dosing nutrients

  1. damselindistress

    Nutrient crash - corals suffering

    Afternoon all, My tank is 3 years old and up until recently I have always had high nutrient issues, which I've thrown the kitchen sink at with no lasting success until recently. I apparently hit the magic recipe or my tank finally reached stability and my tank was looking really. For the first...
  2. S

    Microbacter 7 with Neophos + NeoNitro

    Hi Everyone, I have been battling Dinos in my tank. I plan to increase my nutrients in my tank. I have Neophos and Neonitro. Brightwell recommends adding Microbacter7 with these products. Why do they recommend Micorbacter7 in conjunction? Can I still not add MB7 and have the same results ? Thanks
  3. B

    Should I Dose Phosphates

    Hello, I am a new reef keeper, I have a red sea 250 reefer (55g display) that has been running for about 3 months now. Everything seems to be going well, but about a week ago my nitrates reached about 10ppm (API Test Kit), and a lot of brown spots (possibly diatoms) and some green spots started...
  4. M

    Biopellets reduce N and P in a 16:1 ratio, can I dose N (not NO3) to reduce PO4 further and achieve a 10:1 ratio?

    This quote summarises my current understanding of nutrient reduction with biopellets: If biopellets reduce N and P in a 16:1 ratio, then it follows that by providing excessive nitrogen (not NO3), phosphate should be reduced further, while nitrate should still be at an undetectable level. Can I...
  5. Reefer37

    Recommendations on Coral Food

    So as of right now, I feed my corals and fish Rod's about 2 days a week, sometimes 3, and Red Sea A + B along with phytoplankton about every other day. Should I be adding in something else or substitute? I use to use Reef Roids, but noticed phosphates and algae problems with that. I just...
  6. S

    Nutrition during cycling

    Hi all! Im just cycling a new tank with complete dry rock. I had no lights on for the first 3 month and threw a shrimp into the tank and added some bacteria. The bacteria broke down the shrimp and i had some nutrients in the tank all the time. After 3 months ive added some fish and switched...