custom aquarium

  1. lrp693

    Custom Rustic Nano Reef Build

    Howdy there! I’m a little late to the game on getting my tank build posted in this thread considering that it has been up and running for almost 6 months (only two weeks away from the half-year checkpoint!) Anyway, I still wanted to get it posted and show the progress and maybe inspire some...
  2. Huenemedoe

    Shallow 5 Gallon Rubble Reef Glass Up Build

    Hello Everybody! I started this build for a few reasons..... 1. It was super fun!!!!!! 2. Space requirements 3. Higher nitrates for mushrooms and softies I definitely encourage everyone to try a build like this at least once! With a little patience and organizational skills it was actually a...
  3. R

    Christmas treat... Custom or AIO kit tank, your insights!

    Hi there, I'm a high school science teacher looking at adding a ~100 galloon mixed reef setup to my chemistry classroom. I'm looking at placing the tank behind my desk by a window where the tank could possibly be viewed in the hallway as well. A see-through peninsula is not a must, but would be...
  4. I

    Help buying custom aquarium

    I want to buy a custom aquarium.The dimension of the aquarium is 49x25x21 the back panel would be black and it would have 4 holes drilled on the back,2 for the low pro overflow and the other 2 for returns,and it would be rimless and my dad makes cabinets so I don’t need any so now I need help on...
  5. M

    Looking to build a tank

    So I’m looking to build custom mixed reef tank roughly 300+g but I need some points in the right direction! First where is a good place to buy glass? Hardware stores or order it cut? Should I double layer the bottom I have seen it holds up to shocks a little better not sure if that’s true...
  6. LilElroyJetson

    What Do You Wish You Had Known Before Ordering a Custom Tank??

    Think I’m about ready to pull the trigger on putting my deposit down for my big tank upgrade and I’ve gone back and forth with a couple of configurations whether it be height, width, overflow style, stand considerations, etc. I think I’ve landed on a 48x24x18 (90G) from Reef Savvy. What do you...
  7. Peter K

    Upgrade #4 (and not the last) - 360G Main Display

    Hey everyone, To start off, I figured I'd say a little about myself and my fiance and our experiences in the hobby. I am lucky enough to have a partner who is as enthusiastic about the hobby as myself (at some points she can be even a bit too enthusiastic...) We have now been in the...
  8. SkiCatTX

    Rimless 180 or 225? What are the best dimensions? Eurobracing required?

    I am in the market for a new tank in the range of around 180 to 225 Rimless. Thought I have been keeping fish and corals for over 20 years, the largest tank I've had was a 40g with a 10g sump, and I currently have a 28g and 10g, so this will be completely new territory for me. I have a space in...
  9. Crystal Reef Aquatics

    Custom Peninsula Tank by Crystal Reef Aqutics

    It was a beautiful and sunny weekend delivering this tank to a local customer. Visit our site and social media in the signature for more!
  10. Crystal Reef Aquatics

    Custom Reef Tank 300+ Gallon by Crystal Reef Aquatics

    This thing is sweet! Get your free quote today! 84x32x26 External bean animal overflow ABS protective insert Black Corner Guards Black silicone Custom Crystal Reef Aquatics Stealth sump
  11. Ignitros

    Larger mixed reef tank... 72" x 24" x 24" or so. Acrylic or Glass?

    Hey Everyone! I am starting to get together a list of equipment for a new build I'm going to take on. I am building a through wall display tank. It will be 72" to 84" wide, 24" to 30" deep and tall. I've had both acrylic and glass tanks in the past but never done anything larger than a 90...
  12. alexjoha

    210 Gallon SPS dominante system.

    Hi, I have a system that`s 210 gallons, the main tank is a pensula style custom made tank. It has Opti white glass on all sides and is viewable from 3 sides. The tank is placed between my Livingroom and the hallway. Aquarium Custom ordered pensula 610Liters With full Opti white glass at...
  13. TK_KW

    Tyler's 220 gallon build thread!

    Hello everybody, As I'm new to creating a saltwater set up, I figured I could use some help along the way. Get some education from seasoned reef keepers, whom some have already helped me, in a previous form. The display tank, which will be in a wall, is a custom Miracles 220gallon, with...
  14. YogiReef


    I am looking for a new reef tank but haven't been able to find one online that suits my needs and stays in my budget. I want a peninsula/end flow tank that is glass and rimless. It would be great if it already had AIO filtration like the IM Nuvo tanks do. Here are the requirements...
  15. Ignitros

    New Tank... 72" W x 24" D x 24" H... What thickness of glass is best?

    Hey Everyone! I am looking to purchase a new tank for a project I'm starting. It will be either 72" W x 24" D x 24" H or 72" W x 30" D x 24" H. During my research I have seen glass thickness anywhere from 1/4" to 3/4" thick for these size of tanks. I already know I'm getting one with no...
  16. Crystal Reef Aquatics

    Crystal Reef Aquatics freshwater install at Amazon

    We had the privilege of working with Steve over at Aquarium Zen, a planted aquarium store located in Seattle,Wa. We built 4 rimless 72x24x16 tanks, each with a unique theme. I will be recording updates soon!
  17. Crystal Reef Aquatics

    Unrivaled Reef's Custom Aquarium and sump by Crystal Reef Aquatics

    Here's another custom system designed and built by Crystal Reef Aquatics. Tank is owned by Gene Friend of Unrivaled Reefs. Visit our website for a list of our products and services Check our Gene's coral selection at Please follow us on...
  18. Crystal Reef Aquatics

    The perfect filtration solution for your show tank! Crystal Reef Aquatics SRS60

    The Stealth Reef Sump SRS60 has a 60 x 22 x 16 (86 gallon) configuration and comes complete with all the accessories show below at no extra charge to our customers. These include a John Guest fitting with a 3 inch hard acrylic tube for RO/DI, Probe Holder, Dual 7 inch sock Assembly, All bulkhead...