1. Clintcrabtree

    Indiana Kessil Spectral Controller LNIB

    Like new. Comes with everything in the original box. Wall mount and all. Let me know if you have any questions. $75.00 shipped.
  2. Mfield16

    Maryland DA Reefkeeper Elite V2 with Accessories

    Bought this with plans on using it, but got an Apex. See pics for everything it has as I may miss something. Prefer to sell as a package. Asking $200 shipped. Located in North Baltimore. V2 Display SID V2 PC4 X2 RKM-SL2 MLC with 2 lights Temp probes Salinity Probe Multiple Cables...
  3. Firthy13

    Chiller and temperature controller question.

    I'm trying to decided on my heating and cooling solution for my 170g build that is currently underway. Hear is Australia, we have a season temperature swing of about 37F to 118F. So before anyone asks, both are definitely required. My initial plans was to go with a Teco chiller that has both...
  4. P

    Does EcoTech just need a couple of accessories to become a full-fledged controller?

    Mobius today controls the Versa. It will eventually control the VorTech , Vectra, & Radion. Imagine if EcoTech comes out with their own controllable power strip which I cannot imagine would be difficult to add. All that is left is to monitor pH, temperature, salinity, and ORP. I also cannot...
  5. Aaron Davis

    Pair of Kessil A160we not matching up

    I have a pair of Kessil 160we tuna blues linked by a Spectral controller from Kessil. I have each port in the same exact settings, but the lighting their producing is t matching each other. Anyone know of a fix or why this is? The one on the right is much more blue than the left. Thanks, Aaron
  6. bckey

    Texas 2 Nero 5's and Kessil Spectral Controller X

    I have for sale 2 Aqua Illumination Nero 5's for $185 each shipped. I just cleaned them in some citric acid and boxed them up. They were purchased from BRS in Feb 2019 and put into service in May 2019. They were used from May 2019 until Jan 2020. So about 8 months. I never had any problems with...
  7. S

    Florida Milwaukee MC122 PH Controller

    In great condition. Probe stored in solution. $100 shipped. Includes probe, power supply and controller.
  8. ozborn99

    California Neptune Systems Apex Wireless Expansion WXM Module/Vortech AquaController

    the gray model. no issues. wound up going with AI lighting instead. $85, plus shipping.
  9. nagreen

    South Carolina AI Prime HD & Mounting Arm (3 months old)

    I have an AI Prime HD (with box) and the 90degree mounting arm for sale. I bought this October 11, 2019 so it's just over 3 months old. Excellent condition - just getting out of the hobby for awhile. Asking $160 shipped for both (US) Let me know if you have any questions.
  10. ocncheffy

    Strange PH and ORP probe readings

    So my PH and ORP probes both produce these strange drops at random times through the day, then pop back up to the correct reading. My PH probe was calibrated twice two days ago with 7 and 10, and is showing the correct PH reading. Both of these probes are sitting in the third chamber of my sump...
  11. Des Westcott

    reef-pi User Interface (UI) development thread

    After a discussion with @Ranjib, we have decided to open a separate thread for the discussion around the reef-pi User Interface (UI). This thread is for suggesting UI features / upgrades reef-pi users would like to see in reef-pi. Requesting / suggesting a feature here is not going to be a...
  12. Perpetual Novice

    Just got an Apex for Christmas. What add-ons should I look into?

    I am unbelievably excited about my new aquarium controller. I want to use it to take my 75 gallon mixed reef to a whole new level of growth and stability. But I may have bitten off more than I can chew (or rather my extremely caring and generous relatives may have overestimated my expertise)...
  13. T

    Inherited TrueLumen Pro LED Light Strips

    Hi There! I recently inherited the below TrueLumen Pro LED Light Strips. They each have a TrueLumen Inline dimmer. They all connect to a 3-Way DC Splitter which connects to a 24V DC 60 WATT Power Supply. My question is, What is the best way to control these lights? I want to avoid manually...
  14. D


    Lightly used and in great condition. $250 shipped. 818 703 3993
  15. B

    Tennessee Reefkeeper Lite and SL1

    Used Reefkeeper Lite aquarium controller. All outlets work as they should and the unit has been updated to the latest operating system version. Comes with everything pictured including the SL1 module and connecting cable, temp probe, and SID V2 cable to connect it to a computer. Sometimes I had...
  16. smartwater101

    California Broken/Parts Only Profilux 4 brain (I'm going to gut it, so I just need the shell)

    I'm building a little dosing container/line runner and want to use a Profilux 4 brain to run line through. Its a little hard to explain the overall design, but I'm basically just looking for a cheap brain. It doesn't have to work, of course, because I'll be gutting it for the project anyway...
  17. CivicS14

    Georgia FS: 6x RapidLED Onyx + BlueFish Controller

    $600 SHIPPED to you. 6x RapidLED Onyx 4 units purchased new, almost 4 years old, 1 unit has 1 blue LED light dimmer than others or out (hard to tell) 2 units purchased used earlier this year, previous owner said used for 2 years then stored away All units since I owned it been running max...
  18. RacinJason

    Texas Radion Diffusers, Battery Back Up, digital Aquatics controller

    4 Radion XR30 diffusers, used for 6 months. $50 each shipped Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Lite, PC4, SLX module, temp probe and cables, used for 13 months $125 shipped Ecotech battery backup with cables for 2 pumps, like new condition. $125 shipped
  19. A

    Using KHG to control Ca Reactor

    My 150 gal mix reef tank hits 20 month now and wanted to share my newest addition on kh auto controlling!!! I added my set up with KHG kh guardians which is now auto testing my tank kh 8 time a day. It transfer the data to my apex via the bnc cable. Here’s a 7 day kh curve I accomplished...
  20. Reef Kinetics

    Independence Day $75 discount

    Happy Independence Day from the Reef Kinetics team Just add the code at check out! Click here to buy!
  21. Andrew Schubert

    Need Help setting my Alert Configuration for High Water ???

    I want my alert to go off if my High Water Float is activated. However, I do not want it to alert me if the ReturnPump is currently off (feeding my fish). Here is my current code: Set OFF If HWater OPEN Then ON If FeedA 011 Then OFF If FeedB 011 Then OFF If FeedC 011 Then OFF If FeedD 011 Then...
  22. Solis Reef

    To keep or not to keep. The reefkeeper

    I’m at point where I’m considering to sell my reefkeeper and buy a new apex. I have so much invested on it as you can see on the picture but must of the pumps have they own controllers. I’m using the reef keeper less and less. What you guys opinion? Have you switch from the reefkeeper to the...
  23. smartwater101

    Can the GHL KH Director link with Apex?

    I see the Alkatronic allows you to connect to an Apex pH (via something like the PM1 module), for monitoring and keeping the data within fusion. Can the GHL director do similar?
  24. C

    Illinois Aqua Excel EC-15 Protein Skimmer 132 Gallon

    I have used this Aqua Excel protein skimmer for approximately 6 months. I used it with bio pellets. I decided to change my sump around and got an ATS and bought a Reef Octopus Skimmer. This has a DC pump with a controller to adjust the flow of water. This will handle up to 132 gallons of...
  25. Elder1945

    Reef Kinetics, ReefBot a Review...

    I just finished ordering my ReefBot from Reef Kinetics. As of now I know a hand full of people that own them and are only praising them so I took the plunge. Overall I payed $874.00 USD that includes the $25.00 flat shipping that is actually quite quick as I am going to have it in my hands...