duncan coral

  1. 20200716_194711.jpg


    Midnight Clownfish trying to host duncan.
  2. El_Guapo13

    Clownfish attempting to host on Duncan?

    I know that Clownfish in aquariums are known to host with random things, but has anyone confirmed seeing one try to host or even successfully host on a Duncan Coral? I am asking, because my Midnight has been hanging around my Duncan lately and rubbing up against it. This has only been over the...
  3. N11morales

    Duncan price

    Hello I was curious on how much this guy is worth. I won it for free on an auction. it has about 11-12 heads probably 5 are baby heads. Picture is from when I just added to the tank it’s still opening up.
  4. multsh

    Duncans and Seahorses

    I recently came across Duncans and were interested in adding in the tank. I’ve read mixed reviews online with some people mentioning no issues and others cautioning against. From all I’ve read they are peaceful so was curious to understand if anyone kept or any info if they are compatible with...
  5. cheras

    Illinois Cheap Corals

    I am trying to sell these corals to create more space in my tank. Pick up in northwest side of Chicago. I'm also willing to ship (60634). Orange Ricordeas - $15 Candy Cane - $20 each 2 available (9 and 7 heads) Toadstool leather - $10 each ($20 for both) Green hairy...
  6. Salemsoul

    Dang Nature, you scary! Duncans ate my peppermint shrimp

    A littleback story.. a few days ago my peppermint shrimp was seen trying to take food from my duncans. On my IG @spellboundreefing a handful of people warned about them eating their coral and that I should take him out. Today I went looking for my peppermint ship my duncans ATE HIM! They look...
  7. imarino326

    Duncan species?

    Hey all, I’ve had a tank for sometime now and just put in this new duncan coral, and I’m wondering what the exact species/family of duncan I have. My friend has one and it’s whiskers are very long but mine are very short. I’ve read stuff about flow and all that, but I’ve changed it around and...
  8. L

    Duncan Coral Stem Browning??

    Hi all! So I am still new to the hobby and recently inherited a new (to me) established reef tank. For the first few days my Duncan coral looked beautiful and was fully open. But starting yesterday afternoon it’s only opening about half way and the stem has brown on the lower part. I’m not...
  9. spyder813

    Florida !!! SOLD !!! Duncan 8 heads $60. Pickup only in Tampa.

    Beautiful Duncan with 8 heads. Pickup only in Tampa FL. For pics and videos check my Instagram. Thanks
  10. B

    Duncan coral dying?

    I've just checked in this weekend on my coral and I'm guessing it's bleaching/super stressed. I've had it for about a month and seemed to be starting to grow some new heads. I got it originally with some dead heads, but it seemed to be recovering great until this weekend. My other lps coral has...
  11. YogiReef

    Duncan Coral Stretched Out?!?

    Not sure but my Duncan looks to be stretched out, or reaching up to the light. Is it not close enough to the top for light, or is this normal. It has been like this since I got it a month ago. My tank specs are 8 gallon cube, kessil A80 tuna blue, 1.025 salinity, and been running for 6 months