1. Printed Reef

    Solutions for Vacuuming Detritus from Sand

    Hello Reefers, I am looking for a solution with vacuuming detritus with my MJ 1200. I am constantly getting it clogged up with sand and debris whenever I try vacuuming my sump or sand bed. I have tried the Python sand cleaner , however I did not like the way it worked and I do not want to be...
  2. Reefer37

    Web-like Algae

    Hey everyone! I've been reefing for only 3 months now, so still learning a ton, and I'll tell ya, I can't wait until I can sit down and actually enjoy my tank instead of obsessing over learning and trying to figure every single detail when things change. That's a side note though. :p So I've...
  3. Jax15

    Do you stir your sand bed or vac?

    How do you maintain your sand bed? Do you use a gravel vac to clean it out every time you do a water change, do you stir it once a week, or just leave it be? There's some debate about what the best method is -- if you vac, you'll clean out old detritus and keep the water clean, but perhaps pull...
  4. Fish_Sticks

    #1 WHAT IF I TOLD YOU... Ammonia is causing your algae problems?

    After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you keep believing that nitrate and phosphate are the cause of your algae problems. You take the red pill - I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. This image was created by @Fish_Sticks, ©2019, All Rights...
  5. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    Turn a spare MJ1200 Pump into a Detritus Vacuum!

    Everyone has a spare MJ pump in their old aquarium equipment bin. Why not put it to use on your next water change and clean out that sump with the MJV - MJ Utility Pump Vacuum Attachment by Compatible with 3/4in OD hose Add the vacuum attachment to any hose with a 3/4in OD and breeze...
  6. ArialReef

    Protein Skimmer.......

    I have a 8 Gal LPS dominated reef tank. I'm planning on building the sump. I already have the tank for the sump which is a 5 Gal tank. My question is, which protein skimmer would fit best in my sump ?
  7. P

    Queston about clean up crews

    Good afternoon everyone. This is my first post on R2R as well as my first post on any forum... ever. I was wondering something about clean up crews. What is the rule when it comes to cleaning the substrate of a tank when a cleaner crew is in place. I am not wanting to come off as a slacker but I...
  8. C

    Stirred up detritus ??

    Hey all, I noticed that some of my chaeto in the sump was turning white. So, I decided to remove it. When I took it out, I stirred a substantial amount of detritus. Just cleaned the sump earlier in the during my water change, so it's not terrible, but definitely a "sand storm" of detritus. I...
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