1. Travis Warren

    California Purple Tipped Frogspawn $15 a head.

    This is the mother colony.individual Puctures up next with # if heads.
  2. N11morales

    Price for torch corals

    I was interested in buying a highlighter torch. In my area it seems everyone is selling around 100$ a head. Is that overpriced? How much do torches usually go for. Also is there any that are lower priced.
  3. Fosterz_goodcall

    Wall euphyllia help

    Currently at work so I don’t have pictures but I brought a wall hammer and frogspawns corals and recently seem to be doing poorly but all my other corals are doing great, my acans grown more heads other branching hammer and frogspawn doing great Duncan’s all opened, just wondering if there’s...
  4. Thomas Wieczorek

    Torch skeleton crumpling/being eaten!?!

    I've seen a couple other posts like this one but none with clear answers I have a torch coral with the skeleton being disintegrated away. This torch is not the first lps to fall victim to this issue in my tank. I have a frogspawn that degraded all the way to the fleshy top. There is literally...
  5. clownenthusiast2017

    Torch Show Off Thread!

    I want to see your torches!! Couldn’t find one of these threads for torches so thought I should start one! Let’s see’em!!!
  6. ACF930

    Pennsylvania Sky Blue Hammer & Purple Tip Hammer Pack

    Beautiful hammer pack available for those Euphyllia lovers and collectors. Includes an Indo Sky Blue Hammer and Aussie Purple Tip Hammer. They have been aquacultured for almost 2 years. The Sky Blue Hammer has 3 heads and is a rare and marvelous hammer from Indonesia. I was fortunate to get...
  7. Evan28395950

    Show Off Your Frogspawns!!

    This coral has to be my favorite. Love the way it looks. Can’t wait to see others! :)
  8. Brian Goldstein

    California WTB- YELLOW Hammer Coral

    Hey Reefers! I've been looking to buy a yellow hammer for awhile now, but I haven't been able to find one. MileHighReefers featured them on his channel months back. Picture is below: Thanks all! -BG
  9. SaltySue

    Nano to look how big it is!

    Hi everyone! I'm SaltySue with the purple hair. I have kept freshwater since I was 11 yrs old & at 58 decided to go saltwater. I started with a 5 gal nano knowing it would be hard. My lfs guys did a great job teaching the basics & have read & learned a lot here! I had my nano for 15 months...
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