1. M

    Texas Dosing Drygoods ECOTECH VERSA

    (1) one Ecotech versa dosing pump, was used as an RO feed pump for 3 months. have everything, will ship at the buyer's expense, and shouldn't be more than $15. no trades.
  2. stephanjupillat

    Pennsylvania Dosing Drygoods Used Kamoer F4 Pro doser $350 - includes shipping

    Bought this Kamoer F4 Pro doser from BRS 4 months ago. Works flawlessly. And yes it easily links to your 2.4 wifi. Not sure why there are so many negative reviews for kamoer products not linking. I ended up buying a Reef Factory KH keeper and needed to change to their dosers to automate the 2...
  3. Pelagikos

    Aquarium service and setup near Gloucester Virginia.

    Is there anyone here that is familiar with a really good aquarium service in the Gloucester Virginia area? ...or Hampton Roads that won't charge a "king's ransom" for travel? I need some expert advice as far as setting up some frags in the proper places and also making sure that I am dosing...
  4. Jatchetto

    How to properly dose and safe practice

    Hello all was not sure if this should go in the sps discussion or not but here we are. How does everyone dose is it bad to just dose as needed or is it necessary to add stuff to your top up. My tank is 6 months old and up till now it seem water changes were enough. I do weekly water changes and...
  5. Sidsreef

    should I stop maintaining my parameters with TM all for reef?

    Situation: I have a waterbox 90.3 that I upgraded into from a system that was 2 years old and started 1 month ago today. while I knew that I would come into some chemistry issues, this one kind of stumped me to the point of needing some help and or a plan of action. i set the tank completely...
  6. kshaw

    Red Sea dosing question

    I just added a reef dose 2 to my system to help a little with the alkalinity and the nitrates. I was just curious on if I need to somehow vent the bottles. It seems like they would slowly go into vacuum as the pumps start pulling fluid out. Anyone using this system that can let me know what I...
  7. Hulkwithin

    Dosing more Alkalinity than CA

    What effect will that have on my tank? I have noticed white specs all over my glass seems like precipitants. I know they are not alive I simply clean my glass and a few weeks later they return. Is this from mostly dosing Alk? If I continue this what will happen? So I am very new at Reefing...
  8. kwirky

    Does potassium nitrate and potassium phosphate react?

    I currently dose 1mg kno3 and 0.04mg kpho3 weekly but since it's weekly i often forget to do it, sometimes a couple weeks in a row with visible degradation to acro health, so i want to automatically dose it. I only have one channel free on my kamoer dosing pump. Can i mix potassium nitrate and...
  9. R

    Alk dosing

    Hello - I have a 5 month old 40 gal aio. Parameters below. I’ve been testing every week to 10 days and my Alk fluctuates between 6.8-6.9 DkH. All other parameters are reasonable. I do 20-15% water changes every 2 weeks using reef crystals. Mostly LPS with some ricordea and Zoas. No SPS. Looking...
  10. dennislagoon

    To vacuum the sand bed or not when dosing silicate.

    I have been facing dinos in my Reefer 170 for more than 9 months now and eventually the prorocentrum have become the dominant one. They’re mainly on the sand bed. For about 3 to 4 months I have been keeping No3 at 5-15 ppm and Po4 at ~0.05 ppm through dosing. And adding live phyto and bacteria...
  11. F

    Jebao dosing pump

    I got a jebao dosing pump a month ago, seem do be doing well. I got the dosing pump under the stand and it doses straight to the DT. I’m dosing Ab+ and planning to dose phytoplankton. But it seem to not holding the siphon. The liquid seems to drop back down in the lining. So whenever it doses it...
  12. Muffin87

    Adding the Triton method to any balling method with Triton Infusion

    The Triton method is quite a bit more expensive than other balling methods, but it can be run more cheaply dosing Triton Infusion together with any balling method. We could be talking big savings: with a 100G tank consuming 1dKH per day, you'd spend: 284$ per year in Triton Core7 supplements...
  13. chemicals

    Raise alk and calcium with all for reef

    Hi there, I just checked my parameters and my alk and calcium are both very low: Alk ~5 dKH Calc ~350 I measured both with Hanna Checker. I ordered some all-for-reef to get into dosing but can I also just add a bit more the first several days to get around 8 dKH en 450 calc? After I get to that...
  14. Schnizzle

    Added dKH and PO4 zeroed

    Can dosing alk drop PO4? Is it appropriate to assume I made the corals happy and they are using the PO4? Both are being measured with Hanna testers that have always matched up with ICP tests. I started dosing Red Sea KH/Alkalinity to bring my system up to proper levels. I was in the 5’s and...
  15. DIY Dosing Vessels - CORE Water Bottles (GHL Edition)

    DIY Dosing Vessels - CORE Water Bottles (GHL Edition)

    These are an inexpensive way to create some functional and stylish dosing containers and you’ll be recycling/repurposing, too! The “GHL Edition” in the title is just a little humor because these happen to match my GHL Doser perfectly! A little added bonus for any other GHL owners out there. But...
  16. J

    California RO/DI Dosing Drygoods 2 x Neptune Apex, 2 x Neptune Trident, DOS, 2 x RODI Units, Apogee MQ-510 & AM-320 Quantum Meter & More

    2 x Neptune Apex El, Comes With PH / Temp Probes - $395.00 Each BRS 75gpd RODI 6 Stage, Hardly Used (TDS Reads 0) - $195.00, SpectraPure 6 Stage CR-RODI-90-6STG - Hardly Used (TDS Reads 0) - $275.00 Pick Up In Folsom California
  17. Gk5321

    Nano Tank Struggles

    I have a 9 gallon reef tank that I obsess over a bit too much. I have dumped way too much money into the thing (although I know I could do more if I had the space). I’ll try and keep this brief but basically I need some pointers getting to the next level with sps. Personally, I think my numbers...
  18. action21

    Wisconsin Dosing Drygoods Neptune DOS will ship

    Have 3 only using 2 DOS. This was rarely used at all and is like new. One side dosed Iodine only. Will ship only to US.
  19. SrBlonde

    Arkansas Live Goods ** SOLD ** Neptune Trident DOS DDR Bundle **SOLD**

    I am selling the perfect Trident bundle. All is new and never been used except the DDR which has been used less than a month. $1200 1 Trident 2 DOS 1 DDR 2 2 month Reagent Testing Kits Free FedEx shipping with purchase of total bundle.
  20. feresadas

    If you could choose only ONE HANNA tester, what would it be?

    getting the Salifert Reef Testing Kit for now, but if there is one that just makes life much easier I would like to get it.
  21. JayFish4004

    Corrective Alkalinity dosing help

    My alk took a little drop over the years - my consumption is very low and the tank is sitting at 8dkh. I want to bring it up to 9dkh which is also where my salt mixes at. My thought was I was going to use Fritz sodium bicarbonate to add about 1/8th of a teaspoon a day for 4 days. 1/8 teaspoon...
  22. Acros

    South Carolina Dry Good Trade All for reef 1600g for dosing pump

    Was bought on Jul 30, 2022. Can provide receipt. Used to make 2L of all for reef following official instructions (enough left to make 8L of the solution). Looking for a Kamoer X1 pro (WiFi) dosing pump or Neptune dose. Will add cash to compensate. Will also consider Icecap 2.5L dosing...
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