1. Schraufabagel

    Suggestions for a doser?

    I'm considering getting a dosing pump. I'm intrigued by the new Red Sea dosers the most, but I have also heard good things about the Kamoer X1 pumps. Anybody have any thoughts on these or suggestions on others? I like the Red Sea one because it is a more compact option for 4 dosers. Currently I...
  2. Apex el, apex dos

    For sale Apex el, apex dos

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  3. Neptune DOS

    For sale Neptune DOS

    Shipped to Continental U.S only. PayPal only. Purchased from. A member 3 years ago and never used it. Tested when I received it and worked as expected. Comes with everything you see.
  4. (2) Neptune DDR Dosing Containers

    For sale (2) Neptune DDR Dosing Containers

    I have 2 like new Neptune DDR dosing containers. 1 was used less than 2 weeks and the other was less than 2 months. $150 Each, SHIPPED (In The USA)
  5. unchaotic

    Dosing Ammonia with Prime

    I don't want to start a debate on whether or not (and how) Prime detoxifies ammonia. There are plenty of raging debates on that already. I want to ask a purely hypothetical question. Now, assuming Prime does what it says (remember, we're not here to debate this), would a person be able to...
  6. Thawman

    Trident/DOS dosing and Alk swings

    Howdy! Hopefully an appropriate place to post. I've noticed over the last week or so my Alk has started to swing a fair bit from low of 8.46 to high of 9.05 with my set point 8.6 I've adjusted the dosing baseline to the average over the last month and just today increased my testing from 4/2...
  7. Schraufabagel

    Should I start dosing? 25 Gallon

    I have a 25 gallon tank that's going on 7 months old now. I just recently have been tracking my parameters more regularly, along with feeding and water changes. I have a small refugium with chaeto, and codium macro algae and mangroves in my main tank that may influence NO3 and phos. For corals...
  8. Variety of Equipment For Sale

    For sale Variety of Equipment For Sale

    Selling some various saltwater reef tank equipment and supplies that is no longer used. Innovative Marine Aqua Gadget MiniMax Media Reactor - $40 + shipping Tunze 8831 Refugium Light (barely...
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  9. P

    Build Thread Will's 100 Gallon Reef Tank

    Posting my 100 gallon mixed reef tank here. I have been at it for years but recently figured out that good lighting means I can grow more corals. Now its time to move the tank to replace the flooring in the house. Maybe I can get some tips on how to improve upon the tank. I have some great ideas.
  10. R

    Dosing before corals?

    New reefer here. Currently I am cycling my tank 525xl. The question I have is do you begin dosing in anticipation of adding corals once the cycle is done? Or should I wait until I start adding? Does it matter? thanks

    Af life source

    Anyone dose af life source on a weekly basis? Heard it’s good for cyano and bio diversity… Cheers
  12. Uzair Aiman

    Dosing nutrients questions

    Hi. Im planning to add SPS corals to my tank soon. Ive come to realise after some researching that I need to ensure my Alk, Calcium and Magnesium should be on point. For now, I only have and Alk tester which reads around 7 before a water change and at 8dkh after a water change. People say that...
  13. Uzair Aiman

    Potassium Nitrate dosing questions.

    Hi. As the titles says, how would you guys dose potassium nitrate to raise nitrate levels? I am currently having a situation here, after some research Ive found out that my tank is "nitrate locked". I have 0/undetectable nitrates and 0.5 phosphates, which is high. Im planning to add SPS soon so...
  14. P

    Dosing Tubing Issues

    So I setup the BM-T11 to dose Alk, Calc, and NOPOX a few months ago. Hoping to dose trace elements etc. by adding a BM-T12 Slave in the future, but I need to resolve this issue before I dedicate more money to dosing. I have to re-prime the lines every 2-3 days due to air getting in. I added...
  15. attiland

    Dose but when?

    After a while you will end up dosing alkalinity, magnesium, calcium and other minerals corals use to build their skeleton. Most of us will employ a doser to do this job but how to spread out the doses throughout the day? Some just do it equal portions in the 24 hours but it would make...
  16. dr1271

    High Calcium with All For Reef!

    Established tank, but recently switched from Tropic Marin Balling Method to All for Reef. Change was made about a month ago, and at the time my calcium was around 460ppm. Since dosing the A4R (36ml/day), my calcium just came back from ICP at 547ppm! Mag is at 1417ppm. Alkalinity is stable at...
  17. M

    Hammer Coral closed up

    Hi reefers, My 50G has been doing great with just a walling hammer coral and a small mushroom frag. Hammer was doing well & I was able to replenish whatever trace elements it needed with weekly water changes. I decided to add some more coral and recently purchased a Torch and a Duncan. Since...
  18. Elbereth

    Seachem Reef Advantage Magnesium with Tropic Marin Carbocalcium?

    I'm a relative newbie to dosing and I'm trying to educate myself as much as I can but with limited time to read up on it, I can't make an informed decision on my own right now. I've been dosing with baked baking soda and calcium chloride but I'd like to try Tropic Marin's Carbocalcium because it...
  19. twhit030

    Dosing question

    okay r2r got a question for everyone. I’m a fairly well versed and experienced reefer at the age of 27 currently been in the hobby for 12 years. Most everything I’ve learned (like most others) has been through trial and error and research. currently my tank is an all acro 75 gallon reef tank...
  20. A

    Method to combat dinos.

    Hey y’all, I’ve been battling dinos for a solid month and a half, and they started due to an imbalance in nitrates and phosphates. I had moderate levels of nitrates while having undetectable phosphates. This imbalance arises because I did not think to dose nutrients during a fallow period...
  21. R

    Do the Dosing Containers require an air-stone to maintain a homogenous dosing solution?

    I was wondering, do you need to add some kind of movement to the liquid in dosing containers? Like an air-stone? I was just thinking after time maybe things separate and so could be dosing concentrated amounts.
  22. spicymikey

    Dosed Coralline algae from ARC and calc/alk uptake through the roof!

    I am getting confused and concerned by how much calc and alk I am dosing since dumping 4 bottles of Coralline spores from Atlantic Reef Conservatory last month. Looking for some input and thoughts please. Here's the story. I started a new 400 gal tank on May 7th. Felt it was fairly well...
  23. tjsweldind94

    *Help* Alk is dropping less the calcium? (Dosing Help)

    75 Gallon water volume with sump, Not seeing any precipitation or anything my alk dropped from 9.1dkh to 8.6dkh in 3 days and the brs calculator recommends dosing 21.4ml of brs liquid soda ash to get back to 9.1dkh which would be 7.13ml per day to keep it stable, but on the other hand I’m thrown...
  24. L

    how does a calcium reactor work

    i’ve been in the hobby for a while but have never touched a calcium reactor do i test more regularly for my calcium and alk or not?
  25. nanonøkk

    dosing help

    is this going to dose like this every day or no im hoping it starts at midnight and ends a minute before midnight can anyone tell me if this is gonna work it’s a kamoer x1 pro
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