1. J

    Texas Euphylia and other corals for sale (will ship)

    Hello all, I have a variety of coral for sale. Shipping is $40 within US. DOA is 50% split minus shipping. However, I have plenty of experience in shipping so there shouldn't be an issue. Red and Green goni: $250 Teal And Orange Acanthophylia: $625 Red Cynarina: $225 Green Mouth Black...
  2. ygon

    Florida Unique Cynarina

    Have two cynarinas for sale. These have a very unique stripped/marbled pattern to them. Asking $80 each plus shipping.
  3. F

    Help! My Cynarina is growing dark flesh. Is it necrotic? What should I do?

    As far as I can tell, my cynarina is growing some sort of dark flesh, see the photo. I know my nitrates and phosphates are a little low for LPS but I've been struggling to keep them up, I think I need more fish (I only have 2 in my 32.5 gallon). I dose NeoPhos and NeoNitro, but apparently I need...
  4. lclfox

    Cynarina for sale

    Local pickup only in Nashville. 4-6" across. Purple and green, grape cynarina. $130 Open to trades!
  5. MrDeathKills

    Nevada Small Cynarina

    Hi I am currently looking for some super small Cynarina. As in max 3in. I want them to go right next to these 2 acanthos, in my 32 gal biocube. I am looking for 1 that is red and 1 that is considered odd. To try and stick to the theme of the 2 acanthos we have.
  6. L

    Question about Cynarina lacrymalis (Button) Coral

    Hey everyone, I'm wondering if anyone knows how big Cynarina lacrymalis coral can get? I have one that, while fully extended is approx. 20cm in diameter. I'm Just trying to find information on how large they can get.
  7. P

    Mystery dark spot on Cynarina

    Does this look familiar to any Cynarina keepers? Only fish in with her is 1 clown who minds her business & a lawnmower blenny who again doesn’t mess w/ anyone. There are a couple of snails and a hermit who I have never witnessed messing with coral in general. All parameters are stable and...
  8. Joe Knows Reefs

    CrAzY WYSIWYG Colony Update Just Posted at

    Happy Tuesday all you coral heads! We've been stockpiling some nice new Indo corals and have just posted several to the website. A nice variety of stuff not seen everyday as well as some common entry level LPS and softy corals. Head on over and take a look! CLICK HERE TO VIEW NEW ARRIVALS
  9. endeavouraquatics

    Livestock Cynarina, Magic Carpet Mushrooms and MORE! SUPER Deals!!

    $39.95 Cynarinas $149.95 Magic Carpet Mushrooms and MORE! $39.99 Flat Rate Shipping (We combine shipping)
  10. Mr_Knightley

    Official Acanthophyllia, Cynarina, and Indophyllia show off (and appreciation) thread!

    So... I noticed that only true "pet corals", Acanthos, Cynos, and the like, don't yet have an appreciation thread. So here it is! Post pictures and ask questions here. Acanthos & relatives,in my opinion, are some of the coolest corals out there. They come in so many different forms and...
  11. AquariumSpecialty

    One of a Kind Ultra Cynarina I think the picture speaks for itself...