coraline algae

  1. Tadpolesreef

    Cyano, Dyno , or my coraline coming back?

    Hello reef2reef community , in the diatom stage of the cycle (hit one month). bringing an old tank from the dead with cycled live rock that ran in an established tank for roughly 5 years. Did my first water change after a couple diatom spots started creeping up. Diatoms are now gone but for...
  2. Reeflux

    Marco Rock In Tubs w Cor Alg Spores

    Hoping I can get some advice on my procedure here. Any help is appreciated! I'm 60% done with my build, so I'm preparing ahead of time for the tank and it's bio filtration. I got some Polypropylene Tubs and put my aquascaped marco rock inside. I know PP isn't quite as good as HDPE because...
  3. AtticusPutt

    Will Microbacter clean kill my coraline algae in a bottle?

    I recently started my new reef tank, after seeding it I was planning on dosing Coraline algae in a bottle as well as microbacter clean. If I add them at the same time will they work in conjunction together?
  4. B

    Is this coraline algae?

    So I have this all over my pumps, back glass and overflow also my return nozzles. I was wondering if it is nuisance algae or Coraline. I see purple, redish and pink coraline but never green. I blow it and it doesn't come off. I have to scrape it off if I want it off.
  5. Kenamen

    What’s growing in my tank??

    Should I be concerned about this growth? Is there something I should introduce to curb the algae looking growth? I’m going to be implementing a refugium in the sump in a few weeks time
  6. S

    Lighting on after Tank Cycling?

    Hi everyone. Hope everyone’s safe during these bad times. So I had setup a tank during Covid to help my self cope up with the lockdown. But unfortunately I was let go by my company. So I cannot add any live stock currently. My tank is fully cycled for about a month now without lights. Do you...
  7. Carebearsss.x

    Coraline Algae? Or a Sponge?

    Hey guys just wondering if this is Orange Coraline Algae? Or if it could be a Sponge of some sort?? Thanks!
  8. smartwater101

    How do you feel about Coralline algae in your tank?

    Its usually a decent sign of quality water conditions, but I’ve never been a big fan of the back wall covered in coralline. Looks a kind of dirty. But at this point I can’t really bring myself to take the time and scrape it off. Someone scrape this crap off the tank walls for me lol How do...
  9. LilElroyJetson

    Does Coraline Prefer Red Light?

    The coraline has finally started popping up in my tank! I’m excited, BUT, unfortunately, it only appears to be growing in my chaeto reactor :eek:. I used two bottles of bottled coraline about a month ago, I figured it was overkill but I wanted the purple and pink strains, and to speed up the...
  10. Renelope

    What eats coraline?

    My tank makes coraline algae like you wouldn’t believe, in 8 months all my live rock is covered with thick plated sections growing upward and splotches that are spreading over each other, the back glass and overflow are covered... and I’m having to scrape it off the front/sides every 3-4 days...
  11. Jeremy Lain

    How long does it take for coraline algae to grow

    Hello, I was wondering how long it takes for coraline algae to grow in a reef tank? Does it have to be introduced to the reef tank some how or does it just start growing? Some information on it is what I am looking for, and maybe some pictures of reef tanks that have it.
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