custom aquariums

  1. Gahngoo

    Custom corner tank build DIY (w/ pics)

    Hi everyone. I recently finished a custom corner aquarium build. Took around 7 months to complete. This is my third tank that I have up & running. IIt' around 100 gallons. The other two are a 180G mixed reef & a 10G LPS tank. The 180G is going on 11 years old & the 10G it's about 8 years old...
  2. John Ostler

    Testers needed! NEW custom aquarium design app

    Hey everybody! I'm SO PUMPED to finally get to post about this app. I'm in need of testers for a new app that's been in the works since the fall of 2017. It's called Aquarium Plan AR ( and its mission is to help you design and plan your next aquarium! It was created to...
  3. AquaDaddy

    Upgrading to larger Tank - which one

    I'm sure this has been asked numerous times, but I did search and wasn't successful in my quest. We have a 93 cube and would like to upgrade to something where the fish have more room and we can house more corals. Run out of room in the cube pretty quick! So, we could easily go to 5' tank and...
  4. Peter K

    Experience with large 300+ gallon tanks from Custom Aquariums or Coast to Coast

    Hi all, We're in the market for a 350-500 gallon tank in the next few months and have narrowed it down to a few manufacturers, Coast to coast and custom aquariums. I am curious if anyone has experience with LARGE (350+) tanks from either of these manufacturers. I've heard nothing but...
  5. Erick Armanii

    How to convert a dual overflow tank into a peninsula style?!

    Hello R2R family! I will be working on my 150 triton tank in the next few weeks (I will be doing a mission trip in Nepal so the build will be placed on hold for a few weeks) Prior to the build tread, I have a question and I’m looking for some feedback.. I currently purchased a dual overflow...
  6. klondike4001

    New foray into the Cube Life!

    Been on here a while, and have gone through a few reefs over the years. This is my first build thread on R2R. The Specs 28” Cube, Euro-braced, with a Reef Synergy Overflow. Custom Stand, with Electronics/Controller panel build in. Custom 24" Elite Aquatics sump done in Smoked Gray and Dark...
  7. bean2986

    Bryan's 180g CustomAquariums Build

    Although my time in this hobby has been relatively short (1.5 years) it was already time for me to upgrade! I had a serious case of cabin fever this winter so I began researching and planning a new build. I've come pretty far, but I will start with the beginning and post over the next few days...
  8. AquaNerd

    Patent awarded for Siphon Stopper

    Custom Aquariums Granted Patent for the Siphon Stopper Emitter. Click the top like to learn more and watch the video. Click the 2nd like to see our Facebook page.