1. Blakjax

    Filters Drygoods Reef Diaper Filter Starter Kit

    I have a brand new in the box Reef Diaper starter kit. Selling for half price. Never rinse another filter sock again! Includes: 2ea Flange Assemblies 10 ea Filter Elements $15 + $5 shipping
  2. Blakjax

    Sumps Drygoods Acrylic Filter Sock Mount(s) $10 each

    I have 2 acrylic filter sock mounts. The hold a 4" filter sock. I used two of them in my sump. Asking $10 each + $5 shipping. I'll combine shipping if you purchase both.
  3. Lex_510

    How big of a sump for a 100 gallon

    Need advice on a sump, I have a 36x15” sump that leaves space in the side for what ever. wanted to know if this was a ok size for 100 gallons. I do have an option to buy a 44x18” sump for $300 but will fill up the whole stand and don’t want to buy if I don’t have to. Would this work of just do...
  4. Kipp's Corals


    This XXL Aqua Maxx Fluidized GFO and Carbon Filter Media Reactor is perfect for marine aquariums with a tank capacity of 1000 Gallons, asking $150 + shipping OBO. located Upstate NY. is missing one nylon screw but easy to replace.
  5. Linoss17

    Powerheads Skimmers Drygoods Price drop ( 05/10)Protein skimmer, Wave maker, filter

    I got the news I’m having a baby and I need to start clearing out some equipment. I need it gone ASAP Aqua Maxx 1.5 HOB Protein Skimmer - $120 About 6 months of use it’s the same protein skimmer as the aqua ready it was just rebranded Hygger 1850 GPH 18 W Aquariym Wave Maker - $30 2 months of...
  6. S

    Baffles newbie

    I wanna build the baffle design shown in yellow in the image below. Is the baffle in red necessary? If so, what's its purpose? Thanx
  7. M

    New tank cycling question (probably not what your expecting)

    Hey all! New to this group and so far I’ve already found a wealth of information. We got a marine fish tank 120L it’s the AQUA ONE MINIREEF 120 AQUARIUM & CABINET - WHITE We got it it Sunday (yesterday) did some research before getting it, but that was mainly on the set up of the tank itself...
  8. I

    Freshwater Filter for multi-purpose

    Hi all, Only my second research post on here but so far everyone’s been so helpful as I’m a new saltwater nano tank noob. As my first tank is only a 10G, I’ve quite rightly been advised that splashing out on a expensive auto water change system is pointless, but I do still want to invest in a...
  9. ChuckTownReefer

    South Carolina Skimmers Filters Drygoods Delete

    I am selling a brand new in box.. Aquavitro Division 500 Protein Skimmer - Up To 500 gal $320 OBO WIDTH:22.05 (in) HEIGHT:6.30 (in) DEPTH:15.16 (in)
  10. S

    Fish tank is smelly!

    Hi all. I’m a newbie to the hobby. I have 2 Oranda and 5 mystery snails in a 40 gal fresh tank. The only problem is it’s starting to smell reaaaallly bad after 3-4 days of changing the water/cleaning the filter. Ive added breakdown bacteria etc and I’ve tried using the basic stuff like candles...
  11. L

    Protein skimmer for an AIO (Limit space) 75 gallons.

    I started a few weeks ago a 75 gallons with the idea of make a Reef tank with very few fishes (2-3 fishes). It is a regular 75 gallon Petco rimed tank. I install the AIO Fiji box kit. This box has a space designed for the skimmer of 5.3" by 7". Can someone recommend a skimmer with dose...
  12. Blakjax

    Miscellaneous SOLD 4" Filter Socks - 27x

    I have a box of 27 filter socks. They are all 4" socks. 3 of them are still new in the packaging. The rest have been in rotation. They've been bleached and washed in between use and are still in excellent condition. I'm asking $25 + $5 shipping.
  13. R

    No mechanical filter

    I’ve decided to stop using all mechanical filtration and use just live rock and sand along with 2 wave makers. I will do a water change every week. Is this sustainable? I keep seeing mixed responses. Thanks!
  14. D

    Selling Fluval Canister Filters (FX6, 407, and 307)

    Hello, I am selling a few of my Fluval Canister filters from 2022 & 2023. The filters were used to filter a 200G freshwater tank and are all in good condition. The Filter pads are in used, cleaned and in good condition and are included, media trays, and all hoses. 2 x Fluval FX6 Canister...
  15. SomeHappyFish

    Air stone or Filter for a Quarantine setup ?

    I feel like I should get an air stone... Since water change should and will be made in my future QT Setup... Pros/Cons to either one ?
  16. F

    Large indoor pond

    Just upgraded to a Red Sea 3XL 900 G2+, and I realized that it’s not gonna be big enough for my hi-fin snapper long term… I have room in my basement for any size pool pond, I was thinking something around 8-10’ diameter , 3’ high, so around 1k gallons. 1. Is there really any fish that I can’t...
  17. jbonez_

    Media basket question

    I currently have a 20g AIO IM. I have a filter sock on one side and a media basket in the other side, my tank is dry sand and rock and has been cycled for a couple months now, I kinda regret not using live sand but oh well. My question is, I've been debating using my empty media basket (besides...
  18. legacy2mj

    Cade S2 1200 and reef mat

    Does anybody have a Cade S2 1200 with a reef mat installed in the return section where the 2 filter socks are? Would love to see pics, issues you had, whatever you can say about getting that added would be great. Thanks!
  19. tdyrkacz

    Di-7 Drop-In Fleece Filter System

    Di-7 Drop-In Fleece Filter System I used it about a year. It comes with 3 rolls in it's original box.
  20. AydenLincoln

    Icecap Nano 50 HOB Aquarium Protein Skimmer

    Cleaned and ready for use! $50 shipped. Retail value of $100. Local pickup in the Lehigh Valley Area.
  21. Fish Fan

    For Sale: Somatic UF-1 Media Filter

    Hey all! For sale is a Somatic UF-1 fluidized media filter brand new in the box. I actually have a total of 3 of these available. Asking $40 shipping included to the lower 48. If you live near 14425 and want to pick up, or want more than one filter, please message me and we'll work something...
  22. Fish Fan

    For sale: DIY Glass Sump

    Hey all! For sale is a glass sump in good condition. I got this sump when I purchased another reefer's whole setup, and I just don't need it. I looks homemade, I didn't build it, and I've never run it, but it does hold water, and looks like it would be a great sump for a small to medium-large...
  23. K

    Red Sea Reefer 300XL pipes

    Selling all the pipes for a red sea reefer 300xl. If you own 300XL, you may need these pipes for backup in case yours crack/brakes. What you see in the picture is what you'll receive. They are about a year old and all the seals are still good. All pipes are still good. The return pipe was cut...
  24. T

    Filters Drygoods SOLD Geo cryptic reactor orange with black acrylic NEW 220 shipped

    Bought it when I first came out and upgraded to the black acrylic and never hooked it up to aquarium and never used it. Comes with everything. Had a close friend get into a car wreck last night and I gotta get some money quick. PayPal services and goods only
  25. stephanjupillat

    Pennsylvania Filters Drygoods SOLD 1 Month Old Deltec VF5000 Filter Roller. $400 shipped

    Used in my new tank for about a month. Had to order the larger size as my GPH through the sump is high so selling this one. Comes with half a roll of floss and all plumbing parts. Essentially brand new. Sells for $810. Asking $400 shipped.