1. money88

    Opex - (Work in Progress) Aquarium Controller

    This thread highlights my development of Opex (name pending). So I know there is already reef-pi and @Ranjib and team is doing some some great work on that, so I am by no means looking to compete with the amazing work they have done (as I have already learned quite a bit reading through that...
  2. Coach63

    Tennessee Apex Classic controller with lab grade probes as well as a Netgear WiFi Adapter - $350

    I’m selling my Apex Classic controller with lab grade probes as well as a Netgear WiFi Adapter. The adapter needs new firmware uploaded. Everything works great, just upgraded. Selling it for $350. Buyer to pay shipping.
  3. Vinny@GHLUSA

    Need help setting up your ProfiLux 4?

    If you're a new GHL ProfiLux 4 owner or need a guide to show you how functions are setup, we have just the thing for you! In our ProfiLux 4 Resource Guide, we show you how to setup your ProfiLux from the moment you take it out of the box. We've also included an easy to follow TO-DO list which...
  4. Coach63

    Apex Classic With lab grade probe with Netgear WiFi adapter

    I’m selling my Apex Classic controller with lab grade probes as well as a Netgear WiFi Adapter. The adapter needs new firmware uploaded. Would like to do a local sell if possible, I live in Knoxville. Everything works great, just upgraded. Selling it for $350.
  5. Mical

    Anyone Seen Felix

    As title says has anyone seen or heard of Felix?
  6. AquaMutant

    teffo, contstant temperature & 4 ch controller, smart your aquarium

    Hello, we are new here and wish you like our product. Available on Amazon now! Amazon review: 4.6 of out 5 stars Teffo by AquaMutant is an Affordable and User Friendly Aquarium Controller [posted by reefbuilders]
  7. Reefer5640

    Utah Apex WXM Module

    Very lightly used WXM Module with short aqua bus cable. $90 shipped.
  8. Reefer5640

    Utah Apex DC8’s

    Selling two DC8’s. Haven’t used them in years so they are just collecting dust at this point. $125 shipped for both or $75 shipped for one. Or best offer.
  9. smartwater101

    is the AquaEuro APEX chiller compatible w/ apex? & what is the difference from the regular chiller?

    Its time to upgrade my chiller and I've been using an AquaEuro for some time. I'm also getting an APEX EL. While shopping I notice AquaEuro has 2 versions of their chillers. The typical chiller and an APEX chiller. The apex chiller seems to be a stronger build but I also assumed it had...
  10. Reefer5640

    Utah Reefkeeper Elite+

    Reefkeeper Elite +Net. Comes with; -1 SL1 module with temp and pH probe. -1 MLC module (missing the actual moon lights but you can get them for around $10) -3 PB4’s which is 12 controllable outlets. -1 SID V2 cable for plugging in to your computer. -6 bus cables varying lengths. All the...
  11. Simply__J

    Florida VorTech M10w Controller (White Box) + Power Supply & Wet Side

    For sale are: VorTech EcoTech MP10w Controller w/ original power supply. Perfect working condition. (White Box) Manuf. Date - Aug. 12, 2014 - Shipped $60 MP10w Wet-Side with nozzle. Ceramic shaft shows signs of wear. - Shipped $35 Pay-Pal only. Will reduce price if picked up in Miami.
  12. p4 & #MaxiSA Doser

    p4 & #MaxiSA Doser

  13. Front shot of the new P4 in Blk

    Front shot of the new P4 in Blk

    ghl profiLux4
  14. MarineDepot

    At long last! GHL Dosers and Controllers are HERE + 10% off ESV

    At long last! GHL Dosers and Controllers are HERE + 10% off ESV Automate all aspects of aquarium keeping with ProfiLux Controllers and Dosers - NEW @ MD! + 10 off ESV brand supplements this weekend!
  15. DSmithZ28

    ReefKeeper's Departure Hurts The Industry

    I have been stewing about this for weeks since I found out that Digital Aquatics aka ReekKeeper has finally closed it's doors. Even though it was no real shock because there was no service or updates for a very long time, the official word of their demise still has a significant impact. First...
  16. AquaDaddy

    Washington PM2 and VDM

    PM2 (brand new) and VDM, slightly used. I have no packaging and don't have any probes. I'm asking $70 for the PM2 and $75 for the VDM. I've attached pictures of the modules. I just up upgraded to the apex 2016 so don't really need these anymore. I'm also in no hurry to sell them either. I will...
  17. MSOEME2009

    Tennessee ReefKeeper Lite Plus + Kessil Spectral Controller

    I upgraded to the Apex since I travel. I used these two in conjunction to control my tank. I also have a BRS Double Junction Lab Grade Probe which was used with the RKL that I will include with the ReefKeeper. The probe is approximately two months old and is stored in proper liquid currently. I...
  18. The eK Core Aquarium Controller Giveaway!

    The eK Core Aquarium Controller Giveaway!

    The eK Core Aquarium Controller Giveaway! Sponsored by! Limitless Possibilities. Reef keeping has never been so easy. Your eKoral devices take over your duties so you can enjoy your fish tank. When you want to make fine adjustments, you can adjust the settings of light, temperature...
  19. Dfeagley

    Louisiana WTB: simple controller

    I need a basic cheap controller for my planted tank. Most importantly, I need pH control. PM me if you have something like this.
  20. MarineDepot

    Upgrade Your Apex

    Upgrade Your Apex Upgrade your Apex to the latest technology with the Apex Base Unit!
  21. Finatik

    APEX vs. GHL: Let's Discuss the Differences, Pros & Cons

    I'm in the market for a Controller. I've kept salt water aquariums for many years, but I've never used a Controller. I've done my research, and read all of the fluffy marketing spills. But before I click the "BUY" button, I'd like to hear from those of you who are actually using (or have...
  22. Wingizzmo

    Massachusetts Lots of apex stuff

    Atk auto top off kit with extra optical sensor less than a year old . 175.00 Leak Probe works with atk new not opened 20.00 Apex jr with display and Temp probe 175.00 EB4...
  23. Manny'sReef

    Florida Reefkeeper Elite w/ ATO

    BRStv calls this system "the best combination of ease of use, features, and cost which makes it one of the best values" (see video on link below). Never used ReefKeeper Elite Controller from Digital Aquatics with the following: * ReefKeeper Elite Head Unit (RKM-GC1) * ReefKeeper SLX module...
  24. pwilliaml

    California Ecotech Marine Reeflink Wireless Controller

    Used: Ecotech Marine Reeflink Wireless Controller Controller has been factory reset and was working perfectly. Comes with everything you see in the picture. $80 shipped
  25. W

    Connecticut ISO Equipment for 70g build

    I've just started a build for a 70 gallon cadlights artisan. I plan for a mixed tank, while mostly focusing on keeping LPS/ Softies with few SPS corals. The fish stock will mostly be wrasses. I will likely be integrating a large refugium into the sump. Using the triton method will be strongly...