1. LEOreefer

    New peninsula 6025

    Hey all , Waterbox just released a new peninsula 6025. I’m wondering if the staff comes with an electrical cabinet like the infina did. It’s unclear to me on the website
  2. TheyGaveItToMe

    Neptune Apex, Breakout Inputs?

    Do any of you know if the breakout inputs are sinking or sourcing?
  3. Mark Whitaker

    Salt Creep and Fire

    How do you keep your equipment from failing due to salt creep? I’m looking for ideas after my latest failure
  4. kwirky

    Anybody able to share their DC power solutions for their equipment?

    95% of my devices run off DC power at a few common voltages. I've been thinking that I could get together a marine battery, some DC/DC power supplies, and power my pumps & powerheads off battery-backup backed DC power which will simply keep operating in the event of a power failure. IP67 DC/DC...
  5. ariellemermaid

    Dedicated Electrical Circuits? How much did you spend?

    We’re putting in a new tank and it seems everyone recommends not running a tank without 1-2 dedicated 20 amp electrical circuits for larger tanks (GFCI or not is debated). The cost varies widely by how much you DIY, location, home layout and distance from the breaker box, etc. So I’d like to...
  6. Isaac Alves

    Aquarium Backup Power - Fuse Placement Help

    Here's my Reef Backup Power Layout. I have the power requirements noted. Question: Where should I put fuses? Notes: I am using heavy utility 12awg 3 pole wire to and from switch relay I am using 2awg copper stranded between inverter and battery I am using 6awg copper stranded between charger...
  7. Chowder3

    Next steps with tank after all fish die?

    Hi everyone! So on Monday night all my fish died except my electric blue hermit crab. So sad. My tank was established on May 10th of this year. I was doing the BRS 5 minute video set up. So far so good ~no issues until now. In my tank we’re 2 pairs of clown fish and the blue hermit crab. Monday...
  8. KimberlyMary

    Need advice! Almost burnt my house down

    So, I’m new to the hobby. I have a 60 gallon saltwater tank with two clowns, some snails and a cleaner shrimp. When I started I didn’t think I could have a sump where my tank isn’t drillable so I got a canister filter and HOB skimmer. When I was setting up I made sure to have a drip loop on all...
  9. bar|none

    Hang on Wall, Low Profile, Electrical Breakout Panel with GFCI

    So I'm 5 months (operational) into my Reefer 170 build. The tank is oriented caddy corner and I had originally put the Neptune and Energy 8 inside the cabinet. This worked but as the tank has evolved more and more power bricks and cords are building up in back of the tank. That and I also now...
  10. BornHandy

    75 Gallon Build, Part 5. Plumbing and Electrical.

  11. BoSalman

    Calling all electrical gurus in here!!

    Hello, We have a puzzle here that's currently on-going (brain storming and analysis stage) between two vendors at the same time and myself! I have two energy bars, one brand new dedicated for a lighting fixure, and one old one with 5 occupied outlets and one free outlet, I bought a new light...
  12. Irishman

    GFCI troubles

    I’m at at lost with my GFCI outlet. House is new, just got done being built in December 2018. Got my fish tank’s plumbing tested and leak free. Meanwhile while that is going I decided to switch the receptacle out for a GFCI one. I had one already and thought, hey that saves me like $10 and a...
  13. nickkohrn

    Assistance Requested for Electrical Configuration

    I recently began the electrical phase of my build, and I need some advice regarding wire management. I secured equipment on a couple of controller boards, which are mounted on the wall next to my aquarium. This is the only place that the aquarium can go in the room that it’s allowed to be in...
  14. Giraffe0621

    Ease/Cost of having new 20 amp dedicated gfci-protected circuit installed by electrician?

    Does anyone know expensive it generally is to have a new 20 amp dedicated GFCI-protected circuit installed by an electrician? Is it an easy/fast job for an electrician? My Reefer 250 arrives tomorrow morning(!) and will be set up in my living room, which is all on one circuit (it's a tiny...
  15. T

    Electrical Connection Best Practices

    I've seen some (but never enough) talk regarding GFI's (GFCI's, outlets with two buttons, my personal favorite: 50G, etc) and power strips. If you're new to the hobby (or if you've not thought about it recently), don't forget that water and electricity don't mix! Also remember that at some point...
  16. Moonfruit777

    Easiest way to test water! :)

    Hey there, I want to present you my DIY gadget that I made out of boredom. It is a magnetic stirrer that is simple to use, simple to make and looks clean. It really made water testing less tedious and I always use it since I got it. Please note that I am not an electrician - and there are...
  17. Idoc

    Circuit overload?

    Before setting up my aquarium, I wanted to see what all was on the circuit with the outlet I'm planning to use for everything. The outlet is connected to the GFI protected strip of outlets in my kitchen...kind of crazy wiring since the outlet I'm planning on using is in a dining room NOT...
  18. I

    Shocking - Literally

    So I believe I have voltage leak in my tank because I put my hand in and got a nice jolt. I believe I found the offending pump and unplugged it, but I am a bit nervous to put my hand back in there to test again. 1) How do I test to make sure that I won't shock myself again and 2) I thought they...