dosing pump

  1. alindell

    Colorado BNIB Kamoer FX-STP2 WIFI $250

    BNIB Kamoer FX-STP2 wifi peristaltic dosing pump. Never been opened, or used, still has warranty and comes with everything in box including extra tubing, grease and adapters. $250 shipped Used one non wifi Replaced wheel and tubing $180 shipped
  2. alindell

    Colorado BNIB Kamoer FX-STP2 wifi peristaltic dosing pump and apex stuff

    I have some kamoer dosing pumps for sale. 1 basically new BNIB Kamoer FX-STP2 wifi dosing pump. I turned it on and ran some RO through it to test it out for a short amount of time. Works perfectly, calibrated perfectly and is quiet. Comes with everything in original box, Instructions, tubing...
  3. J

    Alabama Sold

    I have one brand new, still factory-sealed ReefDose 4 dosing pump for sale. I bought two of these for a larger tank build but changed my mind about what dosing I was going to do and decided to only use one of them. I will include one brand new tubing kit as well. I have both color sets...
  4. ryan2577p

    Tennessee Red Sea ReefDose 2 (New)

    New Red Sea ReefDose 2 (New) Plus Tubing Kit (New) Extra tube holders (New) Extra colored tubing (New) $275.00 Shipped
  5. M

    H20cean P1+ help needed

    Well I was hoping my first post would be some good looking pics of the tank but I am having a bit of a headache with a DD h20cean P1+ dosing pump, I am connected to the pump and it has connected to the WiFi however I cannot for the life of me get the firmware time to synchronise with the app...
  6. Reefing Manny

    Texas !!!SOLD!!! Red Sea ReefDose 2 (Dosing Pump) $140 Shipped !!!SOLD!!!

    ITEM SOLD Hello, I'm working on breaking down my tank and want to start off with selling my dosing pump. It's very slightly used and like new. It comes in its original box with all original equipment. I'm also throwing in some free colored tubing to use with the dosing pump. I'm asking for...
  7. Raptor777

    New Jersey Selling 2 Ecotech Versa pumps and a bubble magus 3 head dosing pump

    Hi All Selling 2 Ecotech versas bought them back in March and I am the original owner. Like Brand new just used them for alk and calcium dosing. Comes with all original packaging and accessories Asking $350 for both shipped or meetup/pickup $330 Selling my bubble magus doser asking $60 shipped...
  8. O

    Kamoer F1 , X1, & X1 PRO. What are the differences between them? And which one would work best for me?

    Hi everyone. I am having ALOT of trouble finding out which Kamoer Dosing Pump model I should use. Basically, I am trying to use this dosing pump as an ATO. The tank is in my office and setting up an ATO for a pico reef tank is entirely redundant (size/space limitations in the tank and outside...
  9. cwerner

    Wisconsin RedSea Reef Dose 4 for sale - Barely Used

    For sale is a Red Sea Reef Dose 4 unit. This unit was only ever lightly used to dose carbon source on head 1, and the other heads were never really used besides initial calibration and function test. I am willing to ship. Great little unit and I had no issues with it. Only getting rid of it...
  10. reef fish

    Florida FX-STP WiFi Peristaltic Continuous Duty Dosing Pump

    FX-STP WiFi Peristaltic Continuous Duty Dosing Pump used for 6 months $275 shipped have original box
  11. IamChrismWard

    Return Pumps Tank shut down

    Tank shut down due to moving, I have the following stuff available. Price includes shipping. Discount for pickup or multiple items. (2) MP40'S. $300 each Apex DOS. $225 Reef Octo 150 Regal INT $400 Reef Octo Varios-4. $200 Sicce Xstream SDC. $150 Radion XR30 Pro. $500 TurboTwust 18...
  12. JMMJ13902

    Kansas Bubble Magus T11 Dosing Pump

    New Bubble Magus T11 Dosing pump. Acquired this through a whole tank purchase hence don’t have a need for it. I opened box to check to ensure it’s working but put back after tested it. $180 shipped
  13. Ultra Aquatics

    New York Geo 818 Calcium Reactor, 2nd chamber, Masterflex

    Going a different direction with my rebuild so posting these. $600 Shipped - GEO 818 Calcium Reactor with Second Chamber- Less than a year old with little use. $250 Shipped - Masterflex 7523-70 - Have had this for a few years now and it is a complete WORKHORSE. Comes with extra tubing and is...
  14. 7PhisH7

    Dosing Equipment Question

    hi all new members here. I’m recently starting to dose my 16 Gallon Nano tank with Seachem Reef Fusion1&2. I’ve been doing it by Hand and would like to get a dosing pump. My question is besides the pumps and tubing do I need anything else? Such as a dosing container or can I just put the...
  15. jason

    Misc. Pumps Spectrapure LiterMeter III Precision Dosing Pump And Water Exchange Module $300 obo

    I bought this used 3-4 years ago and never got back to setting up a larger tank. Wanted to do automatic saltwater exchanges to get away from dosing. The litermeter still has the protective covering on the face.
  16. Roli's Reef Ranch

    Misc. Pumps Kamoer X1 pro T dosing pump

    Kamoer x1 pro T continuous duty stepper pump. Used for a few months to dose kalk. Download the WiFi app to control. Works great. Shipping included.
  17. Jon's Reef

    Wisconsin LNIB Ecotech Versas (2 available)

    Pumps and base station are LNIB. Everything has been flushed with RODI. was running AWC and 2 part. Build dates are June-Aug 2021.They were sealed until ~4 weeks ago and only used for 2 weeks. All works great (quiet, connected right away, accurate dosing), just decided to go with a different...
  18. T

    Need help of choosing a dosing pump

    What do you consider when choosing a dosing pump? I currently run a 40g tank with mainly SPS corals, and I want to buy a dosing pump. My expectation will be a dosing pump with 4 channels. If there's a right dosing pump, the budget can be a little higher. I've searched some brands, such as...
  19. T

    X1 Kamoer Bluetooth pump not pumping?

    Hi I recently purchased a pair of used kamoers and they don’t seem to be pumping, maybe I’m doing something wrong synced them through the app went to prime and nothing, had them inserted in the dosing bottles didn’t have a hole for air to come in through so I’m going to add that but is there...
  20. reef fish

    Florida EcoTech Marne versa pump

    EcoTech Marne versa pump Un opened sealed $325 shipped
  21. E

    Chillers 4/Sale JBJ Arctica Chiller

  22. certain_code

    Misc. Pumps Neptune DoS

    Hello! I have a gently used Neptune DoS that I am selling now that I have swapped it for Versa pumps. The Dos has a manufactured date of "Nov 21" and was purchased on Jan 31st, 2022 from BRS. The DoS was in use for 4 months and ran only at its slowest setting to reduce noise level and extend...
  23. reefpat

    Aquarium Controller GHL Equipment (Profilux, Mitras, Doser)

    Breaking down my tank and selling all my GHL equipment. Everything is in great condition, they've only been used for about 6 months. Willing to ship at buyers expense. Willing to consider any reasonable offers LED Lights GHL MItras LX7206,I have 2 white and 1 black. Each lamp comes with an...
  24. pusanpa

    California Kamoer X1 PRO 2 Micropump - brand new

    Found out that the pump is not compatible with the mesh WIFI already have and it is too late to return. $80 shipped.
  25. 314reefer

    Dosing pump motor spins but doesn’t pump

    So I’m super new to reefing. Like this is my first time ever starting a reef tank. So I bought a hygger dosing pump and some actually pump and some don’t . I was wondering if there was anyway to increase the friction so the shaft turns the plastic parts. Thanks for any help super new to...