1. O

    EMERGENCY Had Dinos, tried Dr Tim’s and now things are worse....

    Hi all, Long time reefer and big time user of Reef Aquarium Guide forums back in the day. Once I started college my mom sold all my tanks and I’ve only now just gotten back into the hobby. Anyway, started my first tank since 2008 back in January and everything was going fine until I moved and...
  2. diamondreef

    Dino? Best way to treat?

    Just noticed these small silver balls and a reddish brown film .. more on the back of my rock. How do I stop this from spreading!?
  3. I

    Adding Fish/coral with active Dino outbreak

    Hi all, just a post as I can’t find much on it online. Is it possible to add new fish or corals to a tank that has a Dino outbreak? just curious thanks
  4. A

    Method to combat dinos.

    Hey y’all, I’ve been battling dinos for a solid month and a half, and they started due to an imbalance in nitrates and phosphates. I had moderate levels of nitrates while having undetectable phosphates. This imbalance arises because I did not think to dose nutrients during a fallow period...
  5. M

    Spirulina vs Porocentrum Dinos. Help needed.

    Hello reefers, I've been dealing with "the uglies" for a couple of months now. It started with porocentrum dinoflagelates and it has now evolved into spirulina and another thing I haven't been able to identify. I found a great deal of information on Dinos and Cyano but haven't been able to find...
  6. Chrisss

    Need Dino ID : Amphidinium or Prorocentrum

    Hello! Can I get some help ID's these type of Dinos - My current setup is 120g tank - 40G Sump and is ~1 year old Filtration: Filter Socks (replaced weekly) Curve 7 Pro - Bubble Magnus Carbon Reactor UV Sterilizer ~ 350-400 gph Water Change - Twice a month 15 gallons Dry Rock Live Sand Levels...
  7. NanoReeferAlex

    Can anyone ID this algae?

    I’ve noticed it growing for about 2 weeks thinking it was diatoms but now i’m getting more worried it’s not? any id or tips would be greatly appreciated!
  8. S

    Dino cell? Amphidinium?

    I’ve just looked under the microscope to see what looks like to be Dino cells. In my tank there isn’t much brown strands anywhere (not out of control) I just found some brown strands on my Zoas this morning? Can anybody help.
  9. S

    Preventing Dinos from taking over

    Hi Everyone, Hope everyone’s doing great. I want to understand how can one prevent Dino’s from taking over the tank eventually? Current I battled dinos in my 10 gallon and it wiped out all my corals. I am planning to switch to a 50g lagoon tank but kinda scared to make a move cuz I think I’ll...
  10. L

    Diatom / Dino ID

    Hi All - New to reefing so need some advice. I had initially had what looked like a diatom bloom starting week 3 and faded around week 7. I now have both brown and green algae on the sand bed & brown stringy algae on the back wall (re-appears 12 hours after I scrape it). The green algae on the...
  11. L

    Took out every single rock in a 220g... now this?

    Hey all, Battling gha for months and months. Finally removed every single rock in my 220g, scrubbed and scrubbed and rinsed and rises and did a 100 gallon water change. Replaced in my tank yesterday. Now fine reddish/brown dusting/stringy hairs on the rocks. What is this? Dinos? What should I...
  12. hasireefz

    Green killing machine and dinos

    Green killing machine is low end UV unit , did anyone have success using this to beet dinos ?. Few users report using this unit in the main dino thread and but did not report back. Any reviews is appreciated
  13. dr1271

    Please don’t be The Big D!

    Can someone help me distinguish what this is? I'm praying this isn't the Big D?!?! Tank is a Waterbox 70.2 (55g total water volume). Live rock and sand has stayed with me as I slowly upgraded tanks over the past 8+ years. I do not have a microscope yet to properly identify, but on the sand bed...
  14. S

    Microbacter 7 with Neophos + NeoNitro

    Hi Everyone, I have been battling Dinos in my tank. I plan to increase my nutrients in my tank. I have Neophos and Neonitro. Brightwell recommends adding Microbacter7 with these products. Why do they recommend Micorbacter7 in conjunction? Can I still not add MB7 and have the same results ? Thanks
  15. DeNovice

    Microscope pics - cyano, diatoms, dino ID help

    If I need more quality pics let me know. I’m new to the game so can someone id this for me with what I’ve got? Can iPhones not upload videos to this site?
  16. S

    Dino X and Skimmer

    Hi everyone My tank has a Dino issue currently. They are brown stringy slime on the sand bed. I don’t have a skimmer in my tank. Can I still use Dino X to get rid of these dinos? attaching pics. Will it hurt my corals? How many hours should I run my lights? curently running total 12 hrs with...
  17. O

    Dino X and Cyano?

    About a month ago I determined I had a Dino outbreak. Started using Dino X and now after 6 doses my Dino is fading, but now there’s a thick maroon algae building up. I believe it’s cyano. Has anyone had this experience?
  18. Salty Hippo

    Dino id

    Are these Dinos? If so what kind are they? What is the best course of action to eradicate them? Thank you.
  19. Razorp

    Moving an anemone from a tank that has Dinos.

    Ok, this may be difficult to answer. I want to move an anemone from my tank at home, to my office tank that i built specifically for anemones. The problem is, my tank has just begun getting dinos, and my office tank has just now gotten mature enough for my bubble tip nems. The real question...
  20. Y

    Question about Dino’s

    I’m fairly new to saltwater aquariums but have seen these pesky algae, Dino’s, mentioned quite often in various discussions. So I have a question.... how common are they? Is everyone bound to get them? Are there sure fire ways to avoid them? Kind regards, yanni
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