1. P

    Phosphate and Nitrate out of balance. Help needed, stupid reefer here.

    Yeah the title sums it up. Phosphate was 0.7 so I used GFO and nopox to get it down to zero. Got dino, let the tank dirty out for months fed food, skimmer offline. Dino went away and now I have 25 nitrate and zero phosphate. Luckily I only have a couple of softies in the tank so nothing too...
  2. S

    New Jersey FS: Used GHL Doser 2.1 SA, 4 Pumps, Black - Automated Dosing Unit

    Hello, For sale is a GHL Doser 2.1 SA 4 Pump dosing unit in black. Delivery Includes GHL Doser 2.1 Stand Alone Unit 24V power supply 8x Plastic tubing adapters 6ft USB cable * 1/4″ tubing not included * Comes in original box Asking Price: $330 Shipped
  3. Zeal

    Help!!When to properly dose? Stability is key!

    Recently set up my doser.... having a hard time knowing when to dose. Ive been testing every night at 12AM for about 2 months... I keep my.. Alk at 9.0(may go up to 9.3 MAX) Calc at 450(may go to 460 MAX) So far my Alk drops from 9.3 to 8.6 daily And my Calc drops from 460ish to 450 every day...
  4. Wen

    increase potency to decrease volume of 2 parts

    Sorry about silly question here: When I mix up BRS 2 part solutions, can I double the amount of product while keeping the rodi liquid amount the same? My goal is to double the potency so I can decrease by 1/2 the volume dosed per day. (Example: DOS doses 200mL calcium and 150mL buffer daily...
  5. MarineDepot

    Trigger Systems: Pay Over Time - 3, 6, or 12 months!

    Trigger Systems: Pay Over Time - 3, 6, or 12 months! Pay as low as 0% APR Financing on Trigger Systems with Affirm
  6. J

    My Trident Review

    So I received my Trident a couple days ago. I've been playing around with it and here's what I've come up with so far. They give you a small piece of paper in the box that tells you to go to TASKS>Trident Initial Setup. They also give you a piece of paper with a BIG NO NO on plugging it in...
  7. salty_trout

    Trying to Maintain a steady alk for my sps.

    So the past few days I've been testing. In short, I tested the Alk initially, after three days, and after six days. It had averaged a drop of 0.166 dKh/day for both tests. I used the Hannah alk checker, along with my standard for assurance. Basically, my (130ish gallon) system went from 8.2 to...
  8. LilElroyJetson

    Alk Swing Crisis Averted...but my Torch Coral Didn’t Like It

    It had been smooth sailing so something had to test me to see if I was on my A-game right? I guess I had somehow shaken loose the acrylic tube from the bulkhead in my dosing container that contains my Alkalinity buffer. I dose 28 ml of Ca and Alk per night via my Jebao dosing pump spread out...
  9. LilElroyJetson

    Brightwell Reef Code Max Dosage vs. Advanced

    I've been dosing Brightwell Aquatics Reef Code A & B for about a week now. Learned that I need to dial up my dose but also wanted to bring my Calcium and Alkalinity up generally, and in reading the advanced instructions I'm a bit confused. Reef Code A (Calcium) instructions read: "If the...
  10. JDnKY

    What do you dose, besides Alk, Calcium and Mag?

    I’ve got a 180g mixed reef with 9 fish and 75+ corals. I’ve been dosing the the list below with pretty good luck but wondering what everyone else doses and if you’re happy with the results. 1) Kent Marine Essential Elements once per week per instructions. 2) Kent Marine Coral Vite once per...
  11. Angelo Fatica

    Dosing Questions...

    Hey all, i tested my water last night and tonight to see the amount i need to dose for calcium, alk, and magnesium. Last night, my alk was at a 7.2, magnesium was around 1425 ppm, and calcium was at about 520 ppm (This was after a water change that I did a day before). Tonight, I saw that my alk...
  12. YoCamron

    kalkwasser top off

    Hi everyone, I am trying to get everything ready to leave my tank at my parents house when i go to school in the fall. I want to get an auto top off for sure, but I don’t know if I want to get an auto doser. I have heard many people that have had great results topping off with kalkwasser mixed...
  13. Robert's Reef

    Neptune Dosing Pumps, 3 2.5L dosing containers,Triton Core 7 elements for sale

    I have two Neptune DOS dosers for sale. 1) Serial Number: 15817 Date : Apr-16 Rev : 11 2) Serial Number: 16327 Date : Apr-16 Rev : 11 Depending on your application you may want to consider replacing...
  14. F

    HELP with.....Reactor placement, plumbing and dosing.....

    Hey everyone, PLEASE bare with me as all my other tanks are AIO so I’ve never had to deal with any of this..... So my set up on my new 110g RR tank is coming alone slowly lol (too many costly issues coming up from sick kids to sick dog lol) total volume available if sump was FULL (which I hope...
  15. DMan

    Carbon Dosing Charts

    Can anyone post some links to the old "ReefKeeping" carbon dosing charts. I remember there were charts for vodka and vinegar. I'm currently dosing vinegar in a 120g system, and have reached zero levels of nitrate and po4. My question is once zero levels are acheived do I cut back to a...
  16. Curryb15

    Dosing line question

    hello all, I just set up a BRS 1.1 ML doser on my AIO. I have the line emptying into the return chamber. Within a few minutes of setting up the line turned from clear to white. Upon closer inspection it appears the alk solution was precipitating out in the line. It’s only occurring in the spot...

    Kansas BRS 1.1ml Dosing Pump

    BNIB 1.1ML dosing pump - all exactly as shipped from BRS I received one more than I need for Christmas. If you want to trade for livestock, mtc items, etc please let me know. Otherwise $60 shipped to 48 US (if you want faster than USPS PM me with a zip code and I will get a rate for UPS...
  18. Brad Miller

    Culturing and feeding Phytoplankton to Coral, Pods and Fish

    I've exhausted myself over the course of several months researching this and still can not seem to find the answers I'm looking for. I did order "Ocean Majic" Phyto from Algae Barn (4 strain mix) and have been doing their recommended dosing once a day by adding to my refugium for just over 1...
  19. JSpen

    Carbo and calcium and kalk?

    so I’m thinking about using tropic Marin’s carbo calcium. I have a highly dominant sps tank and sps frag tank. I’ve heard that the carbo calcium and kalk are a great combo. I’m curious if anyone else is using this combo and why? Thanks all!
  20. McDam

    Unconventional Calcium Reactor for the average reefer!!

    Since R2R has been such an amazing source of knowledge for me through out my years in the hobby I want to share this idea with you all. It was originally posted under the chemistry forum for discussion but this has now become quite the DIY project and I think this is a more appropriate place for...
  21. Daniel Troconis

    How fast can Alkalinity drop?

    Hi FAM: I tested on Sunday Before Water Change: 97ppm = 5.42dkh Sunday After Water Change 122ppm = 6.82dkh Thursday four days later I now have 104ppm = 5.81dkh 1-Does anyone know how fast and or what should I expect as far as decreased ALK parameters after just four days? 2-Should I start...
  22. Berlibee

    ReefHacks | Reef Tank Supplement Methods – Our Official Guide for Choosing the Best Program.

    Reef Tank Supplement Methods – Our Official Guide for Choosing the Best Program for Your Aquarium. Many years ago, when I was a baby reefer, the number of equipment and device options was, to say the least, minimal. As I think about my initial adventures and how few technologies we had at our...
  23. Dono

    Large Calcium Uptake with Two-Part

    Hey All, Is there *ahem* anyone *ahem* that could explain to me why when dosing two-part in my SPS dominant aquarium that my calcium uptake is exactly three times my alk? I’m using the BRS Pharma pouches and currently dose 45ml Alk and 125ml Ca per 24hr. This keeps me steady at 9dkh (+- 0.2...
  24. RickG

    Vinegar dosing

    Hey guys! I'm trying to switch from nopox to vinegar for my carbon dosing. Nopox has been going great for me but obviously more costly. Would just like some info on how to go about vinegar dosing. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  25. BoSalman

    Brain freeze, to raise or to maintain?

    Hello, I'm having a hard time to decide on the subject issue. I currently use Tropic Marin Pro-Reef salt, and my tank parameters are somewhat stable since i currently have 3 corals and a BTA, an some small fish, so my bio-load isn't heavy at all. Testing the saltmix i'm currently using, i...
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