1. johnf3

    Making dosable food mix

    Hey everyone I’ve been experimenting the past few months with dosing blends of liquid food into my 20 gallon NPS tank and 40 gallon garden eel/community tank. I’ve been test running it and checking food blends for any weird smells every few days but all seems to be good. I’m using a mini fridge...
  2. reefsaver

    Overkill Copepod sustainment system for Reef

    I was wondering what people would think of this, so I plan on buying a Milk Fridge, they're small fridges usually with holes in the sides so you can plumb tubing from usually Milk. I've seen people use them to hold their liquid foods and automatically dose the aquarium. The first thing I would...
  3. alindell

    Colorado Misc. Pumps Dosing Drygoods BNIP kamoer FX-STP2 wifi

    Anybody interested in a BNIB never used newest kamoer FX-STP2 wifi controllable peristaltic continuous dosing pump. Used for continuous dosing for auto water change, kalk, calcium reactor or whatever. Comes with extra tubing and lubricant. Warranty also Lmk if you are $240 shipped which is...
  4. i0nz

    Help with Easy Reefs automated phyto dosing

    Hello, I have an extra dosing pump in which I’d like to use for automated Easy Reefs Phyto. I see a plethora of products and I’m having trouble finding which product/products would work best for a mixed reef with NPS setup. I’ve read through all of the descriptions and there’s simply too many...
  5. steveschuerger

    Dosing Drygoods SOLD Red Sea ReefDose 4

    Red Sea ReefDose 4 and tube kit. Brand new , unopened. Won in giveaway, but I’ve decided I really can’t make it work in the space I have the tank in. 380 shipping included.
  6. D

    California Live Goods Avast Kalk Stirrer K1

    Lightly used and comes with an extra motor $206 shipped..
  7. elBem80

    How to start dosing on new reef setup?

    I've recently set up a new tank and I'm confused with the best course of action when it comes to dosing. I plan to keep mainly corals (hopefully SPS in future) and a few supporting fish/inverts. My tank is a 170 litre DD reef pro 600. The saltwater I'm buying from my local aquatic shop tests in...
  8. Doctorgori

    South Carolina Aquariums Dosing Drygoods SOLD BRS 1.1 ml dosing pumps $20ea shipped

    Used Brs Dosers $20 ea shipped update 2 sold, 1 left/pending
  9. liddojunior

    How to safely start dosing Nitrates and Phosphates

    I have a frag tank that only has snails and emerald crabs. There’s also tons of microfauna life, there’s huge diversity which makes me happy to see. I do have algae that grows but think the cuc probably is the reason I barely see any algae. I just have to scrape the glass because the snails...
  10. K

    Setting up Kalkwasser for the first time need help

    Looking to setup Kalkwasser on my tank for the first time. I’m currently dosing 14ml of AFR and 6 ml of Red sea Alk. I’m planning on changing the red sea alk to kalkwasser According to the reef dosing calc thats 0.13 gal of limewater or 492 ml a day. I currently have a X1 doser head that allows...
  11. YaboiNathan

    UV Dosing Drygoods Jebao 2 head doser and 25w aqua uv

    Jebao 2 heads dosing pump new condition: 40 shipped Aqua uv 25w need a new bulb: 140 shipped
  12. JaysLittleOcean

    New York Dosing Drygoods Red Sea Reef Dose 4 Like New with original box.

    As the title states I have a Red Sea Reef Dose 4 that is in like new condition and fully functional. It belonged to my brother who unfortunately is now out of the hobby due to his Red Sea tank leaking from a busted seam. He is asking $375.00 Local Pickup in Bronx, New York.
  13. V

    Virginia Drygoods Neptune DOS

    Hello Everyone! I have a Neptune DOS for sale. Lightly used and in great condition. Will send videos of it working on request. Located at Roanoke VA and will ship if necessary.
  14. Obdoc63

    Florida Dosing Drygoods Jebao DP-4 dosing pumps

    I have two NIB jebao DP-4 dosing pumps. $100 plus shipping for the pair.
  15. B

    Oklahoma Drygoods 2 Neptune DOS's and 1 DDR

    I've got 2 Neptune DOS's as well as one DDR I'm not using. One DOS has been upgraded to John Guest fittings. Both DOS's have had new heads put on them within the past year. Asking $480 for the package, or I'll break it up as follows. $210 for the DOS with the JG fittings, $200 for the regular...
  16. B

    Dosing for Nano Tank

    Hello, I have a 20 gallon Innovative Marine AIO that I have been trying to setup for automated dosing of All for Reef. I picked up a used Kamoer F1 that had a few issues so I replaced the head and still was dealing with siphon issues. So I decided to get a Versa so I would not have to tinker...
  17. Tuan’s Reef

    North Dakota Dosing Drygoods 3 dosing containers $75

    3 dosing containers $75
  18. tylr9m482

    New Jersey Dosing Drygoods Kamoer X1 Pro 2 Dosing Pump - $80 Shipped

    Gently used for a few months, don't have a need for it anymore. Comes with original box and all included instructions and fresh never used dosing line and linking cable. $80 shipped Or $70 Local Pickup Woodbridge NJ 07095
  19. YaboiNathan

    Miscellaneous SOLD DOS And DDR

    APEX DOS AND DDR haven’t been used. Plan on using them for my new set up but life change so don’t even have chance since DOS come with dosing unit, box and aquabus cable DDR come with sensor, tubing, apex sticker still inside 330 shipped
  20. Adamc13o3

    4 Ecotech Versa’s + 2 base stations

    I purchased these 2 months ago. I messed up one of the ports on the base station so I purchased another one and figure I’d get it fixed. The one that came in also had one port not working. Up for sale are 4 versa of which only 2 were actually used for a very short time plus 2 base stations...
  21. hugopapi24

    RED SEA Reef Foundations ABC to All for Reef

    Hi everyone, I’m wondering how can I transition from Red Sea reef foundations abc to All for Reef. I dose foundations A,B,C 15ml…what would the conversion be for all for reef if I’m dosing that much in the tank.
  22. ReefStable

    How to Start Dosing Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium in Reef Tanks

    How to Start Dosing Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium in Reef Tanks If you're ready for SPS, or even some LPS coral and need to maintain stable calcium and alkalinity, this is for you! Link: How to Start Dosing Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium in Reef Tanks Don't make critical mistakes...
  23. Reefin Aint Easy

    New York Dosing Red Sea ReefDose 2 Dosing Pump (Like New) - SOLD

    I have an almost brand new Red Sea ReefDose 2 dosing pump. It was used a little over a week. Will ship on my dime. Make me a reasonable offer.
  24. tylr9m482

    B-Ionic 2 Part Alk/Cal

    Switched over to Kalk a few months back and have these sitting in my closet. $25 for one set (1 gallon alk/1 gallon cal) Or take them both for $40 Pick up in Woodbridge NJ 07095 Sorry NO SHIPPING
  25. AKreuzer

    Beginning 2-part trying to sort this out

    Hey all! I am looking for some perspective and insight on getting into this 2 part dosing. Params last week when aqcuired the Neptune Trident. Guessing 160g of volume (150 DT + 55g Sump- sand rock etc.) PH 7.9-8.2 Alk 6.02 CA 386 Mg 1500 (worth mentioning I had been adding brightwell Mag with...