dragon soul

  1. Queen Anne's Corals

    Double Head Dragon Soul Torch

    2 Head Dragon Soul Torch. $259.99 Insane colors on these guys, only one available on our site
  2. Reef dog

    Florida Live Goods SPS pack, mini colonies, and torches

    SPS pack includes: RR Pink Caddy, RR Firecracker, RR Pink Floyd, TSA Carolina Reaper, JF Beach bum, and unknown monti $300 TSA Carolina Reaper mini colonies $250ea Beach Bum chunks $100 ea 3 head Dragon Soul $300
  3. One Reefing Boi

    New Jersey Live Goods Quality Torches and Hammers [Dragon Soul, Into Gold, Gold Hammer]!

    My LPS has been exploding lately so I have several pieces to pass onto other passionate hobbyists! All pictures taken under blues with a camera filter, all pieces have fully healed and were fragged over a month ago. All pieces are WYSIWYG. Please send me the coral number (ex. (1A), (3B)) that...
  4. Stpatrick

    California Live Goods Lots of Indo LPS/Torches for sale.

    I can ship or if local in San Diego you can pick them up my house. Standard DOA policy. Spend over 300 gets free overnight shipping. Pics of dead coral in the bag within 2 hours of delivery for refund. I can not refund shipping costs. I am also not responsible for shipping issues but will do my...
  5. Stones-Reef

    New Jersey Live Goods Selling remaining corals to a good home: ~17 heads of Indo Dragon Soul, Utter Chaos colonies, large WWC grafted Montis, and more

    Selling 16-17 heads of indo dragon soul, large grafted montis, large utter chaos colonies, burnt banana montis, rasta zoas, sunny d zoas, small candy cane colony, plus invertebrates and live rock if you want them. Recently moved so everything must go! Everything for $1,200, pick up in Essex...
  6. NickCage007

    Maryland Live Goods Mardi Gras Torch frags in Maryland (shipping available!)

    Hey folks! I have 3 frags available of the infamous mardi gras torch. Lineaged, aquacultured, aquired from gsw3 (graham) before it even had the name! And grew the single head frag to a 12 head colony, and finally gave it a haircut. 400 each. Includes shipping.
  7. Stones-Reef

    New Jersey Live Goods Double Dragon Soul Torch Frags

    last few frags of my torch dragon soul torch colony! only double heads available: $210 Pick up in North NJ only also for sale: utter chaos colonies, crazy ricordea mushroom rocks, various montis
  8. P

    200+ heads dragon soul torch

    I want to show you my beautiful dragon soul colony Euphyllias doesn't like high flow they said..... Euphyllias doesn't like high PAR they said..... Euphyllias doesn't grow more than 20 heads they said..... Euphyllias doesn't like low nutrients they said.....
  9. Indo Dragon Soul Torch Frags MOVING SALE

    For sale Indo Dragon Soul Torch Frags MOVING SALE

    Indo Dragon Soul Frags; mature, vibrant specimens with crazy extension. Mother colony pictured below. 1 head: $175, firm (2 available) 2 heads: $340, very fat heads (1 available) 2-3 heads (pinching): $425 (1 available) 3 heads: $500 (3 available) 3-4 heads (pinching): $600, also fat heads (1...
    $175.00 to $660.00
  10. Indo Dragon Soul Torch Frags

    For sale Indo Dragon Soul Torch Frags

    Exquisite Dragon Soul Torch frags up for grabs. I've grown this colony out from one head to ~24 heads over the last 4 years. Mature torches all with impressive extension, one of the most vibrant specimens I've ever come across. The mother colony is pictured are where all frags are derived from...
    $175.00 to $700.00
  11. S

    Help identify possible pest?

    Hi All! Fairly new to reef aquariums (about a year in) and probably have made a lot of mistakes along the way. For the most part I can identify any odd growths or pests through the forums but I can’t find this one anywhere. It’s growing on my GSP and Dragonsole (sp?). Looks like white sticks or...
  12. E

    Torch ID

    Hi all reefers, please help to ID this torch frag? It was sold to me as a dragon soul torch but another seller told me it looks like a normal gold torch
  13. NicholasCeneviva

    New Jersey Pennsylvania Tons of stuff available

  14. theocorals537

    Massachusetts Indo hellfire torch ,Ny knicks torch

    Indo hellfire 2 heads splitting to 5 Heads $560 Ny knicks 2 large solid heads $540 Todd’s torches $190 each Tri color fade/ reaper torc frags single head splitting to 3-4 $125 Local pickup available , shipping $30-46$. Standard DOA rules apply , picture and video of coral inside unopened bag.
  15. theocorals537

    Massachusetts ULTRA Magician Zoa colony

    20 +polyp colony ultra magician zoas, nice chunky and healthy. $220 , shipping depends on location. Standard DOA rules apply.
  16. theocorals537

    Massachusetts Indo torches , dragon soul, cotton candy , Todd’s

    Hey reefers! Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. Making some space in my display tank. Here’s some torches , 1- indo dragon soul 2 mouths splitting into 2 heads $225 2- indo dragon soul 3 mouth splitting into three heads fat knuckle $350 3- cotton candy splitting to 3 heads...
  17. theocorals537

    Making room! Frags available soon!

    Been so busy at work lately that my torches are growing on top of one another. fragging my ny knicks, dragon souls , cotton candy and some green indo torches. I’ll post them in the market place once they are all healed up!
  18. diverdown

    Michigan Torches - TSA Holy Grail, NY Knicks, Hellfire, Dragon Soul, Holy Grail Micromussa, Bicolor Hammer, others

    Hi All - having my first torch sale. I'm trying to be competive on prices, make me an offer though if you think otherwise (just not 100% sure of the current market). TSA Holy Grail lineaged, NY Knicks, Dragon Soul and Hellfire. Also Hammer, Holy Grail Micromussa, Avatar Chalice, Huge Florida...
  19. Legonch

    Livestock Big Discounts on Hot Corals!!!!

    Big news this morning! We have added an area for site members only, where every Monday morning at 8 am mst we will post coral for sale with a site member only discount!!! You will need to create an account on www.emeraldreefsupply.com, look for the log in icon at the upper right corner of the...
  20. NickCage007

    Maryland Maryland Torches for sale

    Hey folks! I have an aquacultured single head of Dragon soul, and an aquacultured head of Ny knicks, for sale. Both are single heads. Also have a 3 splitting head, (6 heads, just not seperated completely yet) indo purple torch with a green mouth, and blue tips. Asking 350 for the Knicks 250...
  21. Legonch

    Livestock New Fire corals added to the web page! Hot update!

    I just added some new frags to the web page Emerald Reef Supply. These are super nice frags! These are out of our systems, and are healthy and ready to go. Most were fragged 10 days ago. Thanks for looking!
  22. Reefer37

    Getting More Color from Dragon Soul Torch

    Any recommendations on how to get more gold out of a dragon soul torch? I love mine and he's been doing great, in the process of splitting after getting to the largest single head torch I've ever seen. I just wish he had more gold like some of the pics I see of others.
  23. N11morales

    USA WTB Interested in buying Indo torches hellfire/NY Knicks/dragon souls

    As title says looking for these torches. Please share picture and price. Thank you for your time.
  24. 20200716_123236.jpg


    Dragon soul one of my very first corals
  25. SR Reefing

    New York DRAGON SOUL TORCH 3 HEAD $450

    HI, I have a dragon soul torch 3 head that is start to split into 4. Story: Pick up from a local reefer, inspect it and dipped, then brushed it clean, healthy. Now no longer a fan of it. No shipping at the moment as i believe should get picked up very soon. Meet at NYRA in Queens for CASH...
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