disease identification

  1. MasonJar13

    Coral Disease?

    this coral has been very irritated and is turning white and dying in one area. The polyps have been closed mainly. Has anyone seen anything like this? All other corals and fish are fine!
  2. M

    Blue spot Jawfish discoloration of scales

    Hello, I woke up this morning and noticed my blue spotted jawfish not in his normal area in the tank. I just checked and now his markings dont look right. Tank has been setup over a year and all other inhabitants are active and healthy. I've had the jawfish for about a year. Any idea how to save...
  3. Michael Tang G

    White bumps around clownfish bump

    One of my clownfish is showing white bumps around its mouth and I’m not sure what it is. I started noticing the white around its mouth yesterday but today there’s a pretty pronounced bump. Any idea what it is and how I should treat it if needed? Attached photos
  4. Reefer9871

    EMERGENCY What is this on my Melanarus Wrasse?

    Hey fellow reefers! I desperately need some help figuring out what is going on with my melanarus wrasse. A week ago I added him to my what was a coral and inverts only 29 gallon biocube. He is the only fish in the tank. He hid out for 2 days after I introduced him into the tank. After day 2 he...
  5. Xxflounderxx

    Need help identifying

    Ok so I have a pretty in depth QT regiment following humble fish to a T using copper for 30 days the prazi for 14 days. It looks like a few of my fish have gotten white bumps but it looks like it's under the skin not on top like ick usually is. It's hard to see you have to be at the right angle...
  6. RedSea50Gang

    Fire fish died today...red marks... could starfish kill it?

    I just bought a fire fish Sunday from my lfs. I also got a sand sifting sea star the same day. My tank is a mix of corals and fish... I also have a fire shrimp. Today is Wednesday and he did hide a lot in a cave since I got him, but when he came out he was swimming around fine and coming out and...
  7. J

    Yellow tang in hospital tank, unsure of issue

    Hello, I have made a couple posts and comments about this, but figured I'd give it one last try to see if people can maybe help me pin point the issue my tang is having. Here's a breakdown. About 6 days ago I noticed my YT hiding in the shade and not eating normally. Usually very active...
  8. ElderMillennial

    EMERGENCY New Gem Tang…. Is this velvet disease?

    Hi everyone, I’ve been reading these forums a lot for the past few years… but this is my first post. thank you for the help last and present…. got a New Gem Tang. She has been quarantined for almost 3 weeks while her tank is getting aquascaped… I noticed this on her face yesterday… I can’t...
  9. T


    I got home from a short trip yesterday and thought she was dead as I couldn't find her anywhere, until I found her in a strange cravice she is normally not in. I didn't think much of it, but since then she has constantly been hiding in little caves in my reef and didn't eat after I tried to feed...
  10. N

    Help! Clownfish disease?? Brooklynella?

    Hi, new to reefing, I’ve been searching the internet for solutions but I can’t confidently diagnose this patch - it seems to be worsening (see photos). the clowns have only been in the tank 3 days although my parameters are all fine. I’ve not a clue - any ideas! Thanks!
  11. L

    EMERGENCY Black marks on Moorish Idol and Powder blue tang

    Hey everyone, just wanted to know whether anyone has experienced this before, and if its normal? I’m just concerned because my powder blue had similar black marks 2-3 weeks before dying of an unknown cause (which would eventually end up killing half my fish: tangs and angels). I ended up...
  12. L

    Black marks on my moorish idol and powder blue

    Hey everyone, just wanted to know whether anyone has experienced this before, and if its normal? I’m just concerned because my powder blue had similar marks 2-3 weeks before dying of an unknown cause. I’ve had the Moorish Idol for almost a week now, but his been eating well and has showed no...
  13. Edison Coltro

    Help identify Disease.

    Hey guys, So three days ago I noticed some spots on my sailfin tang skin. This fish has been with me for almost 5 months now and eats really well. The only symptom i've seen is scratching agains the rocks . Any ideas as to what it is? Parameters are: Amonia - 0 Nitrites - 0,25 Nitrates - 5 Kh...
  14. A

    White spots on Tomini Tang

    I've got a very shy Tomini Tang who is hard to get to hold still long enough to take pictures of but hopefully these are good enough. On the fish's left side near its dorsal fin are a couple of white spots. Could someone help me to determine what this might be and if what I'm doing is...
  15. C

    Help diagnosing clownfish?

    Hello! I am new to saltwater fish keeping , but have had my tank set up for several months. Tank is fully cycled, parameters are in check (0,0,10ppm), SG: 1.024, Temperature: 76. My pair of clowns developed some spots between last night and this morning, and I’m having some trouble figuring out...
  16. L

    EMERGENCY Royal Gramma possible disease?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post to R2R and sadly its not the best of ones :( I bought a Royal Gramma on Saturday and upon bringing it home I realised it had a sort of pinkish blotching affect on its head. Is this to be of any concern? I did a freshwater dip for 1 minute 30 yesterday...
  17. A

    EMERGENCY Clownfish with cyst and lethargy

    I’ve had two clowns and two hermits in a 10 gallon for close to two months now. The tank has been properly cycled and decent a decent amount of coralline is growing which I’m very happy about. My female clown recently started behaving lethargic and uninterested in food. She had a stomach...
  18. A

    EMERGENCY Anyone know what this is? Looks like lymphoma but I’m worried it could be much worse

    My tank has been running for close to a month and a half and has been completely cycled. It’s a 10 gallon with two clowns and two hermits. My larger clown has a white cyst and white coloration on her dorsal. Any advice would be appreciated. She had a stomach parasite a while ago and I treated...
  19. A

    EMERGENCY Clownfish Disease Help

    I've just noticed these white specs on my Clown (pictured below). She is acting perfectly normal from what I can tell--eating normally and swimming around fine. From some precursory research I think that this may be either Marine ICH, Brooklynella, or Velvet. Any help diagnosing as well as...
  20. C

    Spotted mandarin fin issue.

    I’ve had this spotted mandarin for months now. This past week I’ve noticed it’s fins (the perching fins) and the lower portion of its tail are almost gone. Only other inhabitants are snails crabs a brittle star and a melanurus wrasse. I’ve watched the wrasse both closely and from afar and it’s...
  21. Krilla

    EMERGENCY Blue hippo tang white patches

    Hi can anyone help me identify what treatment is necessary for my blue hippo tang? I noticed them starting yesterday and before that it was very healthy. This morning it looks like the white dots spread out so I don’t suspect ich.
  22. T

    Help with diagnosing a clownfish

    So, I bought my first pair of clownfish from an LFS I've frequented for a while now. The first day I put them in I noticed some white spots on the male clownfish, about seven on one side and two on the other (one looks like a sore). Other than that he's been quite active and eating, but noticed...
  23. Ascartes

    Zoa Help

    New to the forums so apologies if this is in the wrong spot. Was looking at my zoas earlier and noticed some weird growth on them that I have not been able to find any other posts about. I will attach some pictures and hope someone here has some general advice on what to do about it. My tank...
  24. FL Gator

    Longnose Butterfly fish with growth on nose

    So my longhouse butterfly has just completed QT with copper & prazipro but he has gained this growth on his nose does anyone know what this is or how to treat it? He is in Furan-2 at the moment and out of all other meds.
  25. R

    EMERGENCY Need Help identifying possible disease

    Earlier this week I lost my coral beauty. Now my strawberry pseudo chromis is showing almost identical symptoms. I’m starting to think they have a type of disease. Can anybody help me, and what should I do to keep my other fish from this. Also my fish isn’t normally in a glass, I just put him in...