ecotech radion

  1. CoralNerd

    California F.S. Ecotech Radion Gen5 Blue XR30

    Pickup in Fullerton, CA I guess you can have too much light so I'm selling one of my new gen5 xr30 blue radions. Used for two weeks at 50% intensity. The light includes the original box and everything that came in it. Manufactured Date Feb 2021. If you have any questions send me a message...
  2. J

    Best lighting

    Looking to purchase lighting for my 90 gallon with center brace what would you recommend? I would either get one kessil ap9x Or 2 ai hydra 32hds...
  3. CenCalReef

    California Lighting LED T5 Hybrid Reef Lights Aquatic Life DX18 Hybrid & AI Hydra 26HD

    Hey guys, so as the tittle states I'm looking to sell my AquaticLife DX18 T5 Hybrid fixture or trade for Ecotech Gen5 Radion Blue with RMS Mount kit. I also have an Aqua Illumination Hydra 26HD without any light mount I only used the hydra for 6months and the Hybrid fixture only ran for less...
  4. Paul Kachirsky

    Oregon Aquariums Lighting LED 2x Ecotech Radion XR15W Gen4 Pro + RMS Mounts

    What I have for sale is 2 Ecotech Radion XR15W Gen 4 Pros. The lights come in original boxes. They come with the RMS Mounts in original boxes as well. Prefer to sell as a set. I have had them for a little over a year. Never ran high. It was in fish only since I delayed getting coral. Upgraded...
  5. Aqua Splendor

    (Video) EcoTech Marine Radion G5 BLUE + Giesemann T5 = All combination possible

    Hello Reefers! I finish the editing of this video, which the purpose is to be a guide/reference for people who wonder which T5 to use, what it look like, etc... So here my compilation of difference of T5 from Giesemann with the EcoTech Marine Radion G5 Blue: I think this Hybrid solution has...
  6. MarineDepot

    NOW SHIPPING! EcoTech G5 Radions

  7. S

    Ecotech radion xr15 g4 pro fried wire to pre-driver

    I have had the xr15 g4 pro for a while and have loved this light. Yesterday I noticed it had stopped working. I checked the outlet, power supply and so on to make sure everything was good. I opened the bottom panel where the puck is to check the fuse and it was good as well. I noticed the wire...
  8. D

    Florida Ecotech xr-30 gen 4 pro

    I’m selling my xr-30 gen 4 pro with rms mount 625 shipped. Only had it on for about 3 months at 40 percent intensity.
  9. AquariumSpecialty

    Ecotech Marine 10% Off Summer Sale

    From now through July 31st we have a 10% off sale on the Radion XR30W (savings of $67.99) and XR30WPRO (savings of $83.99) LED lights. Click the banner to learn more.
  10. El.Kae

    California RADION XR30 GEN4 PRO

    Forsale Radion Xr30 Gen4 Pro and RMS Mount. Light ordered July 2017 from BRS. $700 shipped/Paypaled. Pickup available in Sacramento, CA
  11. Rik

    Illinois Extra Items to Sell

    I will update with a few more items as I get a chance to take some more pics. Now that my tank build is complete, I have a few items I no longer need to hold on to. UPDATED 8/28/18 : Bashsea Bio Fuge 24-10-14 Sump - NEVER USED, BRAND NEW with box : $200 picked up in Chicagoland - $235 shipped...
  12. WV Reefer

    Build Thread WV Reefer’s 75 Gallon Big and Dirty

    This tank was established in June 2017 and is about to turn a year old. It was formerly a planted freshwater tank, but then I just had to have another reef so it was converted. :) Build Info- BRS Dry Pukani Rock CaribSea Fiji Pink Sand Equipment: VorTech MP40 x 2 Aqueon Pro 200 Heater...
  13. Ch3tt

    3 Ecotech Radion XR30 GEN 4 PRO'S For Sale!

    2 of these were over my Red Sea Reefer for about 2 months, never run over 25% and for only 4 hrs per day. These are in brand new condition. $675 ea. I also have 1 that is brand new in sealed box, never opened. $700 Let me know if you have any questions, Thanks!
  14. Ch3tt

    Radion Gen 4 Pro *New in Sealed Box*

    Brand new never opened Radion XR30w Gen 4 Pro up for sale. Asking $780 Shipped
  15. Ehunforfun

    4X Ecotech XR15W Pro G4 and 2X Neptune WAV Pumps

    I'm downsizing from a 180gal to a 20gal so if you're in southern cali (San Diego) I've also got a decent amount of coral/fish left over too...and a tunze 9430 for $350 that is less than a year old. WAV Pumps will come in their original packaging, I don't have all the stats here, but you need...
  16. FTLTim954

    60 gallon cube LED lighting help.

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with deciding on some lights for my new tank. I just picked up a 60 gallon cube,24'x24'x24'. I am debating between a hydra 26hd, kessil 360we or possibly a radion. Does anyone have any comments or advise? I am looking to do a mixed reef but mostly softies...
  17. Nfd552

    Ecotech Radion xr30 repair

    i have to send in one of my Radions for repair. I bought two of them off eBay, one is fine, other isn’t working. I opened it up and can see that there is a problem with the motherboard. Anyone know what Ecotech will charge to replace this?
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