bubbletip anemones

  1. selvin

    Bubble tip anemone

    Got a green bubble tip from lfs, when he was in the shop he was all bubbly and happy. It's been a week since I have him he is all stretched up and looks like more of a long tentacle anemone. Does he need more light?? He takes food normally and is in the same place after moving a little on the...
  2. reefcreep

    Hello New clownfish

  3. D

    Maryland Virginia WTB Sherman Rose BTA

    Looking for a sherman rose bubble tip, something that has some size to it. Prefer local pickup but can talk shipping. TIA
  4. Travis Warren

    California Rainbow Bubbletip Anemones $60. Local Puck up Only. San Diego, CA

    I have 4 Rainbow Bubbletips that naturally split fro. 2 mother colonies. $60 cash or PayPal.
  5. T

    Bubble tip anemone: bubbles vs stringy tentacles

    I've read in multiple forums that people are undecided about why some bubble tips are bulby and why some are stringy and my belief is that it has to do with flow. I have one anemone that's half way in to some flow directly from my wave pump and the other half gets pretty stagnant water. The part...
  6. J

    Build Thread My 32.5 Fluval Flex Marine (BUILD THREAD)

    Hi, I'm new to the saltwater hobby, I thought I would post my tank and the upgrades I've done to it. Livestock: 2 clown fish 1 purple firefish 1 Midas Blenny 1 Cleaner shrimp 2 Hammer corals 1 pink goniopora 1 flame BTA 1 Torch 2 GSP's Equipment; - I'm running the stock light (Corals are...
  7. jimmert33

    Florida WTB Wtb yellow bubbletip

    Does anyone have a yellow bubbletip for sale would love to have one in my tank
  8. IMG_3555.mov


  9. JRADD87

    Bubble tip anemone Help

    Was hoping I could get some help and direction. Brought this smaller green bubble tip home the other day and it has not seemed to be doing well. It has a good foothold on the rock but has not moved from where I placed it originally. It deflated and seemed to expel some waste yesterday. Towards...
  10. H

    HELP Possibly dying RBTA

    We have had this bubble too for about a month or two now and he has been doing great up until recently. Before a couple days ago he had found his spot and our clowns had just finally starting hosting it. He started moving from his usual spot about a day or so ago and went up to the wave maker...
  11. G

    New Jersey Rainbow Rose Bubble Tip Anemones and Live Rock

    Hello, first time posting on here so please let me know if something is wrong... I'm selling rainbow rose bubble tip anemones and live rock from a couple tanks that were recently shut down. The anemones will be $50 (2-3"), $75 (4-5"), $100 (6-7"), and $125 (8" and up). Rock will be $3-$5 a...
  12. Rams

    New Jersey RBTA and pair of big clowns

    Selling pair of clowns with hosted anemone.male is good stripe and female is maroon clown,both are big and paired,anemone is huge like combination of 2 basket balls which is currently on 20lbs rock piece.Asking 300$ and don’t want to part them.only in person transaction please.Feel free to text...
  13. reef2legit

    Cube Build Anemones Only, Large Bubble Tip Anemones

    60 Gallon Cube, with 6 anemones.