1. Legonch


    See anything you like? If so, shoot us a pm!!! Lets make a deal!! Thanks for looking! Emerald Reef Supply
  2. Steven91

    Worm..i think fire or bristle

    I was doing my week water change today and while i was stirring my sand bed around i happened to catch a glimpse of what i thought was a worm or maybe a piece of fish poop. I happened to catch it in a container before it was buried again in sand, and it was a worm. I don't know what kind, though...
  3. Darbna

    Tonight and Tomorrow are 2 more days of insanity coral going up for grabs

    Saturday and Sunday is go time for fire!!! Below is Saturday Night.... And Sunday night is just ridiculous.... These two auctions are on fire!!! There is some really nice stuff for some ridiculous rates. Don't miss out. If you participated in the auctions from Thursday and Friday...
  4. MSB123

    Scary Fire in Ventura County

    Hey everyone, i just wanted to wish everyone good luck who is affected by the Thomas Fire. Weather it be loss of power, or evacuation, lets just all pray that we are all ok! I know of several reefers in the santa barbara area, including myself, who have lost livestock and had tank crashes. I...
  5. T

    Electrical Connection Best Practices

    I've seen some (but never enough) talk regarding GFI's (GFCI's, outlets with two buttons, my personal favorite: 50G, etc) and power strips. If you're new to the hobby (or if you've not thought about it recently), don't forget that water and electricity don't mix! Also remember that at some point...
  6. pmaddox

    Forrest Fire Digitata & Lost Color...

    I'm scratching my head about an issue in my tank that's been going on for a while. My forrest fire digi is light pink-ish. It's lost the deep red it once had and I can't figure out why. Other pieces of acro and the general health of the tank seems fine and stable. The digi sticks out as the most...