger tank to allow it to go on autopilot once in a while. For...
  21. SuperNarwhal46

    Bubble Magus Extreme 5EX Skimmer

    Does anyone have experience with this skimmer? I can't seem to find any reviews online for it. It generally runs for about $200 dollars, and I am wondering if it will be enough to work on a well-stocked 75 gallon tank with a 30 gallon sump. I was looking at buying from AquaCave here...
  22. Benga

    Looking for skimmer pump upgrade

    I've been using a Bubble Magus Curve 5 for my tank but I'm not fully satisfied with the tuning and would like to throw on a DC skimmer to manage the air and pump speeds a bit more. I'm having some trouble finding a replacement though except for one which looks to use a DCA1200 pump. Anyone...
  23. mkmreefing

    DC Skimmer Pump

    Hello All, I have Bubble Magus Could 9 with the stock AC pump (SP4000) and I wanted to switch it out to a DC pump, preferably a Jebao. Can any one tell me which pump I should go with. Bubble Magus DC pumps are way too much. Thank you
  24. ukminipainter

    Bubble Magus mini 70

    Hi would the mini 70 reactor be ok to run in the return section of the reefer 170 sump ? tia
  25. dr1271

    Bubble Magus Dosing Pumps (3 Head & Single Head)

    I have two separate dosing pumps available - Bubble Magus BM-T11 (3 Head) and a Bubble Magus TS1 (Single Head). No issues with either pumps, just upgraded to a GHL recently. Never replaced any of the parts on either and both units are 1 year old. 3 Head $150 plus shipping Single Head $60 plus...