1. M

    Can a refugium be narrow and tall tank?

    My cabinet is in the peninsula style, with doors on both sides of the cabinet. I obviously need a normal-sized sump, for protein skimmer, ClariSea, Return pump. But, next to the sump I could fit a narrow, tall tank to make a much bigger, taller refugium than I could have in-sump. For example: 7...
  2. Tristan

    Chaeto vs. Caulerpa. Which is more effective?

    So I’m sure a bunch of you have seen @Bulk Reef Supply ’s videos on chaeto in a refugium and their graphs of nitrate and phosphate over time. Does anyone have anything similar for caulerpa? Or, anecdotal evidence for caulerpa to compare against chaeto in terms of phosphate and nitrate réduction...
  3. dopey

    Defeated Caulerpa in my Display tank! Story of neglect, unfortune, and ultimately triumph. (Pic heavy!)

    Hi, I've been detailing my journey in my build thread. However, after inspecting my display tank today and not finding a single spot of caulerpa.. I can't help but be so excited I want to share this with others! Hopefully it can inspire others to overcome their periods of neglect, or face what...
  4. Esquire805

    California Cheato mix with red macros

    Sump getting out of control need to seal atleast 7 bags. As shown there are pieces of red macros in the chaeto mostly red gracilaria, hayi and some others I have had caulerpa also so some might come with it. The size or portion is as shown bigger then a baseball or hand. Going for 18 shipped
  5. potatocouch

    Fluconazole is not permanent fix to algaes

    so I been told and yes it does make sense because we don't really eradicate the source of the problem. Some said that they will come back in approximate 6 - 8 months; so at first you think you killed those jerks and be happy for 6 months, only to see it slowly creeping up again. What I...
  6. potatocouch

    Can you help me ID these algaes?

  7. Esquire805

    California Macroalgae, sea sponges and gorgonians.

    Just a list of items I'm trying to thin out the tanks. The more you buy the more you save. If your not sure what a item is pm me for a reference.
  8. SeabassG

    Caulerpa Prolifera rhizomes, or going sexual?

    I put some caulerpa prolifera in my fuge about two weeks ago, and some of leaves started going translucent and decaying. I don't know if it was exclamation stress or if it went sexual, but now there's a bunch of these little white whiskery growths. From Reading some articles I think that is...
  9. keddre

    grape caulerpa in algae reactor

    Has anyone tried this? I haven't made the reactor yet (diy) but whenever I put cheateo in my fuge (high, low or medium flow) it always slowly dies off, but when I put caulerpa in it explodes so I was thinking of putting it in the reactor. Thoughts? I've never had a sporilation issue, but if I...
  10. Esquire805

    macroalgae packs available tisbe pods phytoplankton

    Ok mermaids fan 3 for 35 or one 15 1/2 refugium pack dollars 80 cheato caulerpa variety grape red razor halimeda etc 1/4 bag 45. 1/4 or 1/2 chaetomorpha tisbe Pod pack 45 shipped 1/2 60 shipped any thing else ask me I have many different varieties also phytoplankton for sale 15 for 20 oz bottle...
  11. N

    Display Refugium Lighting

    Im setting up a display refugium for my already existing 90gal mixed reef. What i'm having trouble with is deciding on a tank size and light that will grow Caulerpa, Halimeda, Penicillus capitus, ect. The tank sizes i'm looking at are 29 and 37 because i already have a stand 30in x 12in. Since...
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