1. Stu_Tanks

    South Carolina WTB Noopsyche k7 pro 2 or 3 controller

    Can’t seem to find one online…
  2. R

    Florida Neptune Apex Equipment

    Apex el Temp - PH & eb832 Pm1 with ORP $400 *Second eb832 few outlets don’t work- comes with bundle Cor15 $200 Trident w/6-month reagents SOLD Dos SOLD ATK ATO SOLD Bundle: $550 Equipment costs $2,400+ new
  3. Blakjax

    Drygoods Ecotech Controller Cabinet Cradles - $5

    I have 3 cradles for Vortech mp10, mp40 or mp60 controllers and 2 cradles for Vectra M2 $5 each - free shipping
  4. S

    Neptune Systems Apex or Hydros controller, which is better?

    I am tired of manually doing maintenance on my aquarium. It is a pain in the butt and I would like to ease off on hands on stuff. I saw that there are controllers out there that allows you to connect all of your equipment into one controller and control them through an app. Unfortunately, I am...
  5. L

    Illinois WTS - A3 Apex PRO Controller System - Brand New In Box

    $50 Shipping through UPS to anywhere in the US. Will include $1,000 of shipping Insurance and this package will require a signature. Pickup Is available if you can travel to Bushnell, Illinois. Neptune A3 Apex PRO Controller System - Brand New In Box.
  6. C

    SOLD See Updated Post

    I have a Hydros Control x2 starter kit with added magnetic temp sensor, an extra power strip, a drive port extension, and a Hydros ATO kit. All roughly 7 months old. I’m in the process of buying my first home and I am getting out of the hobby for a while. Everything was working as it should when...
  7. MtnDewMan

    Drygoods Equipment for Sale - Tank Tear Down

    Updated list 2-25-24. Tore down my tank due to lots of issues and selling the equipment (as is, may require some cleaning on some of it). Message me if interested in anything. Shipping to USA would be additional, in Seattle area we can work out a place to meet up.
  8. Rimsky

    Shelly RGBW2 as cheap reef LED controller

    Hi. I saw this little gadget from Shelly: I wonder if this can function as an economic, WiFi controller for aquarium LED lights. I have some Nanobox Reef LED lights sitting around that work with Bluefish controller, but now the Bluefish...
  9. InactionJackson

    Hydros Controllers…..

    Thoughts on the Hydros controllers? I currently have GHL set up and it’s way too scientific for me. So I was thinking of switching over to Hydros….. 60 gl cube Lps dominant Deleted skimmer 15w Uv C02 scrubber Any feedback would be cool…. Thank you Michael
  10. ReefCanvas

    Apex Jr vs Apex A3

    I'm planning out a 90Gallon setup and was looking at the Apex Jr as a controller, the main reason being the cost factor at the startup. Is the Apex Jr upgradable later-on up to the level of an A3 or will there be anything missing permanently (Other than the ethernet). In future I will probably...
  11. Bgriff0819

    Connecticut Kessil spectral controller X

    Like new condition still has plastic on it. Asking $80 dollars shipped
  12. alindell

    Colorado Semi broken Apex el $80

    So I got this Apex el complete system from another reefer for sale... Little did I know it would be broken... Well sorta. All the ports connection to 832 works completely fine except for an internal clock issue. If there is a power outage you will have to go back into task bar and reset it to...
  13. F

    Texas Hydros Control 2

    Reposting. Unloading the Hydros control 2 Included: Power supply 2x Power 4 Wifi Strip Temp Sensor Hydros Auto Feeder 150 shipped SOLD
  14. F

    Texas Hydros Control 2

  15. X

    Michigan Apex, reactors, etc. (new in box/open box never used)

    Sadly jumping out of the hobby for a while. Third kid is on the way and we’ve got an out of state move within the next year. All items are new in box (Apex) or open box. Had big plans I never got around to. Apex controller/energy bar (sysng) $775 BRS Deluxe GFO/Carbon reactor $85 Skimz...
  16. Z

    Wisconsin Hydros Controller and Equipment (Free Shipping)

    This was in use before I got it, and I cleared the config and confirmed the brain unit worked. Items included are: Hydros Control XS Starter Kit - $200 2x Hydros WiFi Power Strip - $40 + $40 = $80 Hydros Automatic Fish Feeder - $35 2x Hydros Temp Sensor - $25 + $25 = $50 Hydros Rope Leak Sensor...
  17. Cwentz758

    Aquarium Controller Neptune Apex and Energy Bar $475

    Up for grabs is a Neptune Apex and Energy bar. Functions as new with no issues. Comes with PH, ORP, temp, and Salinity probe. I believe I have PH calibration packs as well. $475 plus shipping.
  18. Staplesofficewar

    Georgia Apex Classic, EB8, Temp and PH Probe, Display and Display holder - $165 Shipped Lower 48

    Used original Apex Classic controller that has the 4 Variable outputs, Ph, ORP Temp, and IO ports. I used the temp, IO and PH ports - I did not ever use the variable or ORP ports. Controller, display, and EB8 are all flashed to the latest firmware and webpages. Includes:EB8, Temp Probe...
  19. R

    Illinois APEX lite package 200 shipped in the US -SOLD

    Hello All, I recently acquired this gear when purchasing a few parts from a tank breakdown. I don't need nor use a controller on my current tank which is why I'm looking to get sale these items. I did test it when connecting a few items on the outlet and used the aqua controller to turn on and...
  20. Y

    Help Automating ATO System. Integrating EchoTech VERSA to ATO controller of Kamoer ATO

    Hello Fellow Reef Enthusiasts, Hello Fellow Reef Enthusiasts, I'm embarking on a project to refine the auto top off (ATO) system for my Red Sea tank. While the tank comes equipped with its own gravity-fed ATO reservoir, I've found myself with a Kamoer ATO One 2 SE kit, thanks to a purchase...
  21. R

    SOLD EcoTech Marine Reef Link Wireless Controller $75

    Control your EcoTech Marine equipment* from anywhere with ReefLink and EcoSmart Live. No wires or adapters are needed to connect to your EcoTech equipment. Set up is easy - just plug ReefLink into your power supply within range of your WiFi router, turn it on and you are set. An LED ring on the...
  22. XavierZ06

    SOLD Ghl Profilux 4e kit

    GHL Profilux 4e Starter Set - $500 shipped, PayPal fees included. Lightly used (less than 3 months) in great condition. All electronics housed in different room from tank/sump. Original box and all components that came with. Shipping included or pickup in Greensboro area of North Carolina for...
  23. C

    Trouble Setting Up New Apex

    Hello, I just bought a new A3 Apex. I’m trying to set it up in the Fusion app (iOS) but I’m not succeeding. I can get the logo to turn blue and the hot spot/network will pop up. Once I click join, it leaves a message “Connecting to your Apex…” but it just keeps spinning there. I have tried set...
  24. yepreef

    Texas Neptune Apex Wifi Full size

    Well maintained, store in dry location and all is in great working conditions. It has been removed from my fusion and ready to set up in your system. Free prob holder and 24v port switch. $420 Free Shipping.