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  1. T

    Build Thread 120 Gallon Build Years In the Making.

    I am currently setting up my 120 gallon reef tank. A little background info first. 2 years ago I purchased a new 120 gallon aquarium with most of the equipment. I was running a 90 gallon in desperate need of a refresh. It is still limping along with the two external canister filters and...
  2. nautical_nathaniel

    Build Thread Nautical Nathaniel's Innovative Marine 30 EXT

    It has been 6 years since I started reefkeeping, and in that time I have had two AIO aquariums: an 8 Gallon Cube and an Innovative Marine Nuvo 20. However, I have always wanted to have a sump and a refugium, and all of my equipment in one spot underneath the stand. I've seen hundreds of other...
  3. dustinc

    Build Thread It's the Last Tank, I Promise... dustinc's 120 gal SPS Build (BRS/WWC Hybrid)

    Hey reefing family! Tank: 120 Gallon Planet Mega Matrix 120 w/ Crystal Glass, Black Background, and Internal Overflow (48.5" x 24.5" x 25") Lighting: (2) Kessil A360x & (2) LET 2 Bulb T5 retrofit units (4 ATI Blue+ bulbs total) Stand: Custom Sump: Trigger Platinum 34 Sump w/ Filter Roller...
  4. reelss

    Large Build Reelss's 180 Gallon Build (DIY heavy, Basement Sump)

    The build started unexpectedly when I was able to get a 180 gallon tank locally being sold by another reefer. I have been building it slowly. Here's the progress so far, but there's a lot of work that still remains. Current Tanks: 80 gallon Deep Blue 50 gallon Low Boy The plan is to set up...
  5. R

    110 Gallon Reef Tank and Custom Cabinet for Sale

    HI. I have had this tank running for 10 years! Some corals and fish have been along for most of the ride. I am moving and unfortunately will not be taking the tank with me. Everything must go. Glass tank. Tons of coral, fish (Chevron Tang, Purple Tang, Clown fish, and a few others), live...
  6. Scubajunior

    Nano Build Nuvo EXT 30L Build

    I'm back into the hobby after a 3 year hiatus and I'm super excited to start! Have going back and forth between a Nuvo 20, Nuvo 30L and a Nuvo EXT 30L, I finally landed on the EXT 30L. I liked the long 3 ft version and the ability to add a sump. I had also planned on building my own stand to...
  7. Finatik

    Show Us Your Custom Stand Wrapped In "Stone"

    I've got two 120Gs, and I'm thinking about wrapping my newly built wood stands in stone (probably faux stone to keep the weight down). I'd love to see some examples of the custom stands some of you have built using stone for the outer skin. *** Please post pictures of the front and sides of...
  8. scobeyra

    FS: 75 Gal Advanced Acrylic Frag Tank w/ Custom Stand

    I don't have enough time to keep up the frag tank anymore, so selling it. Tank was a custom build from Advanced Acrylic. 3/4" thick. Tank dimensions - 60"L x 24"W x 12"H. Custom stand that was built for the tank. Skinned with reclaimed wood. Sump is an acrylic by Synergy reef. Asking $1,200...
  9. H

    AIO Build HeulittSalmi's JBJ 30r Tank

    Latest Update: 9/19/2017 JBJ 30 gallon Rimless ($270) Radion Xr15 Gen 4 Pro + RMS Mount ($385 + $95) 2 x Rossmont 1900 gph Movers ($129) Rossmont Waver ($199) Eshopps PSK-75 H Protein Skimmer ($160) Flipper Cleaner ($30) 2x Stock Media Baskets. Fish: 1 Ocellaris ($20) 1 Diamond Goby ($22) (One...