1. Bouncingsoul39

    Refugium Do’s and Don’ts

    Any current best practices for setting up and maintaining a fuge these days? Any life that should be kept out or added specifically besides the macro algae? Happy to hear anyone’s suggestions for setting up a good fuge. Good as in good for nutrient export and good for the overall health of the...
  2. P

    Hello New Again

    Hello, I used to have a 45g diamond front and a 75g fowlr tank over a decade ago took plunge again and have a 55g breeder essentially, can’t drill it. down the line I will get a sump and what not but for time being are there any HoB fuge boxes that are worthwhile? I’ve seen some breeder boxes...
  3. E

    Ideal Refugium Flow Rate?

    Hello everyone! I recently set up a tank (within the past couple months) and have been trying to determine what an ideal flow rate is for my refugium section. A little background... I have a 150 gallon display tank with a 13 gallon refugium, and about 15-18 gallons of additional water in the...
  4. A

    External Refugium setup and thoughts

    Im deciding on whether or not I want to set up a refugium. Really the decision is on how I want to set it up. I love the mandarian Goby (who doesn't) and feel like the best way to keep one is with a fuge. I had one for 2 years previously, but had to move and tear down the tank and sold him. I...
  5. R

    So...what does a successful/thriving fuge look like on the inside!

    So, I’ve been at this lifestyle for over 10 years and until the past year I’ve always had HOB equipment. Now I have a 90G display picture framed in the wall with a 75G sump/fuge. Wondering what other lifers fuge looks like. My Cheato grows like weeds and the Copepods are taking over the Cheato...
  6. TheWackyWiz

    To Sump or not to Sump...

    Hi All, Still fiddling with what I want my filtration system to be like on my first reef tank (20g High). Right now I am running an Aquaclear 70 HOB that I modded into a refugium but I'm not wild about it. Cheato inevitably gets into the DT, I'm not really doing anything for protein skimming...
  7. Newbie1

    Fuge Set up

    I have been tinkering with a new fuge, and I was hoping I can post some pics to see if any of you can see if there is something I might be doing wrong or something I can do better. I’m getting great growth but I’m always looking to better my reef. please be honest, I’m on my 3rd year in the...
  8. W

    Hitchhiker on an Acan Frag

    Looks like some sort of a pod but its huge? Roughly 5mm body and a couple more with the antlers. When its swimming about its straight like a stick and then when i hit it with some flow it curls up into a c-shaped ball. One of the good guys? Can I throw it into the fuge?
  9. hds4216

    AIO Build Tunze skimmer or fuge for BioCube 32?

    Just wondering what would be a better choice: The Tunze 9001 skimmer or the InTank refugium with chaeto and a growlight. Either way, I already have the InTank media basket. I've heard mixed opinions so I'm looking for advice. Let me know!
  10. miko chang

    Fuge in a 20 Gallon?

    Hey everyone, l’m wondering if anyone has ideas or any experience with building a Fuge for a 20 gal Waterbox. The back section of the waterbox has three sections, one for a filter sock, a middle which is currently empty, and a pump in the third slot. Would it be possible to make a Fuge to...
  11. Lylelovett

    Ways to shield sump from refugium lighting?

    Hi all, I just picked up the AI Prime Fuge light and love it! But is it bright! :) I’m brainstorming some ways to shield/block the light from flooding the rest of the sump: - Cinefoil? This stuff is pretty awesome - not the prettiest necessarily, but I’m leaning this way. Essentially built...
  12. Sold4jc7

    California Kessil H80 with arm

    Kessil H80 with arm SOLD
  13. D

    Diy sump for biocube 16

    So, this biocube is an sps tank, it has been running for about a year or more, a few months ago i had to go out of town and other people were caring for my tanks, sadly nobody knew how to dose and stuff so my sps tank crashed, although one large colony actually survived the crash. The tank is...
  14. Ej Chavex

    Texas Kessil H80 Tuna Flora

    Selling a kessil H80 in almost new condition (as you can see from the pics) and comes with hanging bracket. Bought new and only used a couple months but going a different route for nutrient export. I'm asking $110.00 shipped. Light will be shipped out after payment is received via PayPal and...
  15. SilverCityReef

    Zetlight E200 Settings

    So I picked up the Zetlight E200 refugium light from BRS during the Black Friday deals and I'm looking for input on what other reefers are using for settings and having success with. Thanks in advance.
  16. SilverCityReef

    Fuge - H80/H380 - Baffles

    Let me start off by saying how glad I am that R2R exists and how helpful all members have been during my initial startup process. The first 2 paragraphs are background and tank info so you may skip reading. I have decided to finally get my 40B up and running so I have been slowly gathering...
  17. M

    Fuge Return, does it matter where in sump

    I just finished plumbing a 50 gallon Fuge and have the Fuge overflow returning to the final chamber of the sump where my DT return pump is. I did this thinking it will give the pods the best chance to make it to the DT a floor up and 15’ away. I have a independent pump feeding the Fuge from...
  18. PiscesPower

    What powerhead for Fuge?

    I recently upsized my sump and now have an 11 gallon refugium for my RSR 250 system. I have Chaeto in there and need some type of powerhead in there as the flow for dosing, although I have a Vario 2 at full speed, is not quite enough to prevent precipitation of 3A & B with the way the water...
  19. LanM

    New York WTB Coralife Biocube 29 Intank basket and Fuge

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a media basket and fuge setup for a coralife biocube 29 I'm setting up. I'll take both, or either--Preferably both if buying used as its cheaper to ship from one location/the cost benefit of buying used is eaten up by shipping. Thanks!
  20. LEOreefer

    Fuge for people with limited room

    hello all! I was wondering if anyone had an idea for those of use who dont have room to add a fuge to our systems? I would love to add one to my system as I think there benefits are great, but I cant hang it on the side of the tank as my wife would kill me and I have a mesh lid and my sump space...
  21. C

    Need help with possible refugium!

    Hello everyone! I have an aio reef tank that I want to add a small refugium too, not necessarily for the benefits, more for just a challenge and aesthetics. I have 2 options, I could use one of the unused back chambers and put a light in it which I think I could grow chaeto and a mangrove. Would...
  22. Reef of Fillory

    From 75G to 32G, what stocking level is acceptable?

    Hello, I've had a 75 Gallon with 40G sump for the last 6 months. I have sold my house and now need to downgrade tanks, and sell/trade for credit any fish that I can't keep in the new tank. I bought a CoraLife Biocube 32Gallon with LED hood etc...
  23. Dlealrious

    Narrow Fuge

    Hi Guys I wanting to set up a fuge to cultivate pods as well as some nutrient export. Due to room under tank i can only really fit a 250mm L x 500mm W x 600mm H. Due to it being soo narrow im afraid it will be hard to get it to tumble? Has anyone had a narrow fuge before and had an issue with...
  24. Peter Hand

    Kessil H380 Halo II LED Algae Grow Light Used $180 Shipped

    Title says it all. $180 shipped anywhere. Going with a frag section in sump instead of refugium.
  25. C

    Take Refugium offline due to nuisance algae?

    Hey all, I'll try to make this short and simple and appreciate your input. Problem: I've noticed cotton candy algae growing on my chaeto and in my fuge. I've manually removed it a few times, but it keeps coming back and seems to be spreading. It only grows under my refuge light, and has not...
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