1. hugopapi24

    RED SEA Reef Foundations ABC to All for Reef

    Hi everyone, I’m wondering how can I transition from Red Sea reef foundations abc to All for Reef. I dose foundations A,B,C 15ml…what would the conversion be for all for reef if I’m dosing that much in the tank.
  2. ReefStable

    How to Start Dosing Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium in Reef Tanks

    How to Start Dosing Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium in Reef Tanks If you're ready for SPS, or even some LPS coral and need to maintain stable calcium and alkalinity, this is for you! Link: How to Start Dosing Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium in Reef Tanks Don't make critical mistakes...
  3. Reefin Aint Easy

    New York Dosing Red Sea ReefDose 2 Dosing Pump (Like New) - SOLD

    I have an almost brand new Red Sea ReefDose 2 dosing pump. It was used a little over a week. Will ship on my dime. Make me a reasonable offer.
  4. tylr9m482

    B-Ionic 2 Part Alk/Cal

    Switched over to Kalk a few months back and have these sitting in my closet. $25 for one set (1 gallon alk/1 gallon cal) Or take them both for $40 Pick up in Woodbridge NJ 07095 Sorry NO SHIPPING
  5. AKreuzer

    Beginning 2-part trying to sort this out

    Hey all! I am looking for some perspective and insight on getting into this 2 part dosing. Params last week when aqcuired the Neptune Trident. Guessing 160g of volume (150 DT + 55g Sump- sand rock etc.) PH 7.9-8.2 Alk 6.02 CA 386 Mg 1500 (worth mentioning I had been adding brightwell Mag with...
  6. E

    New to the crew

    Hey guys, new to the website. My names eric been reefing a few years in a 75 just upgraded to 180 needed more space! Lol I’m from the great state of Connecticut (sarcasm) I’m setting everything up for try to be “self sustaining” in the tank. What are you all running for brands of cal, alk...
  7. poidog

    Ecotech Versa

    Lightly used Echotech Versa, $125 shipped. Complete with box. Used a 50% diluted all-for-reef through it less than a year. Full tank breakdown equipment for sale find more listings here:[users]=poidog&o=date
  8. TheCa11ousOne

    Traveling 3+ Weeks: Lighting and Dosing

    Hello Reefers! I need serious advice on how to handle a long trip, with a new-ish reef tank, that is doing very well... but not "3+ weeks-with-no-water-change-or-dosing" well... 20 gal long, 4 small fish, snail/hermit CUC, soft and LPS corals. I am currently doing a 30%-50% water change once a...
  9. Gotfrogs

    Kamoer X1 Pro WiFi dosing pump

    I have an X1 Pro WiFi dosing pump. After over a year of no issues, I can no longer get the app to work. I am confident there is nothing wrong with the pump but without the app I can not program it. One pump, power supply and mount (as shown), $45 shipped in the USA.
  10. C

    Kh problems

    Ive been having problems keeping my kh stable i see it jump all over the place and i feel like it gets drained more then evrything else. Can anyone give me advice on what to do i am pretty new to reefing and dont want to wait until something goes wrong. In the pictures are my current parameters...
  11. D

    Dosing Aquavitro Fuel

    Do I need to turnoff return pump, skimmer and wavemaker when dosing this just like when feeding? And is it okay to dose 1-2ml every other day than dosing 2x 5ml every week? Thanks!
  12. SomeHappyFish

    Alkalinity Question: Should I be doing something?

    My tank tested at 7.212dKH (129ppm) and my new saltmix gives me an alk of 8.1 (145ppm). I will be doing a waterchange now but should I be raising my tank alk back up to about 8dkh where my salt mixes? I will be performing another test 24h after my waterchange to see how much it has raise the...
  13. ReefinDeej

    Question on dosing with a UV light

    Hi everyone, First post on Reef2Reef!! I have been using this site for information for years but finally got around to registering ha! For my RedSea Reefer 170, I have been dosing Reef Fusion Parts 1&2 to maintain my Alk/Calc/Mg into the small bubble trap baffle right before the return pump...
  14. G

    Noob KH problem when altering MG and Ca

    Basically my KH is rising and its killing my acro and my tank looks fed up. So i buy my saltwater from my LFS, its mixed at 1.026 salinity, 1300mg 350ca and 8kh. Im dosing into my salt water barrels enough MG granules (Reef advantage) to get my mg to 1450 and seachem liquid calcium, 0.5ml /l to...
  15. A

    Nutrient journey

    Hello everyone this is my 20 gal AIO, its been set up for approximately 8 months. I am just now really trying to dial in my nutrients and just wanted to document the process. Equipment on the tank is an AI nero 3, AI hydra 32 at about 55% mounted 12 inches off the water. parameters are as...
  16. CMO

    (SOLD) Advanced Acrylics 4 Part Dosing Container (Great for Triton)

    I used this container on my 200 gallon triton tank... worked great and is in excellent condition (taking a break for now sale). Outside dimensions (approx): 10"(h) x 17" (w) x 14" (d) Compartment dimensions (approx): 10"(h) x 4" (w) x 14" (d) - based on a practical fill volume of say 70%, each...
  17. i0nz

    AFR calculation question

    I’m trying to figure out what AFR raises my calcium in my 66 gallon with sump volume tank to help me understand what AFR is in contrast to Red Sea Mg. I’m dosing 13ml per day. AFR states that 6ml raises calcium by 4ppm in 15 gallons. I’m having a difficult time with calculating this in...
  18. A

    Finally I'm back

    Hello! I am finally back in the hobby! What started with leak testing a 10 gallon aquarium in the backyard which led to the wife approving a freshwater planted tank(went out and got a 20 gallon:beaming-face-with-smiling-eyes:). I have been scouring Facebook marketplace for about 6 months trying...
  19. John734


    Kamoer dosing pumps- have two of them- $80 shipped for both
  20. Hugo’s_Reef

    Ecotech versa vx-1 dosing pump

    Brand new Ecotech Versa pump. Never got around to setting it up. Box was open to look at it but never taken out or set up . Asking 170 shipped.
  21. T

    Frag tank dosing

    Good morning everyone! I have a new frag tank that I will be selling corals out of. I want to be sure to keep parameters stable. I am looking at the Red Sea Alk,Mag,and Cal. Or should I do the Brightwell Reef Code A and B? I have heard a lot of good things about All For Reef but I think that...
  22. UGASealDawg

    SOLD OUT - Neptune DOS units - five available; New DOS pump heads x 3

    I have sold out of the DOS units - thank you everyone! Look at some of my other posts for more equipment - total breakdowns, everything goes - leaving the hobby until after the big move. Hanna testers, Apex, GHL, pumps, MP40s, etc. I have five Neptune DOS units available - one has sold since...
  23. TheBirdsNest

    Algae, Nitrate and Phosphate issues!

    Hey all, Happy New Year! :star-struck: I'm really struggling with my tank and wondering if anyone has any advice as I keep seeing conflicting info online... My tank has been up for 5 months now, its a Reefer 250 with about 230L volume minus rocks.. I've got x6 Blue/Green Chromis, x2 Juvenile...
  24. alindell

    BNIB Kamoer FX-STP2 WIFI $250

    BNIB Kamoer FX-STP2 wifi peristaltic dosing pump. Never been opened, or used, still has warranty and comes with everything in box including extra tubing, grease and adapters. $250 shipped Used one non wifi Replaced wheel and tubing $180 shipped
  25. Smooch30

    Florida Miscellaneous Dosing Drygoods Reef Octopus Kalkwasser Reactor KS-250 for Sale - $275

    ***Reduced Price*** I have a Reef Octopus Kalkwasser Reactor KS-250 for sale in Tampa, FL...going for $275 plus half the shipping cost. Better pics to be posted later today.