emperor angelfish

  1. Coral therapy

    Show size Emperor angelfish

    Hello I have an 8” size emperor angel for sale. Have had since it was 1-1/2” 7-8 years old. Had to sell my large fish only tank and have it in a 120 right now. So it needs to find a larger home. Local pick up, largo Florida 33773 I don’t feel comfortable shipping such a large fish.
  2. SCH14

    Missouri Live Goods Adult Emperor Angel For Sale

    Adult Emperor Angel 4.5-5.5 inches. Selling local first in STL area. Will open to shipping if not sold in a week Price- $179.99
  3. SCH14

    What to feed Emperor Angel?

    I don’t know how old he is but he’s lost almost all of his juvenile look, only a small portion left. I have been feeding nori sheets and he seems to pick at it. Got him a couple days ago. He also seems to pick at clams and possibly eat most of it. (Haven’t been able to tell yet. I see the meat...
  4. Z

    Live Goods SOLD Emperor Angelfish 3"-4" Local pick up $120 or OBO

    Emperor Angelfish 3"- 4" Still in juvenile form. Needs to be rehomed Pickup will be 07601. Will ship if need be but local for now.
  5. My600GallonLife

    Lympho or Ick? Or worms?? Please help

    2 of my angelfish have been having these white things on them. Both cases are different, I posted videos of both fishes to see if anyone can help me what is going on with them. Please look carefully, on the emperor you can see how long those white things are, they move with the water. They are...
  6. B

    Illinois Live Goods Selling off tank - Show size fish - Aurora, Illinois

    Breaking down tank. The remaining fish must go to a good home ASAP. Niger trigger 7” - $100 firm Blue faced angel 6 – 8” - $400 or best offer Emperor Angel 11" - $500 or best offer $250 to a good home Crab - make an offer Live rock - free local pick up only
  7. B

    Illinois Live Goods Emperor Angel - Show Size - Illinois

    Emperor Angel, 11" - $250 to a good home Has had lateral line for a few years, which has been treated but no improvement. Healthy otherwise and does not seem bothered by it. Did not affect other fish in the tank. Needs to go to a good home. Pick up only Zip code 60504
  8. B

    Selling off tank

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad Selling off tank. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  9. B

    Multiple fish - selling off tank

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad Multiple fish - selling off tank. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  10. Rams

    New Jersey Adult emperor angel

    Very healthy fat and eat anything.asking 180$ pickup in 08820.
  11. Bodyguard

    Purple Tang and Emperor Angel

    Hello All, I have a juvenile emperor angel that was added after my clown pair with a blenny. Emperor for the most part gets along with them. He has been in the tank for a month. I just added a small purple tang and the emperor almost immediately started going after him. I'm curious if I get a...
  12. P

    Emperor Angelfish with sores

    My daughter recently got me an adult Emperor. All has been going well until today. I noticed two sores on him, one one each side. I attached a picture. All the other fish seems fine. Just for reference it is 125 gal other fish include foxface, hippo tang, clownfish, tomani tang, bangai cardinal...
  13. McThicc

    Emperor angel

    So I’m not sure what this could be? I fallowed my tank and have my fish in a 40 gallon drilled reservoir. There is copper in this tank but before I even moved him he started turning white. He eats really good everyday even when he was in my dt. Could he be changing color to adult? Or is this a...
  14. A

    Please!!! Help diagnosing this fish disease and cure

    Hi! Many days ago I detected a fish in my tank that had like a "broken" caudal fin. I didn't give it importance, I thought it was a small fight or something similar. Then I was away from my home for a month or so and when I returned I saw many caudal and pectoral fins broken also I have an...
  15. Wen

    Juvi Emperor with puffy eyelid

    Looking for opinions on how address a juvi emp with a puffy eyelid. General Tso is my favorite fish and I’ll go the extra, extra mile for this guy. Here’s the story: Treating all my fish for velvet currently. Emp was in Qt ramping up copper power slowly for 10 days when I noticed him not...
  16. H

    Bellus and Imperator Angel Compatibility?

    Will a Imperator Angel fight with a trio of Bellus Angels in a 240 gallon?
  17. AquaLocker

    26 Species of Angelfish in Stock (Dwarf & Large)

    Coupon Code: BLKFRI10 $99 - $149 = 10% OFF $149 - $199 = $15% OFF $199 - $249 = 20% OFF $249+ = 20% OFF and Saturday Shipping for 1 cent Shop Large Angels: https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/fish/angels-large/ Shop Dwarf Angels: https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/fish/angels-dwarf/
  18. tcmfish

    Monster Build Omaha Zoo Sulawesi Beach Exhibit

    The Sulawesi Beach Exhibit is cared for by myself, Tim Morrissey, at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. The tank is roughly 20 foot wide and 3 foot deep at the front. The display is about 10,000 gallons and the reserve is as well, making for a total near 20,000 gallons. A wave enters the...
  19. fabutahoun

    Build Thread Fadi's Reef 180 Gallons sps dominated Tank

    Fadi's 180-gallon SPS Reef - R2R Reef of the Month April 2018 Full Tank Shot February 2020 Full Tank Shot April 2018 Hello everyone, I am Fadi a Jordanian Reefer lives in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia. Its been almost 6 years last time I have kept a reef aquarium, the previous one was 50 gallon...