1. Queen City Corals

    Live Goods SOLD SPONSOR QCC Golden Dragon Cynarina

    Introducing the breathtaking QCC Golden Dragon Cynarina, a coral that will bring a touch of exotic luxury to your saltwater aquarium. This striking coral boasts a mesmerizing blend of golden and bronze tones, creating an entrancing effect that is sure to impress. Its intricate texture and unique...
  2. CoralsAnonymous

    Live Goods SOLD SPONSOR WYSIWYG Ultra Rainbow Holy Grail Cynarina

    Aloha from your friends at Corals Anonymous! We have the newly arrived Corals Anonymous (CA) WYSIWYG Ultra Rainbow Holy Grail Cynarina for sale for $999.99! Bring the beauty and rarity of the ocean home with the ultra-stunning CA Ultra Rainbow Holy Grail Cynarina! This Cynarina will add an...
  3. CaliDanhReef

    California Live Goods Bay Area: Indophylia and Cynarina

    $300 for both clearing space deal. No shipping pickup Sunnyvale
  4. QCC Holy Grail Cynarina

    For sale North Carolina QCC Holy Grail Cynarina

    Looking for a coral that's truly worthy of the name "holy grail"? Look no further than Queen City Corals' Holy Grail Cynarina! This exquisite coral features stunningly vibrant and varied colors that make it truly one-of-a-kind. Its bright green, rich blues, and vibrant pinks blend together in a...
  5. QCC Swamp Monster Indophyllia

    For sale North Carolina QCC Swamp Monster Indophyllia

    What happens when you mix an insane Cynarina with a stunning Acanthophyllia? You get this amazing QCC Swamp Monster Indophyllia! With greens, pinks, purples, yellows, reds, and blues this coral is the perfect centerpiece for someone who wants something unique that still looks phenomenal!
  6. Holy Grail Cynarina

    For sale North Carolina Holy Grail Cynarina

    At Queen City Corals we love unique pieces and this Holy Grail Cynarina is an incredibly unique piece that has an electric yellow/ gold translucent ring with a bright pink center that shines through the ring making a real showstopper! This rare piece is 1.5-2" when it's open and will be the...
  7. PV Reefs

    Rare 3 headed cynarina

    Got a few rare pieces, multi headed acanthos, cynarina, indophyllia. videos available upon request, 3 headed cynarina $550 shipped
  8. peewee5779

    Cynarina has white spaghetti like stuff coming out

    Came home today to find this stringy spaghetti like stuff coming out of it and also mucus. I haven't done anything different to the tank other than a normal every two week water change yesterday. I have had this coral for 8 months now and have never had any issues with it. All other corals are...
  9. Coral Headz

    Coral Headz - Meat Corals, Trachys, and Scoly Oh My

    Unique Scoly Red Cynarina Neon Bleeding Apple Scoly Rainbow Trachy Rainbow Acantho Triple Headed Scoly Rainbow Acantho Bleeding Apple Scoly Rainbow Trachy Bleeding Apple Scoly
  10. CoralsAnonymous

    Livestock [Corals Anonymous] Veteran's Day Sale - Up to 70% off select livestock - Ends Nov 16

    Celebrate Veteran's Day weekend with our Veteran's Day Sale! As always, Military, Medical and First Responders get an additional 15% off their purchase with GovX ID verification. We're proud to support you! Click our banner above to head over to the sale! Free shipping for orders over...
  11. CoralsAnonymous

    Veteran's Day Sale - Up to 70% off select livestock - Ends Nov 16

    Celebrate Veteran's Day weekend with our Veteran's Day Sale! As always, Military, Medical and First Responders get an additional 15% off their purchase with GovX ID verification. We're proud to support you! Click our banner above to head over to the sale! Free shipping for orders over...
  12. Coral Headz

    For the Meat Coral Addicts

    Rainbow Acantho Pink Indophyllia Purple Indophyllia Rainbow Acantho Cynarina Green Tiger Acantho
  13. noober

    Small Black bump on Skeleton of Indo/Cynarina

    Hi guys, just got my first meaty coral. I'm not sure if it's a Cynarina or an Indo. But I noticed there is a small black bump on the skeleton. No signs of color. It's only visible when I feed it and it recedes, otherwise it has been completely healthy and color has been amazing. Is it a baby...
  14. Gold Ring Red Cynarina

    For sale North Carolina Gold Ring Red Cynarina

    Sandbed looking empty? Spice it up with this stunning Gold Ring Red Cynarina! This piece absolutely glows and will make an amazing centerpiece in almost any tank! PLUS IT'S ON SALE NOW!
  15. TopShelfAquatics

    These LPS colonies are on FIRE!!!

    We got some amazing new LPS pieces available NOW!! For anyone looking for that special piece look no further. Shoot us a message with any questions.
  16. T

    Cynarina Dead Tissue

    I bought a cynarina from RAP last weekend at a great deal due to a section of dead/irritated tissue on him. The booth I bought it from said they had a tang that they think nipped it about 2 months prior and that's why it looked like that. I dipped it in ReVive for ~10 minutes when I got him and...
  17. Queen City Corals

    Valentine's Day Sale Plus Coral Drop Sneak Peek!

    It's time for us to show the love with our Valentine's Day Sale starting today! Save BIG on our huge selection plus these new corals that will be dropping at 6 pm est Tonight! It's not Friday if there aren't new corals and trust me you don't want to miss out on this incredible Orange Ring...
  18. Queen City Corals

    Exclusive Coral Drop Sneak Peak!

    Here is an exclusive sneak peek of the new corals dropping tonight at 6 pm EST! Grab this QCC Radioactive Yuma, NeonOrange Fungia, or Green Cynarina for a stunning centerpiece, or any of our dozens of new corals...
  19. PMReef

    Cynarina Dying (Emergency)

    Hello, my cynarina is dying and I don’t inow why, water parameters are as follows: alkalinity 9.5kdh calcium: 359 phosphate 0.25 nitrates 35 high range ph 8.7 salinity 1025 magnesium : 1500 Help me what can I do to save it… I put it on quarantine, then a black spot appeared and two days later...
  20. monicalooze

    Is it ever possible to stop tissue recession?

    I added a cynarina to my tank in mid-December. It was a little damaged from the mail...missing some flesh on a couple points. I stuck it in the sand bed in a low flow area, but it has continued to recede to the point that I'm pretty sure it's a goner. I've been spot feeding it brine shrimp and...
  21. J

    Texas Euphylia and other corals for sale (will ship)

    Hello all, I have a variety of coral for sale. Shipping is $40 within US. DOA is 50% split minus shipping. However, I have plenty of experience in shipping so there shouldn't be an issue. Red and Green goni: $250 Teal And Orange Acanthophylia: $625 Red Cynarina: $225 Green Mouth Black...
  22. ygon

    Florida Unique Cynarina

    Have two cynarinas for sale. These have a very unique stripped/marbled pattern to them. Asking $80 each plus shipping.
  23. F

    Help! My Cynarina is growing dark flesh. Is it necrotic? What should I do?

    As far as I can tell, my cynarina is growing some sort of dark flesh, see the photo. I know my nitrates and phosphates are a little low for LPS but I've been struggling to keep them up, I think I need more fish (I only have 2 in my 32.5 gallon). I dose NeoPhos and NeoNitro, but apparently I need...
  24. lclfox

    Cynarina for sale

    Local pickup only in Nashville. 4-6" across. Purple and green, grape cynarina. $130 Open to trades!
  25. MrDeathKills

    Nevada Small Cynarina

    Hi I am currently looking for some super small Cynarina. As in max 3in. I want them to go right next to these 2 acanthos, in my 32 gal biocube. I am looking for 1 that is red and 1 that is considered odd. To try and stick to the theme of the 2 acanthos we have.
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