1. A

    Dinoflagellate relapse

    Some of you may know me, and unfortunately I am a recurring theme on these threads. School started for me two days ago, and since then I’ve had to wake up at 5:45. My lights are usually set to about 8:30 to 9:00, but they came on at 6:30. When I got home from school there were more...
  2. W


    Can peroxide kill dinos of a frag ? Along with a dipping method ?
  3. A

    GHA suffocating corals

    Hello, I am currently battling prorocentrum dinos and am making solid progress. I have a forest of GHA now, but it is now becoming problematic. It is housing stray dinos in it, while also suffocating my Xenia. Even though it is a competitor for the dinos, it is also a major nuisance. I want to...
  4. D

    Diatoms, Dinos, Cyano, and Hair algae?

    Hello to anyone who's here (and thank you for reading)! I think I've encountered my first issue with my reef tank, which is whether I've got dinos, diatoms, cyano, and hair algae - or maybe all four of them at the same time. I don't have a microscope on hand so I'm aware that the best ID I can...
  5. S

    Second Opinions Never Hurt - Dinos?

    Hi, all! First time posting but here’s another algae ID post. I don’t believe they’re diatoms. They sorta look like dinos but don’t have the characteristic trapped air bubbles. It’s brown, it covers the rocks, tank walls, and only the sand that is in the light. What do you guys think? Tank has...
  6. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    Diatoms reforming?

    Not sure if I had dinos at first which I thought were diatoms but if these are diatoms then they are reforming. Does adding more dry rock make diatoms reform? Also it's really only taking off on more of the older rock. Tank is about 1 month and 1 week old.
  7. Reef and Dive

    Dinoflagellates - do you want them?

    I was thinking about something a little different here, we surelly do not have a simple solution that works for all dinos, unfortunatelly, but for a long time we started to understand what are great conditions that predict dino problems in the future. So this list is kind of a joke (many items...
  8. shom

    Is it toxic dinos?

    Hi, A soft algae-like something has appeared in my coral tank since yesterday.:eek: (mov. 1) I'm afraid that it might be dinos. :confused: I took the piece of it and poured oxydol on it, but its color did not change. (mov. 2) I've heard If it's dinos, it turns purple. Is it unlikely that...
  9. Leon Gorani

    I’m pretty sure these are dinos, just want to double check.

    If these are dinos in my pics, what should I do to get rid of them? I was thinking dosing nitrate and phosphate but I don’t want to end up with other algae problems or over do it. Any tips? The bubbles do go away at night when my lights are off and they do come back when lights are on. I don’t...
  10. A

    Dino ID

    Hello, I’ve had brown algae for months in my tank and I believe they could be dinos from all pictures and descriptions ive seen, however I’m still not sure. Can anyone help me ID these??
  11. Salty Hippo

    Dino id

    Are these Dinos? If so what kind are they? What is the best course of action to eradicate them? Thank you.
  12. P

    My Easy approach to Amphidinium dinoflagellates

    I have a 50 gallon cube, sump, sand, ATS, radion LED, Protein skimmer, my aquascape is fairly easy to remove in sections. My troubles with Dinos coincided with overzealous Iron supplementation and low nutrients. I lost many corals and anemones to the infestation. I am not sure if my approach...
  13. X

    I finally beat dinos!

    So my tank has had dinos for a few months, going from good to bad good to bad to worse, with recently being REALLLY bad. Here is a pic from a month or two ago. And here is what it looks like now. To be honest, im really not sure what I did. I manually removed it now and then. the biggest...
  14. Macreefs

    Ostreopsis Dinoflagellates and TM All-for-Reef

    Hey all! I am currently battling Ostreopsis dinos that seem resistant to UV. Ive beat them in the past in this same tank with this same UV but this time around the difference is that I am dosing all for reef. I know in the wild that dinos feed off of free iron and that AFR has iron in it and...
  15. sotsreef

    Microscope ID help (diatoms,dinos?)

  16. Razorp

    Moving an anemone from a tank that has Dinos.

    Ok, this may be difficult to answer. I want to move an anemone from my tank at home, to my office tank that i built specifically for anemones. The problem is, my tank has just begun getting dinos, and my office tank has just now gotten mature enough for my bubble tip nems. The real question...
  17. sotsreef

    Dinos or Diatoms?

    Here is a picture, if needed I can post tank details but was gonna see if anyone could tell from just a photo. I’m talking about the brownish spots on the white dry rock.
  18. Alyssalaurente

    DINO ID???

    Hello reef friends and experts! I was wondering if anyone could help me identify this type of dinoflagellate. On the sand bed, it looks more like diatoms. No appearance of stringy/snotty bubbles, just brown patches that appear during the day and vanish at night. Under the microscope they are...
  19. Y

    Question about Dino’s

    I’m fairly new to saltwater aquariums but have seen these pesky algae, Dino’s, mentioned quite often in various discussions. So I have a question.... how common are they? Is everyone bound to get them? Are there sure fire ways to avoid them? Kind regards, yanni
  20. Salty Hippo

    Help id microscope image video

    Need to know what this is so I can treat it correctly. It’s only a photo but they move around quickly. Thanks
  21. Salty Hippo

    Cyano? Dinos?

    First post, need help.... Can anyone tell me what this is and how to get rid of it. My Phosphates .04 and Nitrates 5. Been doing 25% water changes weekly using RO/DI water 0 tds.
  22. S

    Is this a Dino cell?

    I’ve been trying to battle this ‘brown algae’ for quite a long time now. I’ve finally gotten a microscope to observe all the cells in my aquarium. Does the picture below look like Dino cells. The cells do move around and they go away at night and come back in the day. This makes me think it is...
  23. andrecr

    Question about Dinos

    Hey guys! First of all, hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas :D I got kinda of a silly question about dinos. I got myself a new tank and it's almost time to put my first corals in there. In the last 2 weeks some dinos appeared in my old tank, can they move to the new one via sand or...
  24. Michigan Reefer

    0.06 phosphate = Dinos? Algae? It's everywhere and it's my fault. Lots of pics.

    It's my fault. I switched out my entire sumps bacteria filled substrate and biofilter media and replaced it with calcium reactor media and crushed coral. It's been a month with no problems until the last couple of days. Just tested phosphate (0.06) to decide if I need a large water change to...
  25. A

    HELP! What the H... is this??? Dinos? Diatoms?

    I have a reef tank that most likely has either brown diatoms or dinoflagellates growing on the gravel/sand. Tank is at least a year old. Tests indicate excellent water quality with the possible exception - API kit shows nitrate @ 0 & phosphate checker shows it @ 0.03 so maybe too low? meaning...
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