1. Manny’s Reef

    Cannot calibrate my pH prove for GHL.

    Can anyone help? I’ve gone through the manual and YouTube videos. It appears that my GHL is missing the “calibrate option” after selecting pH. Anyone know if there is a new method of calibrating the pH probes? What am I missing?
  2. Schraufabagel

    Looking for Input - Coralvue Hydros Setup

    I travel a decent amount and am probably away a minimum of 10% each year on vacations or visiting family for extended weekends. I am very interested in a controller for peace of mind while I’m away. I am currently setting up a 25 gallon AIO. Heres what I’m thinking: - Temperature sensor...
  3. M

    Red Sea Reefer 450 and Equipment

    Red Sea Reefer 450 & Equipment Location - Columbus Ohio area Will consider shipping items unless otherwise noted. Have original boxes for most of the equipment Tank and sump (stock sump new condition, never used) - $1500 pick up only Elite Aquatics custom sump and plumbing with gate valves...
  4. jafoca11

    Nano Build DC Pump Options for Biocube 32

    Hello All- I have been looking around to see what DC / controllable pump options there might be out there for a 32G Biocube. So far I have found a few, but the issue with them is that none of them appear to be compatible with the controller I want to use (Hydros). Ideally I want to control with...
  5. G

    California WTB apex controller and trident used and affordable?

    just a lonely post college guy that wants an affordable price for these items? message me? ad
  6. attiland

    Reef-pi + Arduino

    Hi all, I am in the process of crashing my first Aquarium controller. I have ordered a few parts and have a few Arduino laying around too. Reef-Pi is my preferred route although I am more experienced with the Arduinos and the C programming than Python. I have a case for the pi4b which has a...
  7. nicoreef305


  8. S


    Hello I looking for GHL sa 2.1 doser
  9. David Haldane

    Oregon Aquarium Controller Atlas Scientific Temperature and pH Probes

    Atlas Scientific Temperature and pH (double junction) probes with EZO pH and Temperature circuits. pH circuit has an isolated carrier board, temperature circuit does not. Comes with pH calibration solution. Arduino and Raspberry Pi ready. Can do pick-up in Portland area or ship for $10. P
  10. JeremyKnight

    Jeremys Reef PI Build

    Hey guys I have been stumbling along with this build and have come to a place where I need some advice. I have added the temp probe but the updated UI page is different than the original guide. What do the additional features mean? Or can you point me to a post with the updated information? and...
  11. M

    Oregon WTB Kessils Spectrul controller x2 goosenecks for 360we

    I have x2 kessil 360we and looking for a Spectrul controller and x2 goosenecks.
  12. Sun1914

    Georgia Aquarium Controller Classic Apex (Orange) for Sale or Trade

    Classic Apex (orange label) for sale or trade. *Brain, eb8, Temp Probe, Display. Asking $250 shipped in US Willing to trade for : AI Prime (black) Varios 2 Refugium light
  13. chefjpaul

    Package Deal SOLD GHL lot. P4, Doser, x-tras

  14. S

    Aquarium Controllers Popularity

    Hey guys, So I am just curious like in 2021 what most people are using to control their tank if anything
  15. mario4933

    Robo-Tank Reef Pi Based DIY Controller Build Thread

    Hey There Reefers!! I’m making this thread with multiple purposes. The first purpose of this thread is for me to document the evolution of my diy controller, the second purpose is to bring awareness to all the fellow DIYers out there about this awesome product, and third because I think...
  16. Brent Behringer

    California Heaters Finnex HMX 150 watt Heater with Digital Controller - Up to 60 Gal Aquarium

    Brand New in Box Finnex HMX 150W Titanium Heater with Touch Digital Controller Specifications: Wattage: 150W Amperage @ 115V: 1.35A Recommended Tank Size (gallons): 30~60 Heating tube length: 7.8" $30 shipped
  17. andrewkg

    Neptune Apex & the worst customer service/experience of all time..

    So.. not exactly a shocker to have issues given the plethora of bad reviews on customer service I have read.. but given the lack of full suite alternative aquarium controllers I went ahead and purchased the full set of products in the hopes of furthering my reef tank to the more neurotic level...
  18. H2Ocooled

    Oregon Aquarium Controller SOLD Neptune ApexJR (EB4), EB8, and PM1.

    Neptune Apex JR setup (EB4), with EB8 power bar & PM1, also 2 temp probes and pH probe (worked good and still in water), and also the display unit. Everything works great and all plugs and sensors are working. $310 Shipped.
  19. Dayson

    Mississippi Aquarium Controller Apex Classic

    Includes display, controller, energy bar 8, temp probe, ph probe. $275 shipped
  20. A

    Oregon Aquarium Controller 2x Apex Classics FS

    1) Apex Controller + EB8 + Screen + PH Probe + Temp Probe = $300 2) Apex Controller + EB8 + Screen = $225 3) PM2 Module + Salinity Probe = $70 Probes are still in my sump so that they don't dry out. I will make sure to wrap them in paper towels and a ziplock with water before shipping. I...
  21. G

    New Jersey New York Pennsylvania NIB sealed APEX orange label

    Sealed in box orange label WiFi apex controller. 700. Would like to do local for now unless buyer wants to discuss shipping. Can meet up for sure. Located 07731 Thanks !
  22. Bryknicks

    Florida Aquarium Controller Smart power strip

    Used on my nano tank to control each outlet individually via smartphone. No longer have the tank set up. This was used for about 8 months and worked great. $18 shipped.
  23. Mester320

    Pennsylvania Aquarium Controller VDM Module

    I have a VDM module that I am going to no longer use. Includes module and aquabus cable. I am looking for $60 shipped.
  24. Mester320

    Pennsylvania Aquarium Controller Package Deal Apex controller

    I have a Neptune Systems Apex controller for sale that includes the controller brain, display, EB8 power strip, temperature probe, pH probe, and aquabus cable. Asking $270 shipped Please not that the probes are dry.
  25. Tdoan

    Anyone connect a Allen Bradley to an Apex Controller?

    I currently have an apex and it does a pretty good job for specific task, it is clearly designed for one tank and limited control. It does have good report functions and connects to send out notifications pretty good. I have worked with PLCs mostly AB from PLC5, 500 and 5000s. I can see a cost...
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