dc pump

  1. Peter Hand

    New Jersey Skimz BR83 BR 83 DC Reactor

    $100 shipped, great condition
  2. smartwater101

    Poll: Do you use the various modes on your Ecotech return pump?

    My next build is several months out, and while doing what i usually do (shopping for things i can not afford) I always see Vectra return pumps popping up in adds and whatnot. But I've always be curious, what is the point of the different modes? If it were back in the day, when closed-loop was...
  3. jwilliams860

    North Carolina Royal Exclusive Red Dragon RD3 50w speedy BNIB

    I have a brand new 50w rd3 pump. I bought it new for a smaller tank build that never got off the ground. The pump is good for 1300gph, DC controller. Extra fittings that came with it. It has metric and standard sizes. $600 shipped
  4. C

    Illinois Aqua Excel EC-15 Protein Skimmer 132 Gallon

    I have used this Aqua Excel protein skimmer for approximately 6 months. I used it with bio pellets. I decided to change my sump around and got an ATS and bought a Reef Octopus Skimmer. This has a DC pump with a controller to adjust the flow of water. This will handle up to 132 gallons of...
  5. smartwater101

    DC Pumps: Best bang for your buck?

    I'm more interested in a silent pump that controllable. As long as I can adjust the flow (even with valves, if need be) I'd be happy. I can't imagine ever needing Pules/Lagoon mode on a return pump. I have a 180 with two Syncra 5.0s. 1 goes straight to return (after 5'), the other splits...
  6. scott9119

    Florida Reef Octopus Skimmer

    Up for sale is my Protein Skimmer that I had on my 100 gallon reef tank with an upgraded pump. This thing is a beast. Rated for 200 gallons .Comes with the Varis controller 350.00 obo
  7. Crimson

    New Jersey Break Down Sale!

    So I broke down my Custom 32 Gallon AIO and here is what I have for sale: (Local pickup 08090/08003 I can offer discount) Free shipping unless noted. Pictures can be found here: LINK - Heater Package: Finnex 300 watt heater TH-300 , Ink Bird controller and Grounding probe $45 - IceCap ATO...
  8. J

    Alabama IM MightyJet Midsize DC pump, BNIB, $75

    I'm selling a brand-new, in-box, Innovative Marine MightyJet Midsize DC return pump. I bought this a week ago to drive an algae scrubber, but it's just too much flow. I can't return it because it was in the water for five minutes, so my loss is your gain. Bulk Reef Supply has these on sale...
  9. P

    Massachusetts Your Choice Aquatics DC13 Skimmer - CHEAP

    Your Choice Aquatics DC13 Skimmer - $150 shipped - - Pulls lots of nasty skimmate - comes with original box and instructions. This is a DC pump skimmer. Product Size :14.5*14.5*51 cm Footprint:5.7"*5.7"
  10. Ohiostreetz

    California M1 Vectra return pump

    M1 Vectra return pump Used for aprox. 2 months Broke system down upgrading to cor pumps from Neptune Asking $300 shipped
  11. W

    Florida Ecotech Marine Vectra L1

    I'm selling a lightly used Ecotech Marine Vectra L1 Return Pump. Purchased it JAN 2017. It is in perfect condition. Decided to go with a different return pump to automate feed mode with APEX. Price: $329 including shipping
  12. AQUAM

    Massachusetts EcoTech Marine VECTRA L1 $349

    Selling my Vectra L1 Pump. Purchased in 11/2016. Used it from 06/2017 to 01/2018 as the return pump on a RSR 525XL. I'm upgrading to an Abyzz and retiring the Vectra. Pump is in perfect condition. It's been thoroughly cleaned with RODI water. In original packaging. $349 shipping included. I...
  13. C

    New tank build.

    Started a build tread in the members tank section. It is still a work in progress but is coming along enough to have some photos. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/custom-80-gallon-rebuild.352618/#post-4405127
  14. MarineDepot

    Built For Your Most Demanding Flow Requirements

    Built For Your Most Demanding Flow Requirements Abyzz Pumps Now Available @ Marine Depot!
  15. C

    Custom 80 gallon rebuild...

    Long story short my 58 gallon Oceanic tank with basement sump had to come down for space. I built a new tank in the basement. All was going fine until I cooked the tank. 106 degrees and nothing lives. This thread will document the rebuild and upgrade to that system.
  16. Caliwagon

    Skimz SN123 Monzter Mini DC skimmer FS

    Santa thought I was good this year and brought me some upgrades for the tank and this is the latest thing that needs a new home. Skimmer was bought new from BRS 6/2017 and has been running on my tank up until last week. Its been given a scrub down and the small parts have been given a vinegar...
  17. AquariumSpecialty

    Neptune Systems COR 15 & 20 Preorder

    http://www.aquariumspecialty.com/equipment/pumps.html?manufacturer=6934 * Please note: Neptune Systems is only shipping a few pumps to each distributor on the 1st run. 1st come 1st serve on the order for early January. There is still time to reserve yours.
  18. AquaNerd

    Neptune’s COR-20 and COR-15 pumps are ready for pre-order

    The long awaited COR DC pumps from Neptune Systems will begin shipping in early January but availability will be scarce on the 1st shipment. See the link for the new video and pricing. http://aquanerd.com/2017/12/neptunes-cor-20-and-cor-15-pumps-are-ready-for-pre-order.html
  19. AquaNerd

    New Product Spotlight - The Ecotech Marine S1

    http://aquanerd.com/2017/08/ecotech-marine-to-begin-shipping-the-vectra-s1-pump-soon.html Lear more by clicking the link above.
  20. AquariumSpecialty

    The new Sicce SDC 7.0 & 9.0 DC with WiFi pumps are in Stock

    We are pleased to announce that our 1st shipment has arrived and we have plenty in stock at this time. These silent and feature rich pumps are sure to sell fast! From now until Monday - July 31st receive 5 times the normal reward points on these pumps...
  21. D


    Been trying to decide on what return pump to use for my new 75gallon reef. I choose these 3 pumps because they seem affordable and good quality. AquaMaxx Magnus VSG-6000 DC Water Pump by Sunpole Reef Octopus VarioS-2 Controllable DC Circulation Pump Current USA eFlux DC Flow Pump What do...
  22. MarineDepot

    VIDEO: New AquaMaxx DC Pumps!

    VIDEO: New AquaMaxx DC Pumps! Quiet, controllable, high-performance water pumps!
  23. AquaNerd

    A Closer Look at the New VariosS-8 DC Pump

    http://aquanerd.com/2017/01/a-closer-look-at-the-new-varioss-8-dc-pump.html The new model 8 is about to hit stores. Click the link to see product details and pricing. Have a great weekend!