cloudy aquarium water

  1. Dad2Wyatt

    Tank is currently going through the uglies.. anything I can do?

    Parameters using API test kits Ph:8.2 Nitrate: 5-10 ppm Alk: 11 Calc: 440 ppm Phosphate: undetectable (api goes from 0- .25 so my goal is to keep it undetectable until I get better kits) currently running carbon my tank is currently going on month 4. Diatoms died out and I’ve been trying to...
  2. A

    Cloudy milky water from kalkwasser or bacterial bloom?

    Hi. I have a new (5 week old) 10 gallons nano reef tank with live sand and dry rock (reef saver). For the last 2 days my water is cloudy - milky white and I don't know if its a bacterial bloom (I had one, it lasted 24 hours) or its from dosing kalkwasser with ATO because I want to maintain PH. I...
  3. DJTJ

    Are these Dinos?

    Hey everyone, my tank has been cycling for around two months now and I have noticed that the water has become super cloudy over the past week. There are these little brown nubs that form a web over the sand. Are they Dinos? I had three fish ready from my 30 day quarantine and was wanting to put...
  4. ChandlerTingle

    EMERGENCY Cloudy SaltWater Aquarium?

    Any reason why the water is cloudy? -We do water changes every week - Lights on at Night until bedtime Is there anyway to fix this
  5. Jtleland

    Newby trying to get off to a good start

    Hi all! Newby here. I finished a "fishless cycle" then introduced a clown last week and turned on the lights. Water has been really clear all along, but today it has started to get cloudy. Any suggestions? water parameters: salinity 1.025, alkalinity 8.5, pH 8.0, temp 77.1, nitrates 20...
  6. R

    Murky Water

    Hi everyone. Recently, I have been facing a small dino issue. Since the two pieces of coral died (for reasons I still can't figure out), I decided to do a blackout. Right now, the water is extremely murky. I will take pictures but it is nasty and the smell coming off the tank is also terrible...
  7. Danroo

    Cloudy water over a month now.

    Good morning to everyone. I’ll start with my tank being 6 months old now it’s a 20 gallon FOWLR tank with only a hob filter for the filtration. My parameters the last week I checked were salinity: 1.022 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 2 Phosphate: 0.03 Temp: 78F Calcium: 390 Magnesium: 1260...
  8. A

    Cloudy water

    I have a 75g aquarium been running for a couple of months now, I cycled the tank with the microbacter starter kit and it went well. The starter kit also came with a bottle of microbacter clean, to use over the next few months to battle through the ugly phase. The ugly phase has begun and hasn't...
  9. W

    Why is my tank foggy

    Why is my tank so foggy
  10. KameronManning

    Water quality / parameters HELP

    Hey everyone! I need some helping solving some water quality issues my tank is starting to get noticeably cloudy. All of the data is below . Cheers! Parameters : Ammonia: .25 Nitrate: 10 ppm Ph: 8.0 Nitrite: 0 ppm Tank and Filtration: 20 gallon Marineland HOB FILTER 1 chemi pure elite...
  11. Sipec

    Upgrade, procedure on cloudy water?

    Currently combining my current tank and another tank into a third, new tank Mixed the water in the tank, woke up this morning to the water being cloudy Is this a bacterial bloom? What should I do about it, and would it be safe to add fish and coral later today? I would be doing a fifty percent...
  12. Louiemiller9

    Frag Tank Going CLOUDY! HELP!

    Hey fellas, So I currently have a 40 g frag tank that has been set up for around 3 months now. No problems until now! So I woke up 2 days ago and noticed my water has gotten extremely cloudy maybe 1-2” visibility. I am currently running filter socks as well as 40lbs of live rock in the sump as...
  13. FFFishy

    Slightly Cloudy Water

    I've been trying to resolve slightly cloudy water for a few weeks. This is a new build, running for only 9 weeks. 210 total gallons. No corals yet. Started with dry rock (CaribSea) wet sand (CaribSea) and Fritz Turbo Start. Inhabitants: 1 One-Spot Foxface, 3 Fijian Anthias, approximately 24...
  14. F

    Help me please ....My tank is super cloudy ...

    Hi Reefers, My tank has been running for almost 4 to 5 years and recently I been having issues with nitrate. Note - I do not overfeed my fish or coral - I will feed them prawn and fish pellets for approx. 2 mins before removing all uneaten food. Currently my water parameters are: Nitrate -...
  15. Deathling


    Hi, I am new to the hobby and have just begun cyclying my first reef tank. I have placed 5kg of live rock in my 24L (6g) tank and with 3-4 days it began to small bad. Since then i have done a 40% waterchange, and it only seems to be getting worse, there has been a plethora of worms (majority...
  16. KadeSirin

    Pod Overload

    I've had my tank running for almost two months now. Its a 65 gallon tank with a HOB refugium filled with sea lettuce and cheato. Light runs with tank lights for now. The refugium and tank was seeded after the cycle with 1 full container each of Algaebarn's 5280 pods and Reef Nutrition Tigger...
  17. Why Is My Saltwater Aquarium Water Cloudy?

    Beginner Topic Why Is My Saltwater Aquarium Water Cloudy?

    Wondering why your tank water is cloudy and how to fix it is a perennial problem that comes up often in our discussion forum. There are a variety of reasons why your saltwater aquarium water may be cloudy. In order to figure out what the problem is—which is the first step toward solving it—there...
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