1. Cas

    Royal Gamma bullying yellow Goby

    Hello, I am having an issue with my Royal Gramma bullying my yellow Goby. I’ve had Royal for just over a month and bought my Goby a week later. Royal and the other fish in the tank, a pink streaked Wrasse who I’ve had for months, have both been showing hostility (raising fins and opening...
  2. TravisParsley

    How to keep existing reef fish from harassing a newly added fish during a short acclimation period.

    Using an ipad to show video of random fish on a reef, I was able to stop the bullying from existing reef dwellers during the first crucial hour of introduction of this yellow wrasse. Notice how the mass of fish refuse to go beyond the center of the tank.
  3. LionFish47

    New Naso Unicorn tang bullying small Clownfish

    I've had two small designer clownfish in my 70gal aquarium for 8 months. They have began to host in a small patch of algae for a few months despite two anemones with nothing else in them. The tank has been empty except for the two clownfish and the anemone (it just recently cloned itself and...