1. Gabriel Guirola

    Idaho ISO Apex EB8

    I am looking to buy apex EB8. I can do the orange or black label.
  2. Logan A.

    Circulation help!

    So I currently have a uniclife w-25 in my 75g reef tank. 48x18x24. It literally blows sand opposite it in the tank away down to the glass. I feel that where there should be low flow spots everything is way high flow. And this is at the lowest setting! My corals and feather dusters look like...
  3. Reef of Fillory

    Michigan ReefKeeper Lite +, Net and SL1

    Reefkeeper Lite controller with two PC4's [8 outlets total] SL1 [2 temperature probes - one iTemp and one standard probe] * iTemp probe is used, the standard temp probe [connects to SL1] is brand new... used <24hrs - Can also monitor pH, ORP and use the SL1 as a switch [ATO] - only...
  4. J

    Alabama Apex Classic controller

    I have an Apex Classic (orange label) system for sale. I am the original owner, and bought this system from Bulk Reef Supply in February 2017. Everything is in like-new condition--no rust, scratches, etc.--and comes with the original boxes. You get everything that comes with a brand new Apex...
  5. J

    Alabama Apex, Reef Octopus, ATI, more!

    Everyone, I'm completely upgrading my system and have some lightly used and some new equipment to sell. the list is below. I am the original owner of everything, have taken very good care of it all, and will ship everything clean. All original boxes are included. Please let me know if you...
  6. blizzardscout2

    Washington Full Apex Classic

    I have an Apex Classic Orange label includes: Head unit EB8 Display Temp Probe pH Probe (1 yr) ORP Probe (1 yr) $350 shipped. I have an additional EB8 $125 shipped. Or both for $450 SOLD!
  7. X

    apex jr vs apex vs reefkeeper lite?

    So im starting a new build and im interested in a controller system. Due to the cost of an apex, i was considering a reefkeeper lite or an apex jr but i am honestly unsure of what the big differences are. i know that the apex jr only has 4 outlets and only comes with a temp probe, but im not...
  8. myboyblu

    Florida Apex Classic for sale

    Apex Classic, brain, display, 1 EB8, tmp and ph probes. Works great 350$
  9. VelocityTech

    Pennsylvania Apex Gold for sale - w/ WiFi -Breakdown

    Bought in 2015 as apex gold. Sat for sometime new in box, installed on my 180 gallon and has worked great for me! Plans are changing and I want to try a new route! Comes with wifi adapter Apex gold brain and all needed to function. Ph, temp, eb8 etc. $350 Includes wireless adapter to make...
  10. J

    Massachusetts Digital Aquatics and Archon System

    I have a DA Archon system with multiple modules for sale. I bought the system over the Fall and only had it up and running for about 3 months. It's a great system that I just don't need. I've decided to manually dose and I hardly ever monitor the system over the internet and I may be getting out...
  11. Jontz04

    Iowa ISO AI controller

    I have original Hydras and need a replacement controller. I am willing to pay shipping! I need this! Message me plz!
  12. FLSharkvictim

    The EAGLE HAS Landed! Got my GHL Maxi SA Doser!!

    Another piece to my puzzle came in today after pre ordering one of the GHL doser in late January. I Can't wait to hook my new gear - PorfiLux4 Ultimate Kit Controller and my new Maxi SA Doser for my Automatic water changes that connected to my saltwater mixing station... Unreal looking and...
  13. Haubfather07

    Alert for inputs NOT changing

    I had a thought today that it would be nice to get an alert if a probe was having an issue by getting an alert that a reading WASN'T changing. A simple example of this would be temp. There is really only two options, the heaters are on and its climbing or off and its cooling. If my probe is...
  14. DeepBlueSomething

    Reef Keeper Lite, LED Control

    I think I know the answer, but am aware what happens when one assumes! I have black box LEDs that are dimmable -- but are controlled with 'sketchy' apps. The app support is gone and or nearly gone. Would a Reef Keeper light only power these in a binary fashion (on / off) or would it also...
  15. cgaubuchon

    Massachusetts ReefAngel Plus Controller Setup

    Welcome, recently was given an Apex setup so decided to switch out my Reef Angel system for a full Apex setup. Everything works very well still and has been for nearly 3 Year’s now without a single issue. Everything included is listed below and will come as pictured. I pulled the system offline...
  16. DaveC

    GHL Profilux 4 equipment help

    I'm officially sold thanks to the 'Switching Controllers'. I wish you guys had an affiliate link because Ditto is a great salesman. Here is what I want to do Manage ATO - 2 level switches Manage ATO container - 2 level switches 1 1\4 solenoid Manage 2 1-10v LED pwr supplies 1 - moonlight...
  17. EastSideBAy

    Colorado WTS Brand New Apex

    As the title state, I am selling a brand new 2016 wifi apex for $750 shipped pm me if you are interested. :)
  18. docvin

    Apex WXM module vs Ecotech’s Reef Link

    Is anyone familiar with theses two controllers for radion XR30 lights? I know you need the the apex system for the WXM module but besides that, is there any advantage to one over the other? Does one allow more control or easier control of the lights?
  19. Noahs Home Zoo

    (DIY) Arduino Controller

    The Why: After much searching I have seen a lot of the raspberry Pi builds that have been shared around and are kept updated. But I haven't seen any up to date threads for arduino controllers. So I figure I would track my project as it goes and try to build something that is fairly modular. I'll...
  20. ReeferMadness80G

    Icecap 3k Gyre (Controller only) $55.00

    Like the title says this is the controller for the icecap gyre 3k. It’s the controller and power supply only(pump not included), I’ll attach a manufacturer pic of it. It’s in great shape if you want a pic of the actual controller just ask and I’ll post one. I’m just being lazy bc I’m tired of...
  21. N

    Spectral Controller for Kessil Lights

    Excellent condition. Comes with controller and cables. $72 shipped/PP'd
  22. Tristren

    Basement Sump Set up

    Hi there, My system has the main display up on the main floor, with the sump and refugium down in the basement. I'd say it's around 25'-30' between them (with around 10' head height). The main lights and the circulating pumps are upstairs. The heater and return pump is downstairs and that's...
  23. MarineDepot

    Drop-Off Tank Build - Episode #12

    Drop-Off Tank Build - Episode #12 We're adding the Apex in today’s video!
  24. MarineDepot

    Neptune Systems: 0% APR Financing for a Limited Time!

    Neptune Systems: 0% APR Financing for a Limited Time! Pay over 3, 6, or 12 months with rates from 0%-30% APR!
  25. Cherub

    Reef Angel Star anyone?

    I used the old Reef Angel on my last build and it did everything I wanted it to. This build I was wanting to try something new then Reef Angel goes and releases a newer controller. Does anyone use this and if so how is it? Is it worth getting? The price is right and seems nice with a...