1. 4

    California WTB Purple Tang, Blue Tang, Yellow Tang Coral Colonies (If anyone is breaking down tank(s)-looking for full colonies)

    My boyfriend and I have a 125 gallon reef tank we are looking to fill out. We are located in the San Bernardino area but willing to travel for those that have what we're looking for. We are interested in adding bigger, whole coral colonies to help fill it out like Montis or Acros but will...
  2. Joe Knows Reefs

    FALLing Sale...20% off CoRaL site wide

    Leaves are falling and so are our coral prices!! Take 20% off all corals during this flash sale. Use code BOO2020 at checkout. We have some amazing pieces we have been stockpiling and they are ready for your tank!! We thank you for your support and hope you get some fall fire for your aquarium...
  3. Bassmaster116

    Wisconsin WTB WTB Acro colonies!!!

    Looking for any healthy and decently colorfull acro colonies! PM
  4. Joe Knows Reefs


    We are overstocked with ZOA colonies and need to move them to make room for more corals coming in. Take advantage of these great deals. Follow this link and happy hunting!!
  5. Erick Armanii

    Connecticut WTB Sps sticks, acros east coast

    I’m looking to get some filler pieces on my current build. Nothing fancy, just trying to fill some blank spots. Anyone on the east coast New York / Connecticut area with some colonies or larger frags?
  6. tjclapp

    Florida Wellsophyllia, Favia, Shrooms and more!

    Selling some coral to help fund a bigger tank. Located in Southwest Florida, any questions just message me or respond in thread! Yuma Rock $125 (Probably about 25-30 yumas on the rock, beautiful green and blue yumas photo was just taken under purely white lights) Favia Colony about 5-6 inches...
  7. ReefAddiction34

    Florida ASD Rainbow Millie colonies

    Hey reefers! Looking to sell a few chunky frags/mini colonies of my ASD Rainbow Millie. This will be LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. Don’t want to deal with shipping and have never done it. I’m located in Gainesville, FL area, but would be willing to drive part of the way in most cases. Looking to...
  8. Rachid Stoury

    Connecticut Stoury’s Reef - ALOT OF Frags and colonies for sale.

    Shipping included in package deals. PM or text is key. (302) 438-2577 - Sorry no trades because I just don’t have enough space at the moment. Individual prices below but I can also ship great affordable pack prices for $100, $150 or $200 With shipping included. Please feel free, to check out...
  9. choss

    General opinion on variety of SPS v. consistency

    So as I carefully plan out adding the first few SPS pieces to my 96 gallon tank build, I started wondering what people think about adding lots of different varieties of SPS, versus concentrating on only a few species but adding them in multiple areas of the tank. My thinking is this - I would...
  10. AshwinRavi

    Buying colony vs frags-pros and cons?

    In general, what should someone keep an eye out when buying colonies? What do you look for besides good polyp extension and making sure the corals aren't covered in pests. As of now, I have several zoa frags and few LPS like Acans and euphyllia, all of these are very small and to be honest it...
  11. Keaton

    High end large pieces and colonies for sale!!

    More available if you're interested!
  12. Living Reef Orlando

    Colonies on eBay NOW! Auctions end TONIGHT!!

    Hey guys! Lots of SPS Colonies on eBay NOW! GREAT PRICES!! eBay auctions are ending tonight so don't forget to place your bids! The auctions will begin ending at 8pm est. ALL eBay auctions start at .99 cents!! Some FIRE corals are listed! Check out just a few below! CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM ALL
  13. Pieces of the Ocean

    New WYSIWYG posted on the site