dosing pumps

  1. alindell

    Colorado Misc. Pumps Drygoods BNIB Kamoer FX-STP2 WIFI continuous dosing peristaltic pump

    This is the newest wifi model. New in box. Never been opened. Includes extra tubing, lubricant, Instructions and warranty. $250 shipped Pic is of another kamoer I opened to show what's Inside
  2. B

    Oklahoma Drygoods 2 Neptune DOS's and 1 DDR

    I've got 2 Neptune DOS's as well as one DDR I'm not using. One DOS has been upgraded to John Guest fittings. Asking $530 for the package
  3. MrsWeathers

    Aquariums Aquarium Controller ATO Lighting Return Pumps Powerheads Misc. Pumps Skimmers Filters UV RO/DI Dry Rock Suppliments Testing Heaters Plumbing Dosing Drygoods Entire 125 gallon saltwater reef setup for sale! Need gone asap!

    I have a 125 gallon saltwater setup (tank and stand) with dual hob overflow and a 40 gallon custom sump. It comes with about 100-150 lbs of reef rock and 3 magnetic floating frag rocks, 2 icecap 4K gyres, a Nero 3 (it won’t connect to the app for us), an extra power head, 15000 liter jebao...
  4. Tuan’s Reef

    Ecotech Versa Dosing pumps 4 total ALL SOLD

    All sold excellent condition.
  5. Maximus

    Kamoer FX-STP WiFi Peristaltic Continuous Duty Dosing Pump for sale (will ship)

    Kamoer FX-STP WiFi Peristaltic Continuous Duty Dosing Pump for sale, in perfect working order. I am asking $200 shipped. Thanks!
  6. UGASealDawg

    SOLD OUT - Neptune DOS units - five available; New DOS pump heads x 3

    I have sold out of the DOS units - thank you everyone! Look at some of my other posts for more equipment - total breakdowns, everything goes - leaving the hobby until after the big move. Hanna testers, Apex, GHL, pumps, MP40s, etc. I have five Neptune DOS units available - one has sold since...
  7. B

    Brs 1.1 ml dosing pumps for sale

    I have 5 brs 1.1 ml dosing pumps for sale $30 each plus shipping. Located in Bethel CT
  8. rickster


    SOLD... REEF FACTORY DOSING PUMP x4 wi-Fi controllable with extra mounting brackets Dosing pump X4 – modern technology and user-friendly management. Build quality, modern technology and reliable dosing solutions Technical specifications: Recommended single dose: 0.3 ml Remote management...
  9. hexcolor reef


    have anyone used or can rate this brand of doing pump Ump
  10. O

    Kamoer F1 , X1, & X1 PRO. What are the differences between them? And which one would work best for me?

    Hi everyone. I am having ALOT of trouble finding out which Kamoer Dosing Pump model I should use. Basically, I am trying to use this dosing pump as an ATO. The tank is in my office and setting up an ATO for a pico reef tank is entirely redundant (size/space limitations in the tank and outside...
  11. ssdawood

    New York Misc. Pumps Drygoods For Sale. Never Used, Two Ecotech Versa 350, Alkatronic 790 shipped, Two Maxspect Gyre 350s $379

    Two Ecotech Versa Rest of four I had. See pics. First come first served. Price firm any lower I keep them. Sorry.
  12. T

    Dosing pumps that are compatible with Milwaukee mc122 contoller

    I’m looking to monitor my nano reef with Milwaukee mc122 ph controller. I want to use a Kamoer nano dosing pump with Wi-Fi capabilitiy as the Milwaukee dosing pump mp810 does not have Wi-Fi functions. But is the Kamoer compatible with the Milwaukee ph controller ?
  13. T

    Need help of choosing a dosing pump

    What do you consider when choosing a dosing pump? I currently run a 40g tank with mainly SPS corals, and I want to buy a dosing pump. My expectation will be a dosing pump with 4 channels. If there's a right dosing pump, the budget can be a little higher. I've searched some brands, such as...
  14. S

    California Dosing Drygoods SOLD Ecotech Versa 4pack with base and spare tube sets ($725)

    I have a Versa 4 pack with base and spare tube sets for sale. Very good conditions, lightly used and then stored. Asking $725 shipped, OBO within reason I also have a single I would consider parting with for $200 shipped
  15. Attaphol Chimtoum

    Maryland Dosing Drygoods FS Coral Box WiFi Dosing WF04 , IceCap Dosing Container

    I have a Coral Box WiFi dosing almost brand new and 2x IceCap dosing container almost brand new all for $200 shipped OBF
  16. ajtomase

    Favorite doser pumps

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to researching the best dosing pumps, and I'm not sure which one to go with: Kamoer (not the bluetooth option): I heard that they are very reliable and make dosing pumps for the medical industry Dos: Head they are very loud, but are dependable, requires the Neptune...