1. BighohoReef

    Have I dosed my last dose of RS?!? (Switching to Tropic Marin)

    Hey all, I just dosed my last bit of Red Sea (RS) magnesium this morning and calcium plus isn’t far behind. Instead of reordering the Red Sea I’ve had my eye on the Tropic Marin ALL-FOR-REEF BRS has some great reviews and it’s been sold out during covid times. I’m wondering what folks think...
  2. Kaiser

    Ran out of Core7 3b and the replacement will not arrive until the 19th.

    So I realized that I ran out of Triton Core7 3B this morning, and upon searching, can't find the refill carton that I thought I had. I ordered the 5L Jugs a few days ago but they will not arrive until the 19th. I looked around and it lists 3B as Alkalinity + Trace, which is the same as 3a, but...
  3. KeystoneMalone

    Baseline Parameters

    R2R Community- How do you establish baseline parameters for your reef to really see how much calc/alk/mag your corals are using? I test once a week, but it seems as though numbers can jump around a little. Ive also never tested right after a WC to see what the numbers are once elements have...
  4. KeystoneMalone

    Baseline Parameters / Coral Growth / Dosing

    Hello reefers! Hope everyone and their families are doing well & enjoying the extra time with their reefs. I have a few questions- going to try and keep it relatively painless Quick facts about the tank in question: -IM Nuvo 20 - Weekly 5 gal water change with 0.00 TDS water since the tank has...
  5. MontanaReefer406

    Asking about your high tech setups....

    Hi, i have been reefing for little over a year, and have had good success with my nano low tech tank. Simple waterchanges have allowed me to grow some birdsnest SPS and montipora. I am slowly planning on doing a high tech tank, and a little larger one. I wanted to have my first sump. But here...
  6. mario4933

    High Cal... how to lower it?

    Hello guys! I have been trying to dial in my tank to stick to kalkwasser only. I accidentally dosed a bit too much calcium about 2 weeks ago which spiked my cal to 597... I been waiting out which has brought it down to 592 but I’m concerned it’s lowering too slow and will cause harm to my...
  7. BurgerFish

    Need help to start dosing ESV B-ionic

    Hello, I have two dosers and ESV B-ionic two part. My alk is 9.5. Calcium 415. Salt 1.25 Nitrates/Phosphates at 0 (I'm trying to rise it). My acros feeling bad (bleaching). Soft skin acros feels well. I have 4 small SPS frags and two small LPS frag in the tank. Coraline algae start to grow...
  8. NewYorkReefer1988

    Neptune Apex Programming of BRS Dosers

    Hello all, I just finally took the plunge into the world of apex and I’m so glad I did. It is a lot to take in However. I am currently having a little bit of trouble programming my dosing pumps and corresponding powerhead in my sump. I actually think I have the dosing figured out but I will...
  9. psumms

    Silicon Airline for Dosing (Right or Wrong) what i've found

    Anyone want to offer thoughts on my use of silicone airline tubing for my dosing lines? I've had this setup for almost a year and set a reminder to check how they're holding up - all seem fine. I'm pushing Alk, Ca, Mg and NoPoX through them. Just come to calibrate my Apex Dos which I use for...
  10. Reefer37

    I need some help...

    Alright guys, I'm getting a little frustrated over dosing and what is going on in my tank. I'm still pretty new to this as this is my first saltwater tank so bear with me. So I'll give you all the info I can: JBJ 45 Lighting: Hydra 52 HD (ran around 30%) Filtration: Stock media baskets...
  11. Alias233

    Auto dosing amino acids

    Hey fellow reefers! Does anyone here use a dosing pump for amino acids? Some brands state you should shake before dosing but I'm assuming there are people out there who have managed to do this successfully? I'm currently using korallen zucht amino acids. Thanks in advance!
  12. Dinodanger

    What do you add to your tank?

    For example I add Zooplankton Dose nitrate and phosphate Vibrant Microbactor7 Frozen food Pellets Seaweed Reef roids Amino acids When needed: Red Sea traces Nopox Red Sea A,B,C GFO
  13. Dinodanger

    What can I dose for phosphate?

    I can’t get hold of mono potassium nitrate which is what I was told, is there anything else I can dose?
  14. Reefer37

    New to Dosing (Red Sea Coral Foundation)

    So I'm brand new to dosing and having a really hard time wrapping my brain around amounts and figuring out how much to dose in my tank. I'm using Red Sea Coral Foundation and on the back it tells me current levels and how much to dose to get to optimal levels, but I'm not sure if these values...
  15. DSFa

    Can I use Polyp Lab One and Tropic Marin Pro Coral Mineral together

    Hi guys, I might be getting a single head doser just because I don't want to go with a Jebao one as I've had one in the past that malfunctioned after a short while (around half a year) and don't want to spend top dollar on a high quality doser as my system is only 45Gal. I am unable to get...
  16. J

    Can AWC be adequate for my situation so that I don't need to do 2-part?

    Hello! So I have a 75 gallon aquarium set up. It has a few soft coral and a few LPS atm. My goal for my tank is for it to be a soft coral dominated with a hand full of lps here and there tank. I don't like the fact that If I want to start doing two part, that I will need to to do mandatory...
  17. Csr1978

    What are the TRUE dosing instructions?

    I've always wondered what manufactures really mean when they give dosing instructions based on "gallons." For example, Korallen-Zucht and Red Sea give dosing instructions for their additives in terms of X ml or X drops per 25 gallons. Gallons of what? Is it based on the rated tank size (my...
  18. J

    Rising Alk with Falling Ca.... Why??

    Good afternoon and thank you in advance for helping me. I have a relatively new tank (been up for about 8 mos), fairly well stocked mixed reef. Red Sea reefer 525 XL. Until recently i have not had to dose. Continuous water changes were maintaining my ca/alk/mg levels pretty well. When I started...
  19. ozborn99

    Let's see your workstations.

    I know everybody wants to show their sexy reef tank, but what do most of your workstations look like, and where do you keep it located? Mine is a custom stand, to house my ATO and water changes. I like to have an actual bench and keep my stuff accessible since I'm running a nano. Ma
  20. Naw042

    Long term alkalinity swings

    Hi all, I was wondering how much alkalinity swing over time is considered "stable". I know Alk may drift with the daily light cycle, but I'm specifically curious about variability over days or weeks. I started using a dosing pump and 2-part about 4 months ago and have been working on getting...
  21. BloopFish

    Is hydrous sodium silicate fine to use for silicate dosing?

    I've been wanting to dose silicates in my reef tank and read Randy Holme-Farley's article about silicate dosing. I know that it mentions you can buy water glass solution to dose silicates, but I was wondering if I could purchase this hydrous sodium silicate powder I found online to dissolve in...
  22. ReefReadyYouTube

    Has anyone used Brightwell aquatics supplements for there tank before?

    I just bought $200 worth of Brightwell aquatic supplements like Reef code A, Reef code B, iodine, magnesium, strontion, replenish, coral amino, reef snow, etc. and I’ve started dosing for about a week now and was wondering what you mainly use to dose your tank or if anyone has had success with...
  23. Andrew Schubert

    Calcium Levels ...not understanding why it won't go down :-(

    In my 120 gallon I have 32 Acro frags (3 about yr old mini colonies now, and the rest new within the last 3 months), along with a couple montis, snails, and finally starting to see the start of some coraline algae growing on the glass. I picked up a DOS about 2 months ago and switched over to...
  24. R

    Introduction to dosing

    Hi everyone hope you’re doing well. So today I tested my water for the first time and here are my numbers Calcium: 350 Alkalinity: 7 Ph: 7.8 I have brightwell aquatics calcium, alkalinity and ph ready to be used. I’ve been doing some research on dosing but it’s hard to wrap your head around...
  25. Nate_Krohn

    Reef tank dosing?

    I currently have a 60g, 29g and 10 gallon mixed reefs set up and I’ve never dosed anything to the corals. Any opinions on if or what I should dose? I feed them reef rounds twice a week and dose alk and calcium. Thanks.