1. SaltFishTV

    A Power Filter That Works!

    Have you ever used a power filter? Man this thing is a game changer! It was basically snowing in my display and 24 hours later it was so clean! Then moved it to the sump and it cleaned it all up for me. This thing is legit! I know this is old school so I didn’t create the idea, I just made some...
  2. Z

    Water conditioners and protein skimmers... Can I not use a RO/DI system?

    I've heard API Stress Coat and Seachem Prime aren't really compatible with protein skimmers. What would another option be other than getting a reverse osmosis filter? Are there any other chemicals that remove chlorine and other bad chemicals that won't mess with a protein skimmer?
  3. Z

    Going crazy with the different things I need/don't need the more I read. Can anyone clear things up?

    So I haven't bought anything yet except CaribSea South Seas Aquascaping Base Rock and and still in my research phase. I want to get a 40-50G reef tank that is silent or near silent. I read I need a protein skimmer + filter , then I hear I just need a protein skimmer and no filter, then I read...
  4. zachSalty

    Ordered New inTank ch1 for Fluval EVo

    I just ordered the inTank ch1 filter media box because the stock filter is going to become a nitrate heaven. I was wondering on what kind of media I should put in it? I did order filter floss to place at the top of the media basket as well as Marine Pure Gems
  5. Schraufabagel

    Macro lens and filter recommendations?

    I have a Panasonic LUMIX G7 Mirrorless camera. It uses micro four thirds lenses. The pictures below are about as close as I can zoom before everything gets out of focus. I’m looking for a good macro lens recommendation. Also, if anyone recommends any ND or polarizing filters if those would be...
  6. M

    Florida Filters Sumps Plumbing Dosing Glass 40G Sump w/Socks + Baffles/Foam + NO3PO4X

    40G Breeder with acrylic sock holder (1" plumbing), black pvc down tubes (not pictured) to silence the socks, custom glass baffles and foam. Extra foam blocks and socks included (recently replaced) $100 Red Sea NO3PO4X Nitrate and Phosphate reducer, 5L container (about 2/3 remaining). $40...
  7. unchaotic

    Old School Filtration System

    Anybody want to save me some research time and tell me if any of this old filtration system is worth keeping? The heater module looks neat but I'd have to be able to replace the heater element. I believe the module next to it is a UV filter and I was told the bulb was burned out. I'm guessing...
  8. D

    Protien Skimmer/ Filtration

    Hi there, I have a 36 gallon tank and my current filtration and protien skimmer are not doing enough. I don't have enough space for a sump could i get recommendation for a protien skimmer and filter that would work. It is a curved front tank.
  9. Jarbour14

    Selling Sump & More!

    Large sump. 36x18x16. Comes with tubing and bulkheads. $150 obo Also have a cpr overflow with Aqualifter pump. $100 obo Everything works great no leaks just downsizing tank. You must pickup in Central Massachusetts area, no delivery. Any questions at all feel free to ask!
  10. K

    How to get the most out of this sump space? (Photo attached)

    Hello, I have been reading some negative reviews on the current trickle down carbon pad and bio ball system that I am running. I know this isn't an ideal sump setup, but it's the only one I can fit underneath my corner tank. I'm just looking to get the absolute most out of this space. So I was...
  11. J


    I was cleaning my filter today and found these all over my bioballs in my filter. Does anyone know what they are and what I should do about them?
  12. Jarbour14

    Sump Media

    Hey everyone! I am putting together a new sump build it has 3 big chambers, I wil use the first for filter socks and mechanical media, middle for a refugium and the last for my return and protein skimmer. I was just wondering what people's favorite mechanical filtration for their sump is. I got...
  13. I

    Pennsylvania Filters Brand New Aqua UV Sterilizer 8 Watt HOB

    Brand New Aqua 8 Watt UV Sterilizer HOB for Tanks up to 70 Gallon. Never used, bought to remove Dinos $75
  14. Brent Behringer

    California Filters Brand New Custom Red Clearwater Scrubber CW-50

    I have decided to part out my Red Sea Reefer 250 build. I had it almost completed (wet tested) and ready to start cycle. Family financial and health issues have forced me to sell. Sad but it must be done. Anyway, I have a brand new custom build (by Clearwater) red CW-50 Algae Scrubber with...
  15. Brent Behringer

    California Filters Brand New Custom Red Clearwater Scrubber CW-50

    I have decided to part out my Red Sea Reefer 250 build. I had it almost completed (wet tested) and ready to start cycle. Family financial and health issues have forced me to sell. Sad but it must be done. Anyway, I have a brand new custom build (by Clearwater) red CW-50 Algae Scrubber with...
  16. FrioActual

    Somethings Missing..

    About 5 months ago I set up my first tank ever and chose saltwater. It’s a Innovative Marine 20 gallon AIO. I feel like something is missing and don’t know an exact time line on how fast a tank of this size matures. I will step by step walk you guys through what I’m curious about, stocking...
  17. Josh@BVA

    Minimal Filtration Methods

    So Im curious at the levels of success people have had with a minimalistic approach to filtration. Right now i run NO SOCKS, NO SKIMMER and just a ton of bio from a 4-6 inch sand bed in main display, a bunch of rock and some bio balls in the sump. every now and then when I do a big feeding i'll...
  18. BanZI29

    need a filter pad recommendation to filter out fine particles.

    does anyone know of a filter that is good for taking out fine particles in water? and what filter would be good for a small reactor to keep fine particles like chemi-pure inside the reactor? Please and thank you :)
  19. hannahbananah

    Sump and filtration questions

    Hello! I’m very much a newbie, currently gathering all the information I can before I start putting together my tank. I have a few questions about filtration. I’m sure these questions are answered elsewhere on this site but I haven’t found the exact answers I’m looking for. Here goes: I have a...
  20. Gonzo74

    Maryland Virginia For Sale Klir AutoFilters NEW 4inch

    I have two never used (no boxes) Klir Auto Filters. Everything that came with them is available. Nothing at all wrong with them. No longer need them for a build. Paid $250 each. Asking $225 each with free shipping. Message me if interested. Can ship as soon as payment is make via PayPal...

    Aquaclear or Tidal?

    Lets see some opinions! I am starting a new 15 gallon fw build ,will post a quick build thread. Should I get a aqua clear or a tidal by sicce? Thinking about doing a custom hob fuge with the aqua clear or tidal? They both have so many benefits... Btw IMO my marineland hob filter is a POS.
  22. Cetus

    Question About RO/DI Filter

    So, I'm setting up a 125 gallon tank and I had a question regarding the RO/DI filters GPD. I can't find a filter with exactly 125 GPD but is that really necessary? I would think that outside of totally replacing the tank water, that I can get away with maybe 75 GPD for a tank like this? But I'm...
  23. S

    Misc. Filtration Media FS - Bulk Reef Supply High Capacity GFO (#000623) 6.5lbs

    Not much used. Actual weight after use is 5lbs and 16oz. Asking $120 with free shipping.
  24. M

    Florida Filters RO/DI RODI Filters

    I have several Express Water reverse osmosis filters. These filters are all brand new and are universal to most RO machines. 2 Post Active Carbon 1 Reverse Osmosis Membrane 1 ALK alkalinity mineralizer 5 Granular Activated Carbon 5 micron 5 Sediment Filters 5 micron 5 Activated Carbon Blocks...
  25. poke555mon

    Double up?

    I just got my aquarium set up a couple days ago it’s a 60 gal cube, I’m pretty new but I’ve got some experience although I’ve never had my own tank. I’ve got a sump and a hang on the back filter which I’ve never seen anyone do. I’m still working on my sump a little so I got the hang on just to...
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