coral lighting help

  1. C

    Bought New Fluval 58watt Sea Light

    I brought home a new Fluval 58 watt sea light and it has bluetooth compatibility. I’m just unsure what settings I should have it on. I have a 75 gallon fish tank with live rock, 7 clownfish, and some soft coral. I will attach a photo of what I currently have it running on. I did copy these...
  2. A

    Smatfarm g5 95w 3.0 version timer issues

    i bought the g5 smatfarm 95w light and everything works perfectly except the timer. I use the Self Def Mode and for some reason it does not change automatically from sunrise->sunlight->sunset->moonlight. i have set the times for the system AND each individual time setting: sunrise, sunset, etc...
  3. N

    Help!! My corals keep losing color. And there's a hole in the candy cane.

    hello. It's been 3 years since I've been operating a tank. The colors of my sps and lps corals keep losing color and I don't know why. Some corals are missing entirely, but there are subtle reds and greens. After about a month of putting it in the tank for the first time, the color fades...
  4. woodyetia

    Bleaching need more light?

    Hi I just started with these Corals as I was told they would be the easiest. Fish are doing great, levels are great. These pictures are from day 1, but now the ends and edges are turning white and they are not as green. I’m thinking it’s the lighting not being strong enough or it’s the temp I...
  5. D

    Lighting Settings

    Hi, I am new to saltwater tanks, and am working on getting my lighting set up. I have a 36 gallon curved front saltwater tank. I attached a picture of the light settings I downloaded form the AI website, but I was hoping for some recommendations if this a good setting or if I should make...
  6. Garcia2460

    Kessil lighting intensity

    Hi everyone, I currently have 2 a360we’s over my 40g breeder.. I was only running one up until recently at about 70 intensity, and now that I have a second one I am wondering what I should have my intensity set to so that I don’t fry my corals. my aquarium currently has softies and lps corals...
  7. Reefer37

    Benefit or Negative to Switch Spectrums Midday?

    Just curious if there's any benefit of negative effect to switching spectrums during the day? For example, I run my Hydra 52 at 16k for about 7 hours of the day and then for an hour ramp down to 20k and keep that for the last 3 hours. I was just curious if others do this or if this would...
  8. mistuhm

    Budget Nano Lighting Suggestions

    Hi everyone, I've been using a Aquaknight for the past 2 years I've had my tank and its been doing pretty well so far. It recently died and I wanted to invest in something else other than that. I only grow softies and gorgonians so high lighting demand isn't necessary. I was looking at the...
  9. H

    New to corals

    What type of corals are these and where in a 32 gallon biocube with stock lighting be located please any info on what the back 2 are called would be appreciated