1. Rincoperson

    Wall Hammer Possible Recovery?

    So I had this beautiful wall hammer arrive yesterday 8 hours late via UPS in 93 degree weather with a water temp of 86.5. The seller contacted UPS and said if it doesn’t make it they would cover it. It was shipped with an ice pack but due to UPS being outrageously late it was exhausted. I slowly...
  2. J

    Scoly is receding for some reason!

    Hello, My scoly that I've had for several months is starting to recede for no apparent reason. I went home last weekend, Friday morning - Sunday morning, and when I came home, it was like this. The coral isn't next to anything that can sting it I think. It is next to a tachyphylia or...
  3. L

    Duncan Flesh Receding??

    Ive been struggling with this Duncan for quite some time now. It hasn't fully opened in roughly a month, this seemingly starting after I got new lights (ocean revive-ran at 30 blues, 8 whites). Now the flesh seems to be receding. It is placed near the middle of the tank, in a low flow area...
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